How to Set Up a Program

Each Challenge Program is designed especially to fit the needs of your group.

This makes it a learning experience rather than simply a fun outing. We can reserve facilities and in some cases order meals or snacks. We want your Challenge experience to be just right!

Please contact our Director to discuss your:

  • desired outcomes; what your group needs
  • group size
  • possible dates and times

Erin BaxterToal
Director of Challenge Education & Pine Lake
320 Dewar Union 
Once your program is set up, you will need to complete some forms prior to the program.

“We learned we all need to support everyone, not just our friends.”

– a Swimmer


Get To Know Our Staff

Meet the Challenge Staff (RATS)
No, they don’t bite! The RATS (Ropes Activities Technicians) are the Hartwick Challenge Programs student staff. They’ve all undergone a rigorous series of trainings including leadership, facilitation, and technical skills, and they spend many of their weekend days helping us run programs.

Meet our student staff:
(Updated list coming soon!)

For more information, please contact:

Challenge Education Office
319 Dewar Union

Find us on HartLink.


Forms You Will Need

Medical Information and Release Form: 
Everyone in the group needs to complete one of these forms before participation on the Ropes Course.

Use the Internal Form for Hartwick College Individuals or Groups:

Internal Form (Hartwick College Individuals or Groups)

Use the External Form for any non Hartwick College groups:

External Form (non Hartwick Individual or Group)

Please submit these electronic forms no less than two days before the program.



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