Annual Report of Gifts 2019-2020

At Hartwick, every donor and every gift matters. Generous support makes this College experience possible for many students, creates opportunities for all, and builds the community’s future at every level. We appreciate every donor, every gift.

Unrestricted gifts to the Hartwick Fund touch every aspect of the College, from faculty salaries to student research stipends, from facility maintenance to equipment purchases, and more. Generous gifts to tuition or J Term scholarships and internship stipends literally open doors. Philanthropy that advances innovation and new initiatives across campus contributes to change of the best sort. Philanthropy strengthens Hartwick now and helps to secure the College’s future. In fact, it makes all the difference.

This Annual Report of Gifts recognizes every graduate, parent, professor, staff member, friend; each foundation; and every company and corporation that supported Hartwick in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Hartwick nursing students in Jamaica

Our generous donors sustain our mission by supporting student scholarships, J Term experiences, The Hartwick Fund, and more!

J Term Transcultural Nursing in Jamaica

Faculty member interacting with student

Scholarships support our students’ learning.

Campus Operational Support – Founders’ Way

Hartwick students in Paris at Eiffel Tower

J Term Language Immersion in France

Celebrating with Commencement Bells!

From the Vice President of College Advancement

While 2020 brought unprecedented changes to Hartwick College and our world, our students remain at the heart of everything we do—a focus that has guided the College for 223 years. We celebrate with gratitude the generous support of alumni, students, families, friends, and employees who provided philanthropic support to meet the needs of these challenging times. Our donors continue to sustain our liberal arts mission with large and small gifts to campus additions and enhancements, student scholarships, J Term experiences, operational support in the Hartwick Fund, athletic programs, and our new Sustainability Fund. Every gift truly matters.

Each time I meet with alumni, I am struck by your deep and abiding love of this Hill, our breathtaking view, and our endless stairs; your lasting appreciation for the faculty and coaches who were impactful in your lives; and the lifelong friendships that have endured among classmates, teammates, and Greek brothers and sisters. Your gratitude for the happy memories and meaningful relationships you made here has led you to ensure that our students have every opportunity to stretch their talents and pursue their passions. Like you, they will be changed by Hartwick College—forever.

On behalf of every student and the entire Hartwick College community, thank you for your vitally important philanthropic support, commitment, and time.

Paula Lee Hobson
Vice President of College Advancement

Hartwick College Board of Trustees 2019-2020

David Long ’83, H’14, Chair
Francis Landrey P’06, Past Chair
Kathleen Fallon ’88, Vice Chair
Colleen Connery ’83, Secretary
Keith Fulmer, Treasurer
Margaret L. Drugovich P’12, President

George Allen
Steven Bloom ’76
Steven Epstein P’18
Michael Finnerty ’92
Sally Griffiths Herbert ’88, H’19
Thomas Johnstone
Mary Pat Lindsley ’86
Randy McCullough ’86
Bertine Colombo McKenna
Neal Miller ’72
Janet Mitchell ’71
Joel Patterson ’96
Marina Mikhailova Regelman ’95
Santo Russo ’91
Sony Sherpa ’18
Steven Suleski ’76
Maria Vezina ’77
Susan Schroeder Warner ’84
Cathy Weeks ’81
Betsy Tanner Wright ’79

The College Mission

Hartwick College, an engaged community, integrates a liberal arts education with experiential learning to inspire curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, personal courage, and an enduring passion for learning.

Report of Gifts Key

John Christopher Hartwick Society
President’s Circle $100,000+
Founders’ Circle $50,000+
Trustees’ Circle $25,000+
1797 Society $10,000+
Oyaron Society $5,000+
Bresee Society $2,500+
Scholars’ Society $1,000+

Gift Clubs
Tower Club $500+
Table Rock Club $250+
Donors $1–$249
Hawks of the Last Decade (H.O.L.D.) gifts are recognized at a 50% rate.

Bold Type: identifies Loyalty Club. Members have given to the College for four or more consecutive years.
Plus (+): Indicates that the person is deceased.
H: Indicates honorary degree recipient.
Asterisk (*): Indicates members of The Abraham L. Kellogg Society, which recognizes alumni, parents, and friends who have made provisions for the College in their wills or estate plans.

The following Milestone Societies honor a lifetime of support from alumni, parents, and friends:
President’s Partners— $1,000,000 or more in lifetime giving is denoted with a |.
President’s Council— $500,000 to $999,999 in lifetime giving is denoted with a ||.
President’s Associates — $250,000 to $499,999 in lifetime giving is denoted with a |||.
President’s Leadership Society — $100,000 to $249,999 in lifetime giving is denoted with a ||||.

The 2019-2020 Annual Report of Gifts celebrates gifts made to Hartwick College between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.

We are grateful to all of our donors

George I. Alden Trust||
William Randolph Hearst Foundation|||
Sarah Griffiths Herbert ’88,H’19 and Timothy J. Herbert|*
Long Family Gift Fund||||
Stephanie Isgur Long ’84 and David H. Long ’83,H’14||
Lorraine E. Reich ’52+||||*
Anonymous #186||
Anonymous #148||
Carol Young Woodard ’50,H’91,P’85+||*
Ralph A. Woodard P’85+||*
Josie Wright and Brian R. Wright H’02|*

Raymond L. Miller Jr. ’73 and Judith Day||||*
Anonymous #184|

ARAMARK Corporation||
Sallie Brophy P’78,P’80 and Theodore Brophy H’80,P’78,P’80||*
Clapp Family Fund||||
Richard L. Clapp ’62 and Carol V. Clapp|||
The Dewar Foundation, Inc.|
Margaret L. Drugovich P’12 and Elizabeth P. Steele P’12||||
Anne K. Duffy P’91,P’95 and John P. Duffy H’00,P’91,P’95|*
John P. & Anne K. Duffy Foundation
Teresa T. and Keith J. Fulmer||||
Nellie G. and Robert L. Gipson||
Hemenway & Barnes
Cynthia and Thomas E. Johnstone|||
Karen P. McGrath
Anne Brophy O’Grady ’80 and Standish O’Grady
Standish and Anne O’Grady Fund
Martha A. and Dana R. Robes P’88
Marcus R. Rowan ’84||||
Christine Semenenko P’09|||
Serge Semenenko Family Foundation
Anonymous #1|
Tianaderrah Foundation||
Stuart S. Wessing ’33+|||*

George Allen
American Online Giving Foundation
Elaine Arnold ’69 and Jeffrey Lamia||||*
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC
Estate of Charles E. Bell||||
The Bertuzzi Family Foundation|||
Gail and John Bertuzzi||
Robert and Esther Black Family Foundation
Joyce C. Buckingham H’15 and Harold C. Buckingham Jr.||*
Joyce C. Buckingham Charitable Gift Fund||||
Anonymous #238
Connery Charitable Fund
Colleen M. Connery ’83
Paul A. Danforth ’93
William K. Davis ’49,H’19||*
Maureen Riley Dobert ’63 and Kenneth W. Dobert ’61||||

The Eggleston Foundation||
Kathleen M. Fallon ’88 and Michael D’Onofrio
Lore Schefter Ferguson ’54||||*
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Anonymous #76
Paula Lee Hobson and Paul Hackenberry
The John W. and Claire L. Johnstone, Jr. Family Fund|||
Thomas & Cynthia Johnstone Family Fund
Christine Winant Johnson ’68 and Paul R. Johnson ’67||||*
Maureen T. Kilfoyle P’06 and Francis D. Landrey P’06||||
Karen Lewis and William E. Lewis H’16|*
Mary Pat Lindsley ’86
Maharay Family Foundation
Walter F. Maharay ’74

Daniel Marsh III ’74
Leslie Czekala Marsh ’74 and Daniel Marsh III ’74+
Mary Sapienza Miller ’73 and Neal K. Miller ’72||||*
Janet G. Mitchell ’71*
Maynard H. Murch V ’94|||
Northern Eagle Beverages, Inc.
Joel T. Patterson ’96 and Jamie Patterson
Carolyn Van Eps Paul ’73 and Charles R. Paul ’72||||*
James A. Sidford ’85
Matthew J. & Gilda F. Strazzula Foundation
Anonymous #1+|
Peter D. Wilson ’71

Anonymous #183|
Steven M. Bloom ’76 and Regina Monticone
Timothy P. Brand ’91
Elizabeth Bixby Brophy ’78
Diane Green Brown ’60||||
E. Robert Burns ’61
Compass Fund
Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin ’86 and Paul J. Coughlin III|||
Susan Courtney ’84 and Ranjan Sinha
Arnold M. Drogen||||*
Debra Fischer French ’80,P’09 and Steve B. French ’80,P’09||
Tamara A. Gooden ’82
Dean M. Graham Foundation
Greater Southern Tier Honda Dealers LTD
Stephen L. Green ’59,H’15||||
Stephen L. Green Revocable Trust
Patricia Russell Hanft ’72 and Robert S. Hanft ’69 H’18|||*
Sue Idleman||||
Neal M. Jacobs ’62
Dorothy Milligan Lewis ’65 and Laurence Koltys
Marx Family Foundation
Charlene McCutcheon Marx ’77,P’10,P’16 and Allen J. Marx P’10,P’16
Julie Quinn Mathisen ’79
Randy L. McCullough ’86
Cyrus Mehri ’83||||
Nancy M. Morris ’74,H’06||||
The Murch Foundation||||
Judith C. Murch P’94|||

PNC Institutional Asset Management
Prudential Financial Inc.
E. Leigh Quinn Jr. ’78
E. Leigh Quinn Sr. P’78,P’79,P’82
K.J. Quinn Charitable Foundation Inc.
Mary Savoy-Read ’84,P’09 and Rory P. Read ’83,P’09||
Steve Scoville
Scoville-Meno Honda
Joyce Raudenbush Smith ’59,P’87,GP’13 and Russell D. Smith ’59,P’87,GP’13
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Virginia A. Vail ’67
Dorothy Cenkner Wicker ’65*
Joo-Tae Yoon ’67
Maribeth Zankowski ’71

Lucia Gallacher Ahneman ’76
Skip & Lulu Ahneman Giving Fund
Bruce Anderson ’63||*
Frederick W. Baum III ’87
Muriel E. and Thomas C. Beattie*
Donald H. Blyn ’51||||
Brooks Bar-B-Que Charitable Foundation
Joan E. and John W. Brooks
Beth and Ryan Brooks
Brown Family Foundation||||
Anonymous #329
Carrie Stannard Casciani ’93 and Christopher J. Casciani ’91
Anne Chorbajian ’86
D. Mitchell Coddington ’77
Delia Coddington Family Gift Fund
Courtyard by Marriott
Lynn Davenport ’69 and Diane Davenport
Carol S. and Richard A. Detweiler||||
Elaine Raudenbush Dibrita ’61 and Anthony J. Dibrita
Michael C. Doherty ’73 and Kristine Mary Kingery*
Laurie Baird Ducey ’75,P’09 and Roger H. Ducey III P’09
Anonymous #57
Virginia S. Elwell ’77,H’18||||*
Ellen F. Falduto||||
John S. Fennelly Jr. ’81

Michael Finnerty ’92 and Rebecca FinnertyCarolyn E. and Milton Frye P’10
Joan Neiswanger Gionfriddo ’77
Naomi Glass ’52*
Elizabeth Schnackenberg Guiseley ’56,P’80 and Kenneth B. Guiseley ’55,P’80||||*
Patrick J. Hanley ’06
Diane Pfriender Hettinger ’77||||
Frank S. Huckabone Sr. ’94 and Jennifer Rugani
Suzanne L. and John Janitz P’21
Diane Smith Kitson ’87 and William J. Kitson III ’86*
Diane Korntheuer ’75 and Peter Grzybala
KPMG Foundation
OneGroup Inc.
William Y. Perez II ’74
Virginia G. and Leonard W. Pudelka*
Rainbow Hotel Group
Marina Mikhailova Regelman ’95
Richland County Foundation
Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation, Inc.
William B. Rogers ’77,P’21 and Maira V. Rogers P’21*
Santo F. Russo ’91
Janice Webster Sahler ’63
Katie and Bill Samuelson Giving Fund
William Samuelson ’82 and Kathleen Samuelson
Sarah Otto Sanders ’11 and James E. Sanders ’13*
Anthony B. Santo ’74
Anonymous #228
C. Reed Scott ’92
Holbrook C. Smith ’91
Jennifer L. Smith ’99
Graham F. Starr ’93
Gesella Stephan P’78 and George P. Stephan H’01,P’78|||*
Amy Bigler Torrey ’93 and Matthew Torrey
UBS Financial Services
Maria Vezina ’73
Susan Schroeder Warner ’84 and James D. Warner ’82
Robert D. Wedeking ’90
Harold L. Wyman Foundation, Inc.
Lorraine Zimniewicz*

A. Treffeisen & Son
John R. Adler ’51
Anonymous #0
Peter Armao
Tom Armao
Andrew P. Ashworth ’74
Richard T. Aulisi ’66
Rosemary Bellino-Hall ’67*
Sigrid Klinger Bensen ’59
Thomas W. Blank ’70
Christopher C. Brown ’75*
David J. Brown ’73
Stephanie P. Brunetta
George C. Bruno ’64,H’96 and Rona L. Zlokower*
Bucknell University
Gay Perry Burch ’69 and R. Donald Burch
Bruce R. Cameron ’67*
Lisa Campbell P’15
Ralph W. Chandless Jr. ’66
Shana Meehan Chase ’93 and Matthew D. Chase ’93
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Aniko Vincze Constantine ’65*
Jeffrey D. Cook ’94
John T. Cooney Jr. ’80
Judith Morris Corbit ’64
Country Club Motors
Dalene Davis Cross ’59,P’84,P’87 and Robert E. Cross ’59,P’84,P’87*
Jill and John Czarnecki
Mary Holland Dana ’65
Erwin and Gertrude Davenport Foundation
Susan L. DeMarco ’78
George W. deMenocal ’78
Timothy W. Dempsey ’87
Moira P. Dolan ’81
Patricia E. Donovan P’22
Patricia Dopazo and Thomas Bartodziej*
Marcella P. and Anthony C. Drago
Edward B. Droesch ’82|||
Jason T. Drotar ’96
Hilary Duffy ’91
William J Ehmann
Elizabeth Abbott Elkins ’68 and William S. Elkins Jr. ’66
Christine and George Elsbeck
Endwell Rug Fair, Inc.
Melissa C. and Steven B. Epstein P’18
Joan Schomacker Erickson ’67
Lynda Potter Ewen ’65
Christine and Robert Fahrenholz P’22
Roy S. Feltman ’51
Janice M. Foerschler ’64
Susan Rogers Ford ’63 and Emory A. Ford ’62
Thomas Fox
William H. French ’09
Roger M. Fritts ’62, P”88 and Patricia Fritts P’88
Karin Schoradt Gann ’78 and Robert C. Gann
Margaret Boland Gardiner ’87 and Edward Gardiner
Alexey V. Gerasimov ’94
Annie W. and Robert J. Gilbert P’17
Richard W. Gillies ’50
James P. and Ruth C. Gillroy Foundation, Inc.
Frank J. Ginther ’58*
Goldman Sachs Gives
Gozigian, Washburn & Clinton Attorneys
Keith N. Granet ’79
Jessica Griffiths
Griffiths-Wennrich Family Fund
Hampton Inn
Martha Slosson Hankins ’62
Erika Ann Colbert Hanssen ’71 and Donald M. Hanssen ’69
Marilyn May Harris ’72
Holly Mendham Hartshorn ’94 and Robert H. Hartshorn ’97
Susan Stuart Harvey ’67
Henderson Family Charitable Gift Fund
Cecelia E. Henderson P’00
Hickory Hill Restorations
Evalie Gallup Hill ’71
Kathi Fragola Hochberg ’73*
William B. Hopkins ’83
Sharon D. and Raymond P. Houck P’95
Susan R. Hughson||||*
Meredith L. Jason ’86
Richard C. Jensen ’66
Andrea G. Johnston ’72
Betty Cheyne Jones ’53*
Joanne L. Gathard ’92 and Matthew C. Jones ’92
Susanne P. Jones ’95
Sara and Jeffrey G. Joyner
Linda Koshland Kahrs ’71 and William H. Kahrs Jr. ’69
Elizabeth McCabe Kane ’06 and Philip T. Kane ’06
Mary Hildebrandt King ’81,P’20 and David P. Evans ’78
Philip D. Kluge ’78
David F. Kosnick ’69
Cherilyn M. Lacy and Mark B. Wolff
Caroline W. and John J. Langan Jr. P’88,P’90
Caroline and John Langan Charitable Fund
Stephanie L. Lavenberg ’92
Beverly A. LeChase and R. Wayne LeChase
John R. Leonhardt ’74
Anonymous #97
William Loweth ’73 and Adrianne Loweth
Loweth-Alvord Foundation
Peggy and Donald Luy
Tina and Michael A. MacDowell
Christine A. and Daniel J. Mahoney P’17
Laura and Burt Mashburn P’23
MasterCard International Incorporated
Christopher P. McDougal ’01
Jean-Marie McEvilly ’88
Helen Karas McFeeters ’73
Anonymous #301*
Meadowlark Foundation
Anthony D. Merante ’65
Janet Frawley Morrison ’83 and Peter A. Morrison ’82
Joan Moylan Mosch ’71 and Karl E. Mosch ’69||||*
Karl and Joan Mosch Charitable Fund
Stephen E. Nelson ’88*
Lincoln Page ’62*
Ronald W. Paradies ’70*
Salvatore J. Pepe Jr. ’86
Frank E. Perrella ’50,H’93,P’75|*
Susan Fueshko Perry ’86
Elizabeth R. Phelps P’86|*
Deborah L. Pickett ’73*
Walter J. Pierce ’78
Roxanne Ahart Pin ’81
Kathleen E. Plourde ’06
Susan Forcey Porritt ’71
Carrie Pratt
Elisha W. Pratt ’96
Murial Eppler Prianti ’66*
Laura Ewen Ray ’79
Norma Baillie Romansky ’78,P’10 and Nicholas M. Romansky ’78,P’10
Nancy C. Romeo ’78
The Rorer Foundation
Catherine McGrath Rothenberger ’88,P’00,P’02,P’05 and Dale L. Rothenberger P’00,P’02,P’05
David P. Rowley ’72 and Gail Rowley
Kenneth W. Ruckh ’65
Anonymous #140
Elizabeth Thompson Sawicki ’75 and Robert A. Sawicki ’74
Dianne Todd Sawyer ’78 and Charles Sawyer
Claire Odell Schaper ’58,P’86,GP’18 and Frederick W. Schaper P’86,GP’18*
Karen and Robert B. Schlather*
Elizabeth Cretella Schmeizl ’88
Emmet Schowalter
Wendell H. Shawler ’50
Shipmates Printmates Holding Corporation
Bonnie Heinzerling Shortino ’97 and Matthew J. Shortino ’96
Sandra Milne Sibley ’73 and Henry C. Sibley III ’71
Robert W. Siegler ’78
Susan Schlager Simon ’68
Scott M. Smith ’85
Wayne L. Smith ’57
Frederick W. Stoss ’72
Suleski Family Gift Trust
Steven R. Suleski ’76 and Jacqueline Suleski||||
Shirley Seaman Tamulis ’61*
Donald L. Tarazano ’85
Christa S. Thomas P’00
Linda Reckhow Thomson ’72 and George O. Thomson ’70
Bonnie Tippy
Lee N. and Grace Q. Vedder Foundation||||
Velocity Marketing Asset Management
Robert N. Vidulich ’54
Nancy R. Vogelsang ’67*
Sean M. Wagner ’89
Eleanor G Walker and Louis R Walker Jr.
Nancy Wolf Walthall ’84 and Jeffrey B. Walthall ’82
Thomas A. Warger
Cathy J. Weeks ’81 and David Mack
Nissa M. Westerberg ’99
Burton W. Wilcke Jr. ’69
Neal D. Wilsey ’61
Betsy Tanner Wright ’79 and Tad Wright
Thomas W. Wynne ’82
David L. Young ’88
Michael H. Young ’83*
Karen V. Zuill

