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A: All students, faculty and staff who will live, study or work on campus during the Fall 2021 semester will be required to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine. For students, this requirement applies to all students who live on campus and/or participate in on-campus classes, studies, research, or activities.

A: Documentation of full vaccination must be provided to Hartwick College by August 1, 2021.

A: Employees will send their vaccination record to Employee Vaccination Cards and students will send their vaccination record to Student Vaccination Cards.

A: Any vaccine approved by the FDA or authorized by the FDA use in the U.S. (currently, Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson) is acceptable for purposes of the College’s vaccine policy.

A: As a campus community, we would like to return to what we love about our Hartwick experience: living and learning together in a way that is both safe and enjoyable. We want to return to group travel, in person music, in person theatre, in person athletics, and in person socializing, being together, learning together, and preparing for our future, together. Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 challenge the best current tool at our disposal for reclaiming the Hartwick campus experience is vaccination.

A: Medical accommodations for those for whom a COVID-19 vaccine may be medically contraindicated will be considered in accordance with guidance from public health authorities, Hartwick College policy and applicable law. An individual who adheres to a sincerely held religious belief that conflicts with COVID-19 vaccination may also apply for an accommodation. The process for applying for accommodations can be found in the Hartwick College COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

A: We cannot be certain what, if any, public health measures related to COVID will be required in August. This may largely depend upon how many community members get vaccinated soon, whether more variants emerge with continued infections, and when/if we reach a level of community herd immunity through infection or vaccination. Whatever the conditions around us are, we anticipate that we will have more freedom on a fully vaccinated campus than if a significant portion of students and employees are unprotected. We are choosing the path that will lead to the best experience possible, for the greatest number of people. We will make adjustments to this policy as necessary based on factors such as the future course of the COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from local, state and federal agencies.

A: If you have additional questions or concerns, please send your inquiry to vaccinequestions@hartwick.edu.

State-run mass vaccination sites no longer require appointments for people getting their first dose. Anyone 16-years-old and older who lives, works, or studies in New York state can walk in anytime while clinics are open to receive the first dose of a COVID vaccine. You can find more information, or still make an appointment if you prefer, on the state’s vaccination website or by calling the COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline at 1-833-NYS-4-VAX.

A: Vaccination is not just about protecting yourself but helping to protect the ones you love and people in the greater community.

A: Until further notice, only the following people are permitted to access the campus:

Hartwick College residents,
Hartwick College commuter students,
Hartwick College employees,
Scheduled Admissions or College Advancement visitors
People making regularly scheduled deliveries (ex. USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, Pepsi),
People making food deliveries,
People who have received authorization directly from the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President of College Advancement, the Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Experience, or the Vice President of Finance.
The campus is closed to all others.