Alumni Board

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Hartwick College Alumni Association is made up of more than 18,000 alumni who have spent time on Oyaron Hill.

The Alumni Association is guided by a Board of Directors who are committed to keeping you connected, engaged and involved with Hartwick and each other.

The Alumni Relations Office works with the Alumni Association Board of Directors to develop programs and services that support the Association’s mission. 

The Hartwick College Alumni Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Hartwick College Alumni Association is to promote the mission of the College, encourage lifelong connections among alumni, connect and engage alumni in the life and financial health of the College, and advance the reputation of the College, its students and alumni.

Strategic Priorities:

The Hartwick College Alumni Association Board will:

  • Promote and celebrate the achievements of Hartwick alumni.
  • Encourage alumni participation in fundraising activities and the financial support of the College.
  • Support the efforts of the College to attract, recruit and retain students.
  • Enhance communication and connections between the College community and its alumni and friends.
  • Advocate for the interests of alumni and act as a conduit in the exchange of ideas to and from the Board of Trustees and the College Administration.
  • Promote pride, tradition, and loyalty among both current students and alumni.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Adam Abreu ’17
Stefanie DiLallo Bitter ’97
Colin Blydenburgh ’14
Katie Pennings Blydenburgh ’14
Michelle Brown ’87
Sharon Davidson Dettenrieder ’65
Kenneth Dobert ’61
Michael Doherty ’73
Margaret Boland Gardiner ’87
Patricia Howe Hermes ’86
Scott Holdren ’80
Daymyen Layne ’03
Seth Lucas ’10

Jean-Marie McEvilly ’88
Brianna McKenzie ’16
Katie Meuer ’15
Addison Muller ’16
Matipa Mutoti ’20
Joseph Pellegrino ’13
Brian Redder ’15
William Rogers ’77
Sarah Otto Sanders ’11
Carl Schell ’76
Susan Stone Schell ’76
Douglas Stanton ’89
Debra Bond Wollaber ’73


The Alumni Board meets three times each year (February, May and September/October) and all Alumni are invited to attend.

The Alumni Board is always seeking new voting members who have a desire and commitment to do more on behalf of the College and the Alumni Body.  

If you have an interest in becoming a voting member of the Alumni Board, contact Jennifer W. Janes, Director of Alumni Relations, at or complete the registration form.

Alumni Board public documents: