What’s so great about the Townhouses?

Named in honor of former President Miller Ritchie, the Ritchie Quad was dedicated in October 1986 and was built to house 80 students in 20 townhouses. Since 1986, the Richie Quad Townhouses have offered townhouse living options for upper-class residents looking for additional independence with the convenience of living near classes and friends.

Each townhouse has a full kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. A nearby laundry facility makes it easy for residents in the Townhouses to accomplish this task while connecting with other residents.

Townhouses Floor Plan

Layout of Units

Fun Historical Facts about the Townhouses

The housing lottery for the Townhouses was weighted towards seniors, but junior could also participate.
Hilltops, 1/23/86

The idea of the Townhouses is to duplicate, as far as possible, the atmosphere of living downtown.
Hilltops, Townhouse Tour, 2/20/86