Wilder Hall

What’s so great about Wilder?

Named after former President of Hartwick College, Dr. Philip S. Wilder, Jr., this co-ed, corridor-style building features super single and double rooms for students of all class years. There is TV lounge, laundry room, and kitchen located on the first floor, with several study lounges on each floor. A shared sand volleyball court outside connects this residence hall to Saxton Hall.

Wilder is home to three of our Themed Communities: Fame: All About the Arts; Wellness Living: Mind, Body, and Soul; Honors Housing.

Three Themed Communities are within Wilder:

Fame: All About the Arts – 1st floor of Wilder Hall
Hartwick has a variety of ways students are involved with the arts, whether or not they’re majors. If you enjoy creating art in any medium or if have a passion for all the performing arts, then this is the place you want to live. Plus, the floor is close to Anderson Center for the Arts!

Wellness Living: Mind, Body, and Soul – 3rd floor of Wilder Hall
This community fosters balanced living through personal journeys of wellness. Students will work to cultivate and maintain a healthful lifestyle as it applies to self and community. Through programming efforts, students will become more aware of their strengths and challenges in the dimensions of wellness such as fitness and physical health, community wellness, emotional wellness, and mental well-being. Residents commit to living substance-free.

Honors Housing – 4th floor of Wilder Hall
Honors Housing provides students with a special experience by fusing residence hall living with honors learning, and provides a stimulating intellectual and social atmosphere for you to enjoy. Honors Housing can allow students to interact with other members of the honors community, contribute to an environment of mutual respect by recognizing differences in individuals, and allow learning to be ongoing.

  • Students must be in the Honors Program in good standing, or be the roommate of a student in the Honors Program. (Roommate is expected to adhere to Theme Community guidelines and expectations.)
  • All Honors Program requirements are to be completed.

Five student staff members, including a Community Development Advisor and four student staff, Resident Advisors, live in the building to help support and foster a safe, positive, and engaging community.

Night Attendant positions are available in the residence hall for residents who are eligible. Learn more about Work-Study.

Approximate Room Sizes
(these are general estimates and may vary per room):

  • Double – 12′ x 15′
  • Single – 9′ x 15′

Approximate Window Sizes
(these are general estimates and may vary per room):

  • Double – 6′ wide x 5′ high
  • Single – 3′ wide x 5′ high

Wilder Hall Floor Plans

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor


Fun Historical Facts about Wilder Hall

Wilder Hall was originally named Alumni Hall and was dedicated on Alumni Day, June 1, 1963. Alumni Hall housed 172 women and was furnished by the Alumni Association. In 1963, a desk cost $64, a chair $11, and a mattress $19. Paint colors included confetti yellow, medallion gold, mocha brown, spruce green, desert beige and lagoon blue. The Construction of Alumni Hall cost $550,000. 

Alumni Hall was renamed Wilder Hall in 1999 in honor of  President Dr. Philip S. Wilder, Jr., and Barbara Wilder, who served the College from 1977 to 1992. Under President Wilder, the College was characterized by the strengthening of its faculty and student body, and by the building of strong financial support.