Pine Lake Club & Prize for Nature Photography

Pine Lake Club’s mission is to extend the Pine Lake experience to all Hartwick students and community members.

Pine Lake offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities, including kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and hiking.

In addition, Pine Lake Club works in close collaboration with Pine Lake Institute staff to plan and market monthly contra dances, sustainability talks, live music performances, and annual events such as the Local Foods & Chili Cookoff in the Fall and the Eco Art Fest (co-sponsored with Grassroots Environmental Action and Education Club) in the Spring.

“I know I’ve found a great group to be a part of when our meeting begins with, ‘So, how can we have more fun?'”

Alyssa Pearson ’12, former Pine Lake Club President

Questions about the Pine Lake Club? Visit our page on HartLink.

Pine Lake Prize for Nature Photography

The Pine Lake Prize for Outstanding Nature Photography, established in 2005, is awarded each spring to a Hartwick College student for an outstanding nature photograph taken at Hartwick’s Pine Lake Environmental Campus. The contest is accompanied by an annual photo show at Pine Lake.

Pine Lake Prize Winners

2014 Elizabeth Shantz ’15
2015 Mariana Richards Benfatti ’17
2016 Rosa Maun ’18


The Pine Lake Prize for Outstanding Nature Photography is supported by the Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies, the Department of Art and Art History, and the Pine Lake Student Fee.

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