Faculty & Staff Commencement Participation

Walking with Eligible Student at Commencement


Employees are eligible to walk with students in the diploma/hooding portion of the commencement ceremony if they are a parent or guardian of an eligible student. An eligible student is one who has met the criteria to participate in Commencement and has been approved to walk in the ceremony.

Eligible employees are a parent or legal guardian (traditional grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. do not qualify). Only one parent or guardian may serve in this role during the official ceremony.

Eligible employees are those employed on a full-time basis as defined by Hartwick College*. This includes full-time Aramark employees.

Procedure for Participation

  • An eligible employee must submit a completed participation form by the stated deadline to the Office of the Registrar, at least 30 days prior to commencement. Download the Faculty/Staff Commencement Participation Eligibility form.
  • The eligible employee must be part of processional and must wear appropriate regalia. Eligible employees must sit within the designated seating area allowing easy entry/exit to stage (end of rows).
  • The eligible employee will queue to the designated area (stage right) when graduates begin receiving diplomas and ‘connect’ with their student as they are lined up to walk across the stage. The eligible employee will walk behind student across stage and will neither hood the student nor collect the diploma.
  • The eligible employee will return to their designated seating area after walking across the stage.
  • The eligible employee must attend a mandatory rehearsal on the Friday morning prior to Commencement in order to participate in the ceremony. Details related to time of rehearsal will be sent directly to the employee.

*Full-Time Employees are those who are regularly scheduled to work 35 hours or more a week on a 9- to 12-month basis and regular and term faculty who teach an average of 20 credit hours per year over a three year period. Upon completion of the various required waiting periods, these employees are eligible for benefits authorized by the College.- Hartwick College Employee Manual, 01/2017.

Questions should be directed to commencement@hartwick.edu.

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