Alanna R. Adams ’18
James C. Altman ’02
Pamela Blank Angeloff ’68
Sandra Ford Attleson ’57
John E. Babchak III ’75
Diana R. Bechdol ’20
Christopher P. Belnap ’03
Peter C Bennett
Stefanie DiLallo Bitter ’97
Henry Blake ’21
Richard G. Blanchard ’63
John R. Bluem ’75
Eric A. Boemer ’91
Judith Boyd-Persen ’69
Brewery Ommegang, Ltd.
Barbara Babbitt Briggs ’75
Rebecca Carson Brockway ’93 and Matthew D. Brockway ’92
Alice O. and Richard V. Bronk
Brooks’ House of Bar-B-Q, Inc.
Charles B. Buckley ’66
Neal P. Buzzy ’68
Joanna J. Cacciola ’07
Bonnie Scribner Campion ’91
Judith Logan Carnal ’72
Robert G. Carpenter ’88
Carson Family Fund
Margaret Conway Clifford ’82,P’11 and James G. Clifford P’11
Audrey and Michael Colbath P’22
Carol and Mark Conley P’23
Priscilla E. Craw ’66
Michele D’Avanzo ’94
Marcia R. and Michael E. Davis P’02
Raymond G. Davis ’50
Marian C. Day ’06
Marissa Crisci Del Bene ’08 and Bryan D. Del Bene ’08
Elizabeth Bishop Deluca ’85
Sharon Davidson Dettenrieder ’65
Michele O’Leary Diacik ’86
Eugenie and David H. Dieck P’15
Frank P. Dodd Jr. ’79
Katherine Wall Donahue ’82
Donna A. Dugan P’22
Michelle M. and Richard G. Eastman||||
Fenstemacher Family Fund
Sarah McCafferty and Andrew Lapayowker P’08
Anonymous #219
Susan Rosenberg Lee ’70 and Donald W. Lee ’69
William A. Longbrake P’01||||
Catherine K. Mackesey ’12
Cathy Prairie Michael ’73 and George F. Michael Jr. ’71
Nancy Vasko Miller ’75
Cara Christensen Fenstemacher ’65 and Keith A. Fenstemacher ’65*
Tina Embich Fiorelli ’85
Lori H. Fisher ’80
Femi Roecker Ford ’98 and Kenneth M. Ford ’94
Kent R. Fuhrmann ’98
Carol Lederhouse Gaillard ’65 and William H. Gaillard ’65
Anonymous #43
Neil Geddes ’97
Kristin Lunde Gibbons ’57
Gridley Family Charitable Fund
Alice Heling Gridley ’58
James E. Groccia ’70
Gary T. Handel ’76
Anonymous #74
Mark D. Harf ’88
Wayne S. Harrison ’75,P’07,P’15 and Kathy S. Harrison P’07,P’15
Leah Bernsee Hart ’85 and Jonathan A. Hart ’85
Elsie Lorenzen Haus ’61 and Ronald R. Haus
Christine Juno Hawley ’68 and H. Bradford Hawley*
Bruce J. Herman ’78*
Michael A. Hoar ’69
Karen Hotaling-Horn*
Sue and Thomas M. Hughson
Thomas M. Hughson Charitable Giving Fund
Debra D. and L. Gerald Hunsberger P’99,P’00
David M. Hutchison
Karen A. Jacobs and Jack B. Blumenfeld P’05
Katherine Q. and Gregory K. Johnson P’11
Nancy M. Jordan P’98
Marjorie Turrell Julian ’62*
Eugene J. Karandy ’56
Susan Rosenkranz Keehn ’69 and Gordon R. Keehn ’69
Kathryn and Richard Kinley P’22
Elinor and John J. Klem P’89
Uwe C. Koepke ’66
Michael Lally ’66
Susan Bosch Miller ’80
Penny and Stewart Muir P’23
Anonymous #114
Albert S. Nader ’42
Wilbur F. Nass P’84
Patricia J. and Barry A. Nebhut P’20
Lindsley and Brent Newbury P’20
Eva Maytan Norton ’52 and Lyle Norton
Jane A. Oddo ’75*
Carolyn Cramblet Ossont-Lane ’65
Michael R. Pearse ’74
Sharon Decker Peck ’79
Ann L. and Peter Pelesz P’04
Stacy A. Pelesz
Katherine M. Pellett ’79
Sara Allison Phelps ’80 and David S. Phelps ’79
Jennifer Murphy Picardo ’10
Grace-Ann Colleen Porpeglia ’23
Regan Purcell ’80
Lucinda Quitasol P’23 and Gregory Staup P’23
Maureen Richards and John J. Benfatti P’17
Barbara G. Risser ’73 and Fred E. Risser
Rochester Academy of Science
Gary G. Roth ’71*
Kevin H. Rudd ’72
Marion E. Rude
Katherine B. and Thomas J. Sarro P’08
Jon & Kathy Savitz Foundation
Katalin Toth Savitz ’85
Francine Schept ’76
Richard A. Schoof ’50*
Patricia and Dennis J. Scott
Judy and John Temple GP’20
Steven M. Thomas ’00
Benjamin P. Todd ’96
John Uhlein IV ’10 and Bethany Uhlein
United Health Group
Margaret Sweet Vatter ’83,P’17 and Douglas F. Vatter ’83,P’17
Ralph W. Walker ’73 and Jamie Hewitt
Patricia Cheyne Washburn ’63*
Richard G. Weiss ’53
Donald C. Wiggins ’71
Brian D. Wilcox ’87

