First-Year Programs

Hartwick offers special programming just for first-year students.

Read on for all the opportunities you have to get involved!


Leap into your college experience with fellow first-year classmates, and upper-class leaders! Awakening is a challenging and fun outdoor adventure that takes place the week before Welcome Weekend. It offers a unique environment full of group problem-solving activities, a high and low ropes course, and recreational events located at Hartwick’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus. 

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New Student Read

The New Student Read Program is a cornerstone of our first-year experience program. Incoming students will begin to read a common text over the summer and will engage in discussions about the book with faculty, staff, and other students during Welcome Weekend. The remainder of the text will be assigned reading for your ‘Wick 101 class.

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’Wick 101

‘Wick 101 is an integral, required, one-credit-bearing component of the First Year Experience. The course serves as an introduction to higher education and as an on-going orientation to Hartwick’s resources and services, success skills and strategies, and social issues. Required reading for the course is Doc Hendley’s Wine to Water, the inspirational story of an ordinary person who became inspired to take action and start solving some of the world’s clean water issues.

Designed to increase success in college, ‘Wick 101’s overall goal is to facilitate a smooth transition and adjustment to college life by engaging the student in a structured curriculum framed to support Hartwick’s “Liberal Arts in Practice”, connect students with their new community, and introduce resources, services, and academic and personal success strategies.

‘Wick 101 also includes a “coaching” component that enables students to meet individually with their instructor to discuss a variety of transition issues. ‘Wick 101 classes meet once a week through the first eight weeks of the semester. Classes are seminar-style and provide new students with the opportunity to meet and build rapport with a professional staff member and upper-class peer leader.

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