Scheduling Policies, Fees and Conditions

Policies and Fees


  1. Events and meetings requiring setup or catering need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. The sooner you submit your request, the more likely it will be accommodated.
  2. Meetings not requiring setup or catering should be scheduled no later than seven days prior to the requested time, but a two-week notice is preferred.


  1. Availability of Hartwick College’s spaces is not guaranteed. Please check the appropriate building on the Hartwick online calendar for space availability.
  2. Although a space may appear available on the online calendar, availability is not guaranteed due to pending reservations.
  3. All classrooms are unavailable between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, while classes are in session. Classrooms can only be reserved during breaks and weekends and after 5 p.m. on weekdays while school is in session. All other times are booked through the Registrar’s Office.

Information Needed to Schedule

  • Type and title of event for display on the calendar.
  • Group hosting the event.
  • The room/space you would like to reserve.
  • A second choice location in case the first is unavailable.
  • The date and time of your event/meeting.
  • How much setup and cleanup time you will need.
  • Approximately how many people will be attending.
  • Whether or not your event requires catering. Please Note: Although the Scheduling Office needs to know if your event requires food, you still need to place all food orders with the Catering Office.
  • Setup needs, including room setup and any audio/visual requirements.
  • For on-campus groups, your account number.
  • For non-campus funded groups, you will need a certificate of liability.

Things to Consider Before Scheduling

  • Capacity of the desired space/room.
  • Lead time for promotion, 4-6 weeks (e-Tower Times, invitations, newspaper coverage/ads).
  • Lead time for catering, facilities, AV, and related departments.

Other Considerations

  • Catering requests (lunches, receptions, coffee setups, snacks, etc.) should be made directly with the catering manager at 607-431-4334.
  • Meal confirmations should be made 10 days to two weeks prior to an event to ensure that Aramark has all the ingredients necessary.
  • If you are planning an event requiring a meal, you must consider the rooms in Dewar Union first (Farrington and Chesebro) as these are the most suited to serving meals.
  • Audiovisual services can be arranged through the Scheduling Office. Be sure to include this information when scheduling your space even if you will be in direct contact with the Media Services department. AV services include overhead projectors, screens, data projectors for PowerPoint presentations, TV, VCR, DVD, CD player, speakers, and microphones. AV does not provide laptop computers. You must furnish your own laptop or your speaker/presenter will need to bring one.
  • Although we try to accommodate all room requests, if you schedule a Dewar Union room for a meeting or event that does not require catering, you may be asked to move to another room if a food service room is needed.
  • Classrooms are scheduled for use by the Registrar’s Office when classes are in session before 5 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Please try to plan ahead for your scheduling needs in order to avoid disappointment. Most rooms are scheduled on a first-come/first-served basis, with many of the organizations and committees that meet on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis reserving their meeting space during the summer for the entire upcoming school year. Also, organizations that have an annual event will schedule the space for that event a year in advance. Book your event as soon as you know the date and time of any meeting/event.

Rental Fees

  • On-campus organizations are not charged for use of a room, nor are they charged a mark-up on Aramark prices to cover the College’s cost (mostly related to cleaning) as part of the fee for the room use.
  • Off-campus organizations are required to pay a fee for room use. This fee largely exists for the purpose of covering College costs of maintaining space, including utilities and cleaning.
  • When Aramark provides catering support for an event sponsored by an outside organization, an 18% surcharge will be added to the bill in order to cover the above-mentioned costs, and no separate room rental fee will be charged. In the event that minimal food service support is requested by an outside organization, and the 18% surcharge is less than the room rental fee, the surcharge will be eliminated and the room rental fee applied. Any Hartwick College office requesting that the fee be waived for an outside organization will have to provide an account number and assume responsibility for the cost.
  • Any additional cost for chairs, special audio/visual equipment, etc. will be paid either directly by the sponsoring organization, whether it be internal or external, or charged to the organization by Aramark with the 18% surcharge if the group is off campus.

Room Rates, Deposit and Payment Options.

  • Rental fees apply to all non-campus sponsored organizations; please contact the Coordinator of Campus Rentals & Events to discuss availability and pricing at or click HERE.
  • A deposit of 50% applies to all non-campus sponsored events. Payments will be determined by the Coordinator of Campus Rentals & Event.
  • Please make checks payable to “Hartwick College”. Mail to: Coordinator of Campus Rentals & Events, c/o The President’s Office, One Hartwick Drive, Oneonta NY 13820.

Use Conditions

Setup and Cleanup

  • Facilities staff will pre-set the room according to the work order, which must be submitted to the Scheduling Office at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Users are responsible for facility cleanup. If you rearrange furniture or decorate, it is your responsibility to clean up and return the room to the original setup. This must be completed within the reserved rental time.
  • Be sure to leave enough time for setup and cleanup when scheduling your event. This includes decorating.

Rental Agreement and Insurance

  • All non-campus organizations must sign a rental agreement and provide a certificate of liability prior to the event.
  • It is assumed that all on-campus organizations will abide by these policies and respect the space(s) they reserve.

Media Equipment

  • Groups must provide trained personnel to run any media equipment provided in the space. Approval of personnel must be made by the appropriate department and an additional fee may be charged to cover labor an media rentals. Please inquire.