Adam J. Abreu ’17
ACCO Brands
Mary E. Allen and Mark L. Kuhlmann
Neal W. Allen III ’68
Carol Stapleton Andersen ’62,P’85,P’87,P’90 and Donald H. Andersen ’60,P’85,P’87,P’90
Nancy E. and Robert J. Anderson P’99
Janet Orange Aradine ’69 and Richard C. Aradine ’67
Kimberly A. and Alvin G. Ayres P’16,P’17
Dorathy Perry Bacheller ’55
Melissa Baker P’22
Susan Pelo Ballard ’03
David E. Barnes ’79 and Lynn E Barnes
David L. Beaujon ’87
Stephen A. Bedzis ’81
Joseph R Bjerklie
Timothy F. Blake P’21
Amy R. Blodgett ’86*
Katie Pennings Blydenburgh ’14 and Colin A. Blydenburgh ’14
Marsha Bohrer ’70
Mary Walter Breuninger ’68 and Richard A. Breuninger ’68+
Zachary D. Brown
Ann Buerschaper ’67 and Geoffrey Jones*
Barbara Byington ’62
Timothy P. Canty ’94
Robert E. Cape ’64
P. Neal Caple ’62
Leny Jo Captein ’97 and Dana M. Spice ’97
Lorraine Essegian Carlson ’72
Justin E. Carruthers ’19
Anonymous #294
Jeanette Nelson Clay ’74 and Barrett Clay
Judith Andrias Cleaveland ’69 and Robert D. Cleaveland ’68
R. Richard Conard ’74
Nancy Palmer Cornell ’70
Susan S. Crown ’86*
Tami Mollo Cruz ’97
Donna Gavett Currie ’62
Virginia A. D’Antonio ’68
Barbara Dauerty ’73
Mitchell J. Degere P’23
Robert W. Donohue ’60
Norman K. Dresser Jr. ’70 and Joan Dresser
Anne Marie Carey Dubnansky ’76
Susan Duetsch ’70 and Robert Duetsch
Wendy Pfeuffer Dyment ’89
John G. Ellis ’73 and Judith Ellis
Anonymous #56
Laurie K. Elwell ’75
Miri and Peter Ely P’23
James C. Emmick ’69
Andrea Espinosa P’23
Beth Zajaceskowski Fagan ’14
Stephen W. Farmer ’94
James R. Fasano ’65
Nancy Fry Fasano ’65
Fasano-Ryan Living Trust
Susan G. Fecht ’75
Susan C Ferris
Carlena K. and Joseph J. Ficano
Julian S. Finkelstein ’63
Ellen Fagerheim Frederick ’65
Eric J. Fredericks ’97*
Ellen S. and Gary A. Galo P’06
Sharon and William Garcia P’23
Anonymous #233
Gina and James Gerdvil P’23
Stuart W. Goodwin ’75
Mary E. and Timothy A. Hagen P’07
Barbara W. Hale ’77
Kristin E. Hall ’00*
Margaret Moller Halpin ’75
Douglas A. Hamilton
Janet Hamilton P’03
Barbara and Robert A. Jr. Harlem P’17
Suzanne Francis Hastings ’64
Thomas Hegeman ’74
Anonymous #75
Heather Burrall Heins ’92

George D. Hellyer ’73 and George L. Wagner ’73
Patricia and John Herrin P’96
Holly A. Hosterman P’11
Cynthia J. and Roger W. Hubbard P’09,P’18
George H. Huber III P’10
Hurdle Hill Foundation
Michael Kilian & Valerie Hurley Charitable Fund
Valerie J. Hurley ’81
Greg Hyde Fund
Gregory E. Hyde ’67
Lisa A. Iannello and Michael Wesolowski P’22
Danielle Herring Ianni ’01
Annoica Jubin Ingram ’90 and Richard M. Ingram ’91
George Jones ’71 and June Ferrill
Mark W. Jones ’81*
Kathreen Popkowski Kenney ’70 and Martin A. Kenney ’70
Valerie Hurley ’81 and Michael Kilian
Anonymous #91
Betty Coiner Kitzmann ’61
Avrom B. Kopelman ’68
Nancy Breiter Kovacs ’68
Ann Smallbone Krauss ’71
Linh Dang Kuo ’59 and Howard C. Kuo ’57
Brandon R. LaForest ’19
Christopher R. Laidlaw ’00
Aaron J. Laing ’13
Eric G. Larsen ’78,P’08 and Pamela J. Larsen P’08
Ellen B. and Joseph T. Lauko P’21
Lisa and Paul Lavigne
Law Office of Thomas Hegeman
Andrew J. Leighton ’69
Eileen Mizerak Leland ’69 and Bruce H. Leland ’68
David L. Lemanczyk ’73
Joan Bacher Lemanczyk ’72 and David L. Lemanczyk ’73+
Ella E. Lewis ’70
Alec M. Lind ’21
John O. Lindell
Kimberley L. Lindsley
Seth P. Lucas ’10
Lynn Vandoren Luger ’73 and Matthew Luger ’75
Edward Lui ’00
Halle M. Mahoney ’17
Keeley A. Maloney ’02
Lynn M. Manfred ’79
Maryalice and Robert E. Mansbach P’82
Mark Tims Concrete
Elizabeth Hess Marotta ’64
Thomas J. Marsh ’02
Ashley Beadore Martin ’07
Susan and Douglas F. Mayer*
Lauren Bellesheim McQuaid ’96
Cynthia and Mario Mendez P’18,P’20
Brian K. Miller ’60
Marcus D. Miranda ’94
Deborah Ashton Molloy ’79 and Thomas Molloy
Jason Moses ’83
Helen A. and Robert E. Moyer Jr. P’19
Richard E. Mulroy III ’99
Glenn W. Munson ’72*
Sarah and Morgan Murray
New York Life Insurance
Lynne T. Nicolson
Kim H. Noling P’11 and Steven Londner P’11
Susan and James Norman P’23
Mark S. Obernesser ’78
Office of Douglas A. Watson, D.D.S.
Arthur R. Overfield ’62*
Valerie E. Palmeri ’21
Brenda Zona Pantalone ’89 and Robert Pantalone
Andrew F. Parisi ’11
Frederick E. Parola Jr. ’68
Michael C. Patrick ’69
Jan and Ken Patterson P’96
Gwynn Skelton Pealer ’68 and Casius H. Pealer Jr. ’64*
Joan Zuk Pearson ’74 and Jonathan Pearson IV ’74*
Cynthia Armstrong Pergolizzi ’74 and James J. Pergolizzi ’74
Joanna L. Phippen ’86
Elizabeth A. Powell ’82
Gerald M. Pyser ’67
Richard S. Riccio ’66 and Amanda Riccio
Etta Martin Riefler ’68 and John W. Riefler ’69
Lonny Riehlman
Mary and Carl Roadarmel P’22
Christopher S. Roberts ’68
Moira K. and Michael D. Roberts P’22
Angie and Donald Robertson P’91,P’92
Denise Yendell Rodio ’74
Norman E. Rogers Jr. ’72
Dawn D. Rogers-Kroll
Bozena and Tomasz Rokicki P’22
Joyce J. and Robert W. Roth P’15*
Rowand Family Charitable Fund
Rita Hemmerich Rowand ’78
Susan Stone Schell ’76,P’07,P’10 and Carl S. Schell Jr. ’76,P’07,P’10*
Joanne F. Schenck ’71
Karl E. Schroeder ’63
Kristin D. and Harvey Schwartzman P’13
Jennifer and Stephen Serkes P’23
Rory Shaffer-Walsh ’92 and Robert Walsh
Eric T. Shoen ’99
Gregg Sipple P’20
Jaceueline and Robert Siracuse P’23
Bruce L. Sloan ’59,P’83 and Jane V. Sloan P’83
Ryan W. Sluiter ’19
Georgette Smith ’85,P’18 and Frank McMahon P’18
Tricia W. Socash P’23
Maria E. Sorriento ’21
Emmanouil Spanos ’97
Jessica J. Spitz ’14
Anonymous #263
Susan Brunoli Stiller ’75
Jared W. Suderley ’14
Joan Dunbar Sutton ’64
SWG Inc.
Margot Werme Swift ’62 and Robert F. Swift ’62
Susan and David M. Sylva P’18
Myron E. Taylor ’49
Caroline N. Terry ’61
Diane Terry and Walter Terry III
Andrea Thies ’15 and John Dudek
Mark Tims P’22
Kathleen M. Traynor
Kimberly Wilson Tupper ’88
Barbara Brown Tuset ’76
Luke A. Urtz ’01
Danielle and Keith VanCott P’23
Craig Vandoren ’79 and Lori Vandoren*
Barbara Carey Vermylen ’83
Mark E. & Barbara C. Vermylen Charitable Gift Fund
Barbara Humphries Voorhees ’65
Conrad E. Walser ’67
Melinda and Bryan Walters P’22
Matthew W. Welty ’82
Suzanne B. Wilson ’68
Alison Cox Woods ’84 and Mark D. Woods ’83
Jill Terko Woolson ’78 and Lawrence B. Woolson Jr. ’78
Ruthanne Liptak Worden ’76
Stephen L. Wright ’69
Lisa F. and Richard L. Zeitoun P’22
Melissa A. Zimmermann ’14
Elizabeth and Rudy Zona P’23

