Fall 2020 Dining

Dining Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Commons, Dewar Union

As guests enter the dining room, they will experience:

  • Improved sanitation procedures in the entryway, including hand sanitizing stations
  • A friendly greeting by staff, wearing appropriate PPE throughout the dining hall
  • Augmented signage that includes floor decals to reinforce traffic patterns and social distancing
  • A door specifically for entering and a door specifically for exiting

Meals and where to eat:

  • You can order Meals to Go with our mobile ordering app
  • Mobile ordering for The Commons will be available soon
  • Information about the mobile ordering will be announced by email
  • You must follow all safety guidance with Meals to Go
  • Meals can be taken out of the Commons in provided single use containers
  • Limited seating will be available for dining in

In the serving area, guests will find:

  • Floor decals and consistent signage to reinforce traffic patterns and social distancing
  • A clockwise travel pattern that allows efficient movement through select stations
  • No self-service stations, the only item will be the soda dispenser and you will receive a cup from the front desk as you enter. As it is a paddle based dispenser and not a button we will be cleaning these dispensers every 10 minutes.
  • All stations attended by uniformed staff wearing and using appropriate PPE
  • Staff frequently sanitizing serving stations to ensure safety and instill confidence

Guests may expect to discover:

  • Meal packaging that is appropriate to the specified menu item, along with wrapped utensils, napkin and portioned condiments for all guests
  • Menu toppings and condiments to be portioned by the attendant
  • No personal refillable containers to be utilized in the dining room to ensure safety for our staff and guests

In the dining space, guests will see:

  • Adjustments in seating availability, based on local government regulations and seat capacity of the space
  • Constant sanitation and cleaning by uniformed staff members
  • Tables that are cleaned and disinfected after each use and free of any items like salt/pepper shakers or napkin dispensers
  • Signs on cleaned and sanitized tables that are ready for use by the next guest
  • Traffic patterns that lead from the seating area to the exit with designated instructions along the way for returning dishes or disposing of packaging or waste into trash cans

For Table Rock Café

In the Café, students will experience:

  • A door specifically for entering and a door specifically for exiting
  • Augmented signage that includes floor decals to reinforce traffic patterns and social distancing
  • An ordering kiosk available outside of Table Rock in Stack Lounge
  • A new mobile ordering app to order from anywhere on campus to ensure your order will be ready when you have availability
  • Mobile ordering for Table Rock will be available soon
  • Information about the app will be sent out by email
  • A meal equivalency package so that you can use a meal swipe plus dining dollars to help cover costs in Table Rock Cafe
  • A maximum capacity of 12 people
  • An order number system for orders put in through the kiosk or inside Table Rock Café so that you can wait for your order in a more wide open area
  • Improved sanitation procedures, including hand sanitizing stations

Dining Through Quarantine

How to order meals during your quarantine period:

  • Complete the online form for your daily orders.
  • This meal order form must be filled out the day before the expected deliveries.
  • There will be two deliveries for your meals.
  • Lunch will be delivered around 11:30 a.m.
  • Dinner will be delivered around 5:30 p.m.
  • Breakfast will be delivered at the dinner time for the following morning.
  • Sunday through Monday, dining services and facilities staff will make deliveries to your residence hall room around the specified times.
  • All meals will be covered with your meal plan. If you have a limited meal plan you will need to use meal plan dollars or WickIt or credit to pay for these meals. You will indicate method of payment on the meal order form.
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