Memorial Gathering

Shineman Chapel House, Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York, USA

True Blue Weekend Memorial Gathering

Sometimes your memories of time spent together helps to ease the pain of losing loved ones. With this in mind, we invite you to view our annual Memorial Gathering to celebrate what your family member, classmate, teammate, roommate, or friend meant to the Hartwick community. During this non-denominational virtual service, we gathered to remember those who have passed with the lighting of candles on Founders’ Way.

The virtual Memorial Gathering premiered on Sunday, September 27 at 9 a.m.


In Memoriam

Dr. Richard Andrus
Rocco Autorino ’61
Nancy Baker ’70
Betty Bantle ’42
Carol Benton ’53
Rev. Richard Breuninger ’68
Donald Brooks ’65
Dr. Theodore Brophy
Neil Brown
Roger Card ’50
Pershing Casella ’59
Janet Cody
Gerard Collins
Jean Couse ’55
Geoffrey Croft ’85
Margaret Daniel ’43
Norma Dixon ’54
Beverly Dobias ’56
Donald Ebel ’51
Ann Edwards ’55
Captain Leslie Edwards ’54
Bruce Elliott
Norma Emerson
Mary Erbe
Glen Fitch ’72
Matthew Fredericks ’99
Patricia Gareau
June Gareau
Dr. Alexander Glass
Gerald Hamill ’64
Lorraine Hamilton ’69
Richard Hanna
Kathleen Hansen
Heather Haynes ‘98
Patricia Hoye ‘58
Doris Hugelmeyer ‘56
Dr. Clair “Sandy” Huntington
David Keith ’73
Betty Ann Kirkpatrick ’69
Guenther Kolb ’42
Mark Kowalczyk ’87
Harry Kratoville ’53
Elaine Kupiec
Julia Kyner ’39
Michael Leisenfelder ’14
Joan Lemanczyk ’72
Christopher Lent ’76
James Loudon ’54
James Luciani ’54
Claude MacMillan ’63
Madelyn Majewski ’61
Leslie Marsh ’74
Julie McCollister
Richard McMorris ’60
Alan McNabb
Richard McVinney
Dr. Eugene Milener
Denise Moore ’61
Charles Morgan
Alan Moss ’13
Dr. John Moulton

Bernard O’Brien
Sally O’Day
Adam Pierce ’99
William Pirone
Harris Plager ’53
Carin Plante
Richard Rappleyea ’61
Raymond Rawcliffe ’79
Elizabeth Redway ’80
Lorraine Reich ’52
John Ressmeyer ’62
James Ross ’86
Edward Rothwell ’52
David Rotkowitz ’08
Pamela Rowe ’68
Gary Ruff  ’68
Geraldine Scheele
Donald Schmidt ’58
Donald Schulz ’58
Gregory Schwarz ‘72
Thelma Serino ’48
Dr. Federico Serra- Lima
Robert Sheehan ’59
Rolfe Shellenberger ’50
Elizabeth Slack ‘’3
Dr. Gilbert Smith ’59
Patricia Sofranko ’83
George Steel ’75
Robert Stimpson ’57
Deborah Sweet ’81
Gwendolyn Swertfager ’49
Edward Swift ’50
Donald Sykes
Lynda Tierney ’68
Anthony Tomaino ’05
Elizabeth Turp ’52
Clifford Upright ’61
Sally Virzi ’52
Judy Weiss
Pricilla Welch ’72
Lois Whiteman
Brett Whitney ’96
Kelly Wilson ’98
Robert Wood
Ralph Woodard
Joe Wyant ’53
Peter Young ’79

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