Anonymous #275
Katherine B. Acheson ’70
Dale Ackerly ’65
Christopher R. Adams ’87
Lynn S. Akin ’84
Norma Albrecht-Gerwig ’65 and Jeffrey C. Gerwig
Stacy L. Aldrich
Mary Jo Alfano ’97
Donna Crosby Alfieri ’75
Marie Cinterella Allgaier ’69
Joseph M. Amabile ’23
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mary W. and Edward F. Ambrose P’86,P’90
Mary Amrhein-May and Charles May P’22
David J. Anderson ’85
Donald R. Anderson ’64
Jeanne Case Anderson ’66
Alyson A. and Peter F. Angus P’11
John Appleman ’63 and Ellen Appleman
Cynthia H. and Gary B. Archibald P’95
Charles R Arentowicz ’70
Courtney L. Arlington ’17
Anonymous #7
Patrick J. Armstrong ’72
James A. Austin ’65
Erin E. Autera
Aslyn G. Avila ’18
Elizabeth Ayer
Patricia Ayers ’79
Sean I. Babcock ’00
Robert Babson ’73 and Christine Babson
Liza M. Bachman P’20
Forrest G. and David J. Bachner P’04
Sally Barnes Bailey ’71
Michelle Young Baker ’95
Gregory V. Balcavage Jr. ’01
Nettie K. Balcer ’14
Marie Peck Balet ’64
Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad and Keith Brunstad
Cyrus Bao ’23
Jeffrey A. Barker
Robert B. Barker ’78
Richard D. Barlow
Stephen C. Barningham ’73
John F. Barr III ’88
Anne and Mark Barreto P’22
Craig F. Barrett ’02
Gloria Fierro Barrett ’61
Sarah Smithson Barrett ’99
Hannah R. Baskin
Starr Wilbur Baxter ’99
Anonymous #227
Alfred F. ’91 and Lori B. Beckemeyer
Jonathan M. Becker ’79
Scott J. Bedrick ’81
Bella Michaels Restaurant
Jessica K. Bellai ’16
James A. Beman ’64
Suzanne Coburn Benjamin ’72
Dale A. Bennett ’76*
Robert R. and Mary L. Bensen P’13
Staci Izbicki Berg ’98 and Christopher W. Berg ’99
Karen Cassidy Berg ’85 and Frederic J. Berg ’86
Dawn M. and Joseph A. Bertola P’19
Richard Besciak ’65 and Suzanne Besciak
Melody Marks Best ’84
Melissa Mattson Bison ’93
Todd and Anya Bitterman
Priscilla Shoup Bizer ’71
James J. Bizzozero ’88
Carolyn Brown Blake ’65
Charlene Gion Blake ’73
Donna Jean Ayers Blake ’71 and David G. Blake ’71*
Margaret MacQueen Blake ’65
Pamela Ungar Blank ’78
Anonymous #17
Patricia G. and Evan L. Bleicher P’17
Paul D. Blodgett ’72
Elizabeth A. Bloom P’16 and James G. Maloney P’16
Jacqueline Beyette Blue ’65 and Walter A. Blue
Donald Blunk ’71 and Judith Blunk*
Merriam Baker Boening ’62 and Robert Boening ’61
Katharine G. and Robert W. Boissy P’13
Jayne M. Bolt ’12
Geneen and Danneill Bolton
Joan Mack Bonheyo ’62
Kathleen Adamski Bonn ’65 and Michael Bonn
Bethany Carter Bower ’84
Lindsay H. Bowker ’14
Aimee L. Boyd-Hall
Dorothy Nichols Bradshaw ’54
Lisa A. and Mark Brady P’20
Shirley M. Braman P’90
James P. Brassil III ’85
William H. Brault ’65
Janice Vanicky Brejwo ’73
Marsha Schattner Brennan ’72,P’03 and John J. Brennan ’73,P’03
Shelby I. Brennan ’17
Dominic F. Brent
Serafina M Breslawski
John G. Bridegroom ’70
Georgia W. Briere ’22
Anonymous #21
D’Asia C Brockington ’19
Esther Mathewson Brooker ’52,P’15
Janet Dolan Brower ’66
Audrey G. Brown ’79
Carol Beecher Brown ’62 and Charles Brown
Davene Brown
Devon J. Brown ’22
Jeremiah W. Brown ’01
Michelle A. Brown ’87
Sarah Purcell Browne ’73
James E. Bryden P’98
Katharine Stanton Bucey ’97
Kenneth H. Buechs ’61
Charles M. Bump ’74
Nancy Andrews Burgess ’78 and John Burgess
J. Ross Burhouse ’67
Jane Heist Burke ’68,P’94 and Clarke M. Burke ’67,P’94
Francine Burke ’84
Helen S. Burke ’74
Christine Corrigan Burrington ’74
Alice Morrison Busche ’65 and Leon Busche
Judith Hunt Butcher ’67
Cissie Judge Butler ’79
Elizabeth Johl Byrne ’77
Karen West Campbell ’70 and Archibald H. Campbell ’68
Carol E. Campbell ’74 and Edward Rebisz
Mary Kay Hausmann Campenot ’74
Ann H. Cannon ’16
Patricia R. and Robert J. Cantin P’97
Dominick J. Caputo ’62
Margaret Born Carkner ’70
Kathleen P. Carlson
Nils S. Carlson Jr. ’61
Ann C. Carman
Stephanie A. Carr ’06
Tiffany Hurley Carr ’02 and Mark M. Carr
Anonymous #27
Jill Haney ’84 and Kevin T. Carter P’21
Karen L. Cuthbertson ’79
Ingrid Jorgenson Cashin ’60
Jacqueline Boyd Cassidy ’67 and William L. Cassidy ’66
Douglas B. Cauthers ’61
Joan D. and Sheldon S. Cazoe P’17
Lennace E. and William A. Ceberek P’05
Kathleen Norris Cembrinski-Knafelz ’52
Kim and Jack Cerar P’21,P’22
Ryan G. Ceresola
David W. Chadbourne ’72
Sarah Thompson Chapman ’17
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Taryn M. Chase ’00
Jean M. and Roger R. Chenault P’94
Nancy S. and Joseph Chiang
Matthew Chick
Ryan J. Chronister ’10
Courtney R. Cirillo ’17
Josh M. Clapham ’01
James D. Clar
Beverly L. and Roger D. Clark P’08
Donna Youmans Clark ’65
Dale H. Clayton ’79
Karyl B. Clemens
Elizabeth Cliff- Rafferty ’86
Harold J. Clifford Jr. ’61*
Christine Richter Clist ’72 and W. Mark Clist III ’72
Gertrude F. Closson ’61
Lawrence E. Cohen ’68
Terri G. and Pete L. Colbeck P’20
Kelly and Kevin Cole P’23
Margaret M. Cole P’84
Sherry L. Cole ’74
Barbara Black Colf ’55 and Harold E. Colf ’55
Community Bank, N.A.
Karen Carlson Confino ’77
Nancy Connelly
Dorothy-Jane Goldsack Connolly ’99,P’23
Scott W. Connolly ’85
Michelle Cole Connor ’03
Cameron J. Conrad ’20
Sharon Dorff Conway ’62 and Patrick Conway
Carolyn A. and Eric M. Cooper
Jake W. Cooper ’13
Karin Baum Corbeil ’67 and C. Paul Corbeil ’66*
Lisa Eggler Corbett ’02 and Timothy Corbett
Sherry Halpern Cordery ’85
Travis A. Cos ’02
Dorothy S. and Thomas J. Coughlin P’88
Clare A. Courtney ’83
Carol Flory Courtwright ’70
Frederick G. Covert II ’85
Christine A. Craig and Michael P. Craig Jr. P’22
John W. Cranston ’15
Lois Duff Craumer ’72 and Edward C. Craumer Jr. ’71
Olive Mathewson Crews ’66
Anonymous #42*
Peter A. Crounse ’62
Emily Mix Cullen ’76
Jennifer D’Onofrio ’90,P’22 and Harry D’Onofrio P’22
Robert W. Dandrew ’83*
Margaret Fraser Daniel ’43,P’71+*
Richard P. Darby ’80
Anonymous #155
Eva T. Davidson P’12,P’20 and Laurence J. Malone P’12,P’20
Diana Portalatin and Mark R. Davies
Joy M. and Gerald F. Davis P’21
Kathryn and John C. Davis P’94
Kathleen Wilczynski Davis ’82
Megan Thomas Davis ’80
Thora Olstad Davis ’65
John R. Dean ’62
Bruce W. Dearstyne ’66
James P. Deegan P’02
Evelyn Carey Deer ’86 and Francis C. Deer ’83
Daniel P. DeFilippi ’94
Carol J. Del Propost
Geraldine L. Delamater
Lucille Talcott Demmings ’64
Beth Hyland Dennett ’92 and David J. Dennett ’91
Carl J. Denson ’23
Louis F. DeSantis III ’00
Carolyn Cantin Desmarais ’97 and William C. Desmarais ’98
Evelyne and Duval Destin P’23
Carol N. Dexter ’70
Anonymous #320
Gary F. Dickson ’66
Brendan Dieck ’15
Sally Dudley Dionne ’67,P’95 and G. Dale Dionne P’95*
Tabitha J. Dionne ’95
Alison R. Dodge ’05
Wilma Skellie Dodge ’49
Barbara Mittl Dodson ’67
John M. Doelp ’76
William K. Dole ’82
Deborah F. Dolinsky ’73
Thomas M. Donnelly ’90
Jonathan Dono
Daniel T. Donohue ’57,GP’07 and Christina N. Donohue
James A. Douglass ’90
Randall H. Downer ’80
Barry H. Downing ’60
Elaine L. Downing
Frederick J. Doyle ’68,P’03
Deborah T. and Lester L. Dunklee P’98
Marilyn A. Dunn
Robert Dwore ’75
Linda M. Dzwil ’77
Donna Wein Eadie ’67
Ellen C. Eagan ’74*
Robert W. Eames ’53
Sandra and Stephen N. Earl P’85
Susan Earle-Carlin ’69
Michael M. Easton ’12
Robert P. Eaton ’68
Linda MacArthur Ebie P’05
Frances Traver Edick ’50
Alberta and James Edmonds
Willa Bramson Edmonds ’60 and Travis R. Edmonds ’60
Jonathan K. Edmunds P’22
Daisy M. Edwards ’70
Ellen Wackel Edwards ’76
William H. Eger ’19
Laurel E. Elder
Mary Jones Eldridge ’63
Leah Bouboulis Elwood ’86,P’08,P’10 and Donald Elwood P’08,P’10
Barbara March Engelman ’68
Alexis N. Epstein ’18
Anonymous #174
Dorene F. Erhard ’69
Laura Paszkiewicz Erhard ’01
Mary Lu Wade Eshelman ’62
Edward D. Evans Jr. ’64
Osamede Evbuomwan
Marcia MacConnell Eyberse ’60
Cristin Coblentz Fair ’79
Stephen A. Fales ’74
Honora M Fallon-Oben
Marilyn and Scott J. Falt P’89
Sylvia Happ Farnand ’77
Barbara Nick Farner ’61
Robert C. Faske ’71
Patrick E. Faughnan ’14
William Faulkner II ’96 and Amanda Faulkner
Mary Lou Albright Faust ’62
Nicholas Fazzano
JoAnne and Ronald Feldstein P’96
Maureen and Jonathan Fellows P’16
Kim N. Felter
Margaret Piser Fenlon ’70
Mary and Joseph Ferraro P’12
Melissa L. Ferrie ’90
Deborah Fessler ’71
Peter C. Fiduccia ’12
Laura Donovan Fielding ’90 and James Fielding Jr.
Debbie L. Figary ’97
Catherine and Jason Filippini P’21
Jean E. and John D. Finch P’03
Scott L. Findholt ’74
Beverly Paesler Finger ’65
Alicia Martinez Fish ’91 and Thomas P. Fish
Nicole L. Fish ’00
Ellen Fisher ’75 and Martin Keegan
Susan C. Fisher ’74
Rachel Fitoussi-Zebrowitz ’79
Katherine H. Fitzgerald ’77
Five Corners Mobile, Inc.
James P. Fleming ’76
Sheila S. and John J. Fleming P’10
Cynthia Floor P’19 and Crispin Shakeshaft P’19
Brennan Flory ’21
Rebecka R. Flynn ’12
Foran Financial Group, Inc.
Kathleen Cromwell Forbes ’68
Laura Foresta ’89
Amy Forster Rothbart and Michael Forster Rothbart
Neiva J. Fortes ’22
Hilary A. Fox and Henry Gonzalez P’20
Anonymous #190
Leah H. Frankel and Nicholas R. George
Nicole Crawford Freeman ’00 and Jefferson B. Freeman ’95
Stephanie Schreckengost Friday ’00
Diana B. and Benjamin N. Friedell
Nancy Lamouret Frueh ’80
Dorothy and David Frye GP’22
Paula D. and Bruce K. Fuhrmann P’98
Barbara J. Funck P’96
Patrick J. Furlong ’19
Charlotte G. Gabrielsen ’09 and James M. Angstadt ’08
Edward V. Gabrys
Dana Stratton Gaccione ’86
Patricia Davis Gage ’78
Colmin J. Gajadar
Jennifer Smith Gallerani ’92 and Paul L. Gallerani ’91
Christopher J. Gamber ’20
Beth A. Gamble ’81
Sally J. Gangell ’84
Sandra Gardner and Michael Peters
Joshua Garrett
Julie Landmann Garrison ’04
Sharon E. Garvey ’87
Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell ’91 and Timothy Garvey-Blackwel
Lucile P. Gatchell P’95
Anonymous #67
William M. Gates ’65
Allison P. Geary P’23
Joyce and Howard Gelbsman P’95
Jeff A. Gelbsman
Shirley A. Georgia
Kimberly Keller Gerrish ’88
Akhtar Ghassemi
Anonymous #231
Althea Simpson Giaquinto ’71
Joann Meakin Ginter ’79
Christina and Joseph Jr. Giorgio P’23
Harry A. Gleason ’82
Sara Clark Glennon ’84 and Robert J. Glennon ’81
Linda Drake Gobbo ’75
Jennifer Tyson Gode ’97 and Gunnar Gode
Jennifer A. Hilfiker ’02 and Adam J. Godet ’02
Cynthia H. and William F. Goertemoeller
Melanie A. Goldberg ’07
Nancy Smith Goldberg ’75
Nancy Boulin Golden ’02,P’96 and Reid M. Golden P’96
Caleb Goltz
Christian M. Gondek
George F. Goodwin P’82
Lynn Salvato Gore ’76
Nicholas R. Gottscho ’95
Diana L. and Alejandro A. Gracias
Raymond H. Graunke ’50
Caitlin P. Gravell ’05
Val E. Gray ’70
Christina J. Graziadei ’16
Eileen Sacco Greeley ’86
Lawrence H. Greenman ’72 and Maribelle Greenman
Gladys Grier P’23
Patricia Distin Griffiths ’73
Gigi and James Grimley P’23
Ryan Gronostaj ’16
Lester R. Grummons
John F. Grunewalder ’68
Jeanne and Harry G. Gutheil Jr. P’95,P’97
Kara Beuregard Guthrie ’91 and William V. Guthrie Jr. ’90
Aimee DiStefano Haag ’92 and Thomas W. Haag ’95
Paul J. Habernig
Anonymous #72
Karin E. Hall ’82
Marcia Hallenbeck
Carol A. Hamilton P’86
Martin Hamilton ’89
Lynne Hamilton-Lukasik P’23 and Stephen L. Lukasik P’23
Florence Karlsen Hammond ’64
Sallie S. Han and Jason E. Antrosio
Tana Spangler Handwerk ’73 and Jon W. Handwerk ’72
Daniel Hane
Kristine Bogholtz Hanggi ’85
Rose M. and Edward J. Hanley P’06
Nicholas C. Hanna ’80 and Ann Peters Duffy
Diane J. Hannahs ’83
Susan Harple Hannan ’67
Molly Hannon ’96
Eunice and Grant Hansel Family Charitable Trust
Laura Kaplanowski Hansel ’70
Geraldine and Charles D. Hardy P’93
Grant D. Harman ’20
Morris G. Harple Jr. ’71
Kevin P. Harrigan ’78
Maureen M. and Craig P. Harrigan P’23
Stephen W. Harrigan ’68
Scott D. Harrington
Jean Nanassy Harris ’69 and Francis Harris
Justin R. Harris ’08
Courtney A. ’08 and Brendon L. ’07 Harrison
Harry A. Gleason Inc.
Samantha J. Hart ’12
Romayne D. Hartshorn P’97
Andrew T. Harvey ’76
Haulman Living Trust
Janet Minturn Haulman ’76
Gary D. Haulton ’66
Amy C. Hausknecht and Stephen A. Lichtman P’20
B. David Hawthorn ’80
Merri L. Hayes P’20
Eliesabeth Bohlen Hedman ’65
Marcia and Herbert Heintz P’88
Nancy Titus Helfrich ’69,P’13 and Jim L. Helfrich P’13
Zachary Henderson
Debora L. Henry
Juanne C. and Jason M. Herbert P’20
Doris M. and Bruce D. Hering P’93
Patricia Howe Hermes ’86
Mary Bicket Heroux ’70,P’03 and Gary S. Heroux ’68,P’03
Janet L. and Charles W. Herring P’01
Deborah Carter Herrmann ’91
Kate K. Hewlett ’83
Allayne C. and Ronald G. Heyduk P’00,P’97
Eleanor Brown Hickein ’55 and Fred G. Hickein ’53
Anna Peck Hicks ’69
Christine M. and Alan S. Hight P’05
Karen Pezanowski Higman ’85
Marjorie Seward Hill ’64
Patricia Hill-Zeigler ’76
Delores Barnard Hilts ’93,P’00
Mary Hingston P’15 and Douglas Slick P’15
Melanie A. and David C. Hitch P’03
Lynnette G. Hitchcock P’10
Jean L. Hoff P’83
Gail A. Hoffman ’79
Pamela Keller Hogan ’77
Jessica Zara Hoguet ’92
Susan Pomeroy Holdren ’81 and Scott A. Holdren ’80*
Lynn Trecartin Holdsclaw ’74
Dean A. Holland ’82
Deborah Hollis Blue ’74,P’01 and Peter G. Blue P’01
Edward Holman ’21
Janet H. Holmes ’70
Daniel C. Holz ’98
Sally A. Hopfner P’89
Richmond B. Hopkins Jr. ’76
Anonymous #80
Charlotte Albright Howard ’86
Doris Eitzen Howard ’58
Suzanne J. and Henry Howard II P’06
Barbara and Dennis Howell
Zelpha B. Hoyer ’50
Dean R. Hoyt ’63
Lois Blank Huber ’64
Lisa A. Hudson ’82
Marcus Hudson ’18
Kathleen N. Martin ’74 and William C. Hueston ’75
Barbara Stone Hughes ’84 and David L. Hughes ’84
Lisa Archer Hughes ’85
Luanne Hughes P’21
Albert W. Hulick III P’09
Shirley Hunt Humphrey ’71*
Cheryl A. Hurd ’71
Elsa and Chris Hyde P’23
James V. Hyland ’91
Joanne M. Immesberger ’73
James P. Inglis ’62
Elizabeth Wood Isles ’85
Jared A. Jackson ’23
Katrina Jackson ’99
Denise Amidon Jacobson ’73 and Walter Jacobson Jr.
Grace Rudolph Jacobson ’57
Harold L. Jacobson Jr. ’69
Jason W. Jameson
John P Janitz Jr.
Ellen Jaramillo ’74,P’06,P’12 and Ronald OsokowP’06,P’12
Krista Poore Jenkins ’15 and Gavin P. Jenkins ’15
Elizabeth A. Jennings P’23
Jennifer Sullivan Jernigan ’97
John & Jen’s Dream LLC
Valerie J. Johnsey ’77
Joshua Johnson ’14
Gerald W. Jones ’64
Jeremy Jones
Matthew K. Jones ’98
Christopher D. Joyce ’93
Richard G. Juve ’62
Barbara N. Kahl
John R. Kalbach ’69*
Gail L. and Steven A. Kalbach Sr. P’97
Aaron W. Kane ’96
Anonymous #89
Tessa A. Kansas ’15
Robert J. Kanter ’66
Anonymous #283
Ramin A. Kasamanli
Patricia A. Kassebaum-Eger P’19
Irwin Katz ’53
Anonymous #90
Richard C. Kaufman ’74
Erna and Simon Kaufman
Lois Kaufmann ’72
Denis E. Kebabjian ’58
Evelyn Hesse Keehn ’46,P’69*
David H. Keith ’73
John W. Kellam & Sandra M. Kellam Trust
Sandra Miller Kellam ’60
Elizabeth King Keller ’59
Jeremy S. Kellett
A. Duprey Kelley ’70
Pamela Pugsley Kelliher ’71
Elizabeth P. Kelly ’12
Thomas P. Kelly Jr.
Nancy M. and William F. Keltner P’06
Kemper-Ward Foundation
Douglas Kendall
Christine Stevens Kenny ’70
Christopher W. Kenrick ’93
Blythe H. Kersula ’06
Dawn M. and David J. Kersula P’06
Jacquelyn M. and David M. Kettunen P’06
Katherine Kyunghe Kim ’59
Christine R. and David B. King P’84
Richard P. Kinley ’22
Eileen E. Kinsella ’75
Carla and Rick Kinser P’19
Sharon and David Klebe
Robert C. Kleckner ’70
Eileen Jensen Klein ’65
Richard E. Klein ’76
Lucille A. and Paul Knapp Jr.
Mary Salo Knapp ’68
Anonymous #83
William R. Kodrich ’55
Janice Vagts Kohlmeyer ’69
Mary K. and Peter D. Komarinski P’97
Deborah H. and William H. Kommalan P’00
Stefanie H. Komorowski ’90
Douglas D. Konu
Isabel A. and Jay I. Kopstein P’11
Lauren Koss ’85
Edward N. Koury ’57
Mary Lyn Koval ’85
Steven G. Kratoville ’86
Katharine A. Kreisher
Joan Krieger Rohan ’79
Peter Kryworuczko ’73
Jodi L. Krzyston
Margaret Intrator Kuman ’72 and Arthur I. Kuman Jr. ’72
Deborah Reisberg Kumar ’76
David K Labatt ’96
Labwood Realty Trust
Priscilla C. Lam ’23
Robert E. Lamb ’64
Sara E. Lambert ’03
Joan M. and Michael Lambiaso Jr.
Nicholas H.Lambros ’59,P’02,P’02 and Sharon Lambros P’02,P’02
Linda and Shawn Lamparter P’23
Phyllis L. and Timothy Landers P’88
Diana K. and Robert C. Landmann P’04
Sheileen Nicholson Landrey ’07 and Owen D. Landrey ’06
Linda L. Landstrom ’76
Laura M. Lane ’67,P’02
Dorothy K. and Thomas W. Lane P’99
Emily M. Lapayowker ’08
Valerie Lape Handy ’94
Anonymous #31
The Latte Lounge
Marilyn Vasko Laufer ’66
Joanne M Laut ’85 and W. C. Laut III ’87
Arthur B. Lawrence IV ’95
Sabrina M. Lawrence ’13
Bradford B. Lee ’65
Ralph A. Lee III ’91
Nancy and William Lehtonen
Joseph C. Lentini Jr. ’91 and Melanie Lentini
John W. LeVan ’84*
Stephen E. Lewis ’92
William D. Lewis ’69
Natalia Lewitinn ’18
Lance S. Lichorat ’10
Howard M. Lichtman
Kathleen M. and Ronald H. Lind ‘P21
Judith Kroon Lindberg ’73 and William C. Lindberg ’73
Shanlee D. Linney ’91
Amanda R. Lint ’07
Andrea Koss Lipman ’94
Lynn E. and David B. Littlefield P’18
Thomas E. Littner ’79
Lisa and Joseph Lobasso P’23
Jeanine Ball Long ’85
Susan C. and William M. Long P’17,P’19
Pamela J. Longenbach ’76
David A. Lord ’67
Martha Leinbach Lotito ’76
Christopher M. Lott
Christopher R. Low ’91
David B. Lubell
Dana Benfield Lucas ’84
Hope P. and John A. Lucas P’10
Susan L. Lundstrom ’79
Andrea Borelli Luzzi ’05 and William Luzzi ’03
Donald F. Lynd Jr.
Ralph L. Lyons Jr. P’03,P’04
Nancy J. and Robert G. Lyons Sr. P’13
L. Morton Mack ’69
Roberta Durmann MacLean ’73
Aaron L. MacLeod
Richard W. Mahlstedt ’65 and Suzanne Mahlstedt
Robert A. Mahlstedt III ’63 and null null
Kelsey R. Mahoney ’23
Timothy Mahony ’17
Deborah Lamberton Malcolm ’70 and Mark C. Malcolm II ’71
Katherine Mallison-Briand ’65
Kelly and Mario Mancuso P’22
Jo-Ann Mann P’21
Anthony M. Margarum ’17
Nancy Walton Marikar ’72
Denise Marino
Brynn N. Marion ’20
Elizabeth Lennox Mark ’82
David K. Marshall ’83
Mary E. Marshall ’74
Miurvis J. and Luis L. Marte P’21
Susan E. Marteney ’79,P’21
Gail Deangelis Martin ’68
Jeanne Rockwell Martin ’72
Paul R. Martin ’68
Jenele Poor Martin ’03 and Phillip P. Martin ’03
Linda and Jose Martinez P’91
Anonymous #106
Leah S. and Bruce K. Mason P’96
Patricia R. Massenburg P’08
James A. Matson ’68
Lynne Bolstad and Yoshiro Matsuo
Betty Throckmorton Matthews ’73
Harry B. Matthews
Andrea Mattocks P’22
Susan Jacobson Mattson ’73
Richard Mayberry ’72
Glenn E. Mayerschoff ’74*
Alexis E. Mays-Fields ’04
Jane H. Mazzarella ’87
Nytasha M McAdams
William McBride ’75
Elizabeth Goff McCabe ’92
Ellen Johanson McCabe ’60,P’80
Susan Struble McCabe ’72
Maureen E Hall ’71 and William R. Hall
Susan Mouton McCleery ’86 and David M. McCleery ’87
William R. McClintick Jr. ’79
Dinah McClure ’62*
Michael McCormick ’75 and Susan McCormick
Geoffrey J. McDonald ’08*
David E. McGlew ’65
Erin McGrath Tribble ’00
Kelly Partigianoni McGraw ’88 and Timothy E. McGraw ’88
Todd R. McGuinness
Linda Schuler McGuire ’72
Beverly Shepard McHugh ’71
Alma J. McInerney P’92
Kyle P. McKee ’23
Camille A. McKenna ’00
Mary T. McKenna P’00
Brianna Mckenzie ’16
Cindy S. McKown
Douglas J. McLane Jr. ’98
Nancy Yeager McLean ’80
Nancy L. McLure ’66
Margo E. McMahon ’72*
Nancy George McNabb ’69 and Alan McNabb+
Nancy George McNabb ’69
Clifford B. Meacham P’84,P’87
Kevin C. Meade ’97
Claire A. Meissner ’75
Asher Mendez ’18
Judith and David Messinger P’03
Bethany Lillie Metzgar ’11 and Matthew E. Metzgar ’10
Katie A. Meuer ’15
Anna M. Meyer
Carolyn Reeck Meyer ’67
Barbara Crawley Micari ’50
Nancy L. Middlebrook ’76
Emily Walter Mikulewicz ’62
John G. Mileski ’73 and Roberta Mileski
Jean Kingsland Milkman ’64 and Howard L. Milkman Jr. ’63
Cynthia B. Miller ’84
Karen Freeman Miller ’73
Mary K. Miller ’97
Laura Chadrjian Mindell ’76*
Joy B. and Jeffrey P. Minns P’02
Adele C. Mlynar P’89
Robert H. Molatch ’65
Michael J. Mongin ’91
Monser Brothers Tire Sales, Inc.
Donna J. and John Moore P’21
Susan Giese Moore ’82 and Michael G. Moore ’81
Christopher W. Morrow ’66
Joan M. Morse ’55,P’83
Ryan D. Mosack ’11
John F. Mousseau Jr. ’85
Jane A. Moyer ’71
Addison J. Muller ’16
Carole A. Muller ’61
Denise Mumma P’20
John C. Munk ’81 and Sandra Munk
David A. Munschauer ’76
Susan Konrad Munson ’71 and Gary P. Munson ’71
Andrea Sciremammano Murray ’98 and Keith W. Murray ’96
Kelly Oxton Murray ’98
V. Kirkwood Murray ’66
Clifford L. Muse Jr. ’67
John R. Mutschler ’69 and Carolyn Mutschler
Susan Benzer Myers ’78
Marcel Nagy P’20 and Saul Fernandez P’20
Susan E. Fisher ’85 and Paul R. Nannig ’85
Arthur P. Napolitano ’78
Kristina Piotrowski Nash ’79
Steven A. Nash ’74
Terri Priest Nash ’70
Rebecca L. Nathan ’19
Robert J. Nearpass ’75,P’00 and Lynette M. Nearpass P’00
Kathleen J. and James G. Nemeth P’97
Benjamin C. Nesbitt
Network for Good
Margaret Glasser Newhouse ’63
Denise E. Newvine
Jennifer Nichols-Stewart P’18
Robert W. Niemeyer ’79
Marilyn E. Nienart ’87,P’94 and Lawrence Nienart P’94
Carrie Marauszwski Nolan ’91 and Geoffrey Nolan ’91
Gregg A. Norris ’84
Robert A. O’Connor ’64,P’93
Michelle K. O’Dell ’14
James J. O’Donnell P’94
Joanne O’Grady P’19
Anonymous #274
Edith Schreiner Ocampo ’69
Laura Ort Often ’96
Leslie Bunis Ohl ’79 and Charles B. Ohl Jr. ’79
Lisa M. and Keith Ohle P’22
Irene M. and Jeffrey J. Oldfield P’05*
Kimberly C. Olson ’74
Order of the Eastern Star
Carol Whitcomb Orie ’73 and James Orie
Catherine Brandt Osborn ’73
Dorothy Williams Osovski ’51
Joan N. and John T. Ostheimer Jr. P’83
Peter J. Ostrowski Jr. ’65
Laurinda Middleton Oswald ’82
Patricia S. and Russell R. Otto P’11
Dorothy Jones Owen ’61
Diane Paige
Laura Chester Palada ’88 and Randolph Palada
James C. Palmer ’89
Lee Ellen Coy Palmer ’70
Madolyn O. Palmer
Marissa M. Parisi ’99 and Michael P. Martin ’00
Donna W. Pashley
Willow Pasley ’77
Emilee A. Patterson ’19
Patricia Puglisi Patterson ’69
Wanda Laughing Patterson ’79 and Robert Patterson
John G. Pearson ’71
Andrew D. Pease
Carol Emmett Peknik ’59
Joseph W. Pellegrino Jr. ’13
Dale A. Pensgen ’72*
Gregory Perkins ’82
Traci L. and Mark A. Perrin P’21
Valerie H. Perrins ’67
Renee Tortore Perst ’73
Lynda Wrolsen Pfleegor ’64
Barbara A. Morrill P’08 and Carl H. Phillips P’08
Jeanne M. Phillips ’72*
Phyllis M. and Robert Phillips
Gregory L. Pickard ’87
Robin and Andrew Piefer P’23
John M. Pino ’22
Rose A. and William R. Pirone+
Ellen and Philip J. Plossl P’05
Caitlin M. Pointer ’14
Andrea Pontius and John Pontius Jr.
Karen Paul Pope ’89
Nikki Poppen-Eagen P’21 and Scott C. Eagan P’21
Cheryl Gadziala Powers ’78
Mary Smith Poyer ’64
Ellen and Bart Prager P’15
James G. Pringle ’09
Anonymous #45
Jacqueline Purdy ’66
Amy Williams Raimy ’87,P’17 and Christopher B. Raimy ’87,P’17
Timothy P. Raimy ’17
Michael P. Reagan ’88
Carol Wrolsen Rechtoris ’71
Red One Incorporated
Eleanor Callan Redder ’53 and Richard Redder ’53
Douglas N. Redfield ’68
Richard D. Reed ’68
Louis Rehr Jr. ’67
Allison Davis Reichel ’94
Paul C. Reinhardt Jr. ’77
Fred S Reynolds
Anonymous #277
Jennie Marquette Rightmyer ’64
Ronald R. Rivard ’76
Doug Rivenburgh ’89||||
Carol Shevlin Rizzo ’66 and Richard C. Rizzo Jr. ’66
Rosina D. Roa ’06
Kevin P. Roberts ’22
Marcella Schieffelin Roberts ’85
Susanne F. Roberts and Stephen K. Victor P’07
Wayne G. Robertshaw ’75
Grace Holloway Robertson ’47
Amanda L. Robinson ’16
John Robinson Jr. ’78 and Sue Robinson
Stefanie A. Rocknak
Jenna R. Rodrigues ’14
Dorothy Burak Rodzinka ’62
Karl G. Roenke ’70
Hans Roggensack ’78
David L. Roper ’71*
David J. Roppel ’69
Deborah K. Rose ’73
Jean L. Rosenberg ’77
Rene C. Roser ’55
Wendy Rickert Rosher ’79
James M. Ross ’73
Millissa Garcia Ross ’95
Stephen T. Rossetter ’76
Elisabeth-Ann Rooney Rossi ’68
Kathryn M. and Terry W. Rothermel P’92
Jane Beebe Rowehl ’81
Marjorie S. Rowley
Linda Edwards Rowley ’75 and Stephen P. Rowley ’74*
Cheryl Byrne Ruane ’86
M. Rideout Rubenfeld ’70
Sally Pope Ruef ’70
Donna M. Ruffner ’81*
Christopher P. Russ ’84
Whit K. Russell ’08
Anthony R. Russo ’14
Alan B. Ruthig ’66
Ellen A. and Daniel F. Ryan P’21
Erika and Richard Safran P’19
Marilyn Kamb Sagan ’57 and Edgar L. Sagan ’57
Sal’s Pizza
Jacqueline Raucher Salkin ’86 and William A. Salkin ’86
Elizabeth T. Salmeron ’09
Virginia L. and Rollin K. Sanders P’13
Janice M. Sandy
Lara L. Sanford
Matthew C. Sanford
Sandra Santoro P’05
Marjorie Hake Sargent ’76
Deborah A. and Edward D. Sattler P’08,P’11*
Kevin P. Schaffner ’88
Salvatore P. Schaper ’18
Anonymous #143
Dr. John C Schaumloffel
Judith A. and Lewis M. Schedlbauer P’98
Marilyn Freed Scherzer ’52 and Joseph Scherzer+
John J. Schesny P’01,P’03
Barbara Joseph Schilling ’62
Anita E. Schmidt ’82
Lois Devitt Schnitta ’61 and Samuel Schnitta, Jr.
Virginia Allen Schoradt ’56,P’78
Margaret Klett Schramm ’67
Jackson M. Schroeder
Kristine Schuff P’23
David M. Schultz ’70*
Rodger F. Schultz ’66P’09,P’12,P’16 and Mona W. Schultz P’09,P’12,P’16
Elaine Z. Schwan P’89
Andrew W. Schwarz ’13
Anonymous #323
Stephen L. Scott
Sarah McDonough Scrivani ’85,P’14 and Edward R. Scrivani ’85,P’14
Katherine M. Seeley ’13 and Karl H. Seeley
Julie Elgart Semp ’62
Frank C. Senn ’65
Ryan S. Senn ’00
Richard J. Serpentini ’72
Stanley K. Sessions P’14
James L. Seward ’73, H’99
Linda B. and Charles H. Shagg Jr. P’95
Arthur H. Shapiro ’69
Ruth J. Sharpe ’73 and George McCormick*
Bradford A. Shaw ’76
Marc E. Shaw
Joanne Clark Shay ’84 and William M. Shay ’84
Anonymous #145
Russell E. Sheaffer ’79
Meghan K. Sheehy
Carol Thomson Shenton ’63 and Richard Shenton ’63
Susan C. Sherk ’66
George L. Sherman Jr. ’68
Sony Sherpa ’18
Karen E. Shockey ’79
Alice Siegfried
Carol E. Silverberg
Jean Christman Simmons ’58
Paulette Peters Simpson ’78
Anonymous #310
Anonymous #327
Carol J. Skeldon ’80
Dana Cronin Slade ’09 and Jeremiah Slade ’95
Hilary Smith
John A. Smith ’65
Laura M. Smith ’97
Peggy Bason Smith ’71
Shannon D. Smith ’93
Sharlene D. and Stephen C. Smith P’97
Carolyn