What’s Next Begins Now

From your first day as a Hawk and every year on campus, you’ll build on what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed, with key professional milestones that help you grow towards your goals. You’ll fine-tune your objectives and prepare for what’s next. Tapping the resources of our Career Development Center, you’ll be ready to launch.

Year 1

In your first year, you’ll focus on your strengths and complement them with skills designed to prepare you for an ever-changing world.


CliftonStrengths Assessment:

You’ll begin by discovering what you’re naturally good at and why it matters. Uncover your strengths, tap into your talents, and find out how to put them into practice.


21st-Century Modules:

These four-week mini courses offer individual support and classmate connections while you begin developing the skills needed to be competitive in tomorrow’s job market.


Year 2

During your sophomore year, we work together to align your personal and professional goals and set you up for real-world work experiences.


Sophomore Success Summit:

This unique conference is mandatory for sophomores— it’s just that important. Explore career directions, move toward mastering the art of networking, learn about interviewing, connect with inspiring alumni, and chart your next step.


Hawk Career HOP:

Networking starts early at Hartwick. With your classmates, you’ll travel to major cities, visit businesses, and tour alumni workplaces. You’ll gain insider insights and make meaningful connections for the future.


Meaningful Experiences:

Your Guidance Team matches you with professional opportunities that fit your interests – like internships, research, fellowships, clinicals, and student teaching – so you can work, learn, and earn all at the same time.


Year 3

In your junior year, you’ll build on what you’re learning—about yourself, your interests and options, and your future.


Integrated Career Experience:

Through FlightPath, you’re guaranteed work experience that will become core to your career readiness and key to your evolving digital resume. These opportunities, which are specifically matched to your area of focus, will help you connect your ambitions to what the world needs.


Junior Review:

Here’s where your Guidance Team checks in with you, makes sure you’re on track, evaluates your progress, and helps you course-correct if needed.


Year 4

In your final year at Hartwick, you’ll show the world what you’re made of, preparing to transition to a dynamic career.


Digital Resume:

Using an approach that’s consistent with your discipline and field of professional interest, you’ll finalize your digital resume and be ready to network with future employers. Now’s also the time to articulate your personal statement.


SOAR Capstone:

Working with faculty and your Guidance Team, this is your opportunity to frame your accomplishments and experiences and reflect on how your FlightPath has set you up for post-graduate success.


This is Your FlightPath