Leitzell Hall

What’s so great about Leitzell?

Named after former President of the Board of Trustees Charles W. Leitzell, Leitzell Hall is a four-person suite-style building, comprised of four-person suites housing a total of 76 students. It is open to students in their second through fourth years only. Each air-conditioned suite consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a common area. Additionally, it offers a TV lounge, laundry room, and kitchen area on the first floor.  

Three Resident Advisors live in Leitzelll to help support and foster a safe, positive, and engaging community among the students who live there.

Leitzell Hall Floor Plans

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor


Fun Historical Facts about Leitzell

The original Leitzell Hall burned down in 1958. The new dormitory was completed that same year, and dedicated on October 3. Hilltops, Sept. 19, 1958 

In 1973, when plans were announced to change Leitzell from an all male dormitory to an all female dormitory, residents (known as the “Leitzell Animals”) placed their stereo speakers in the windows pointing toward the valley, and at midnight played them at full blast in protest. They were heard as far away as Wilbur Park. Hilltops, April 19 & May 3, 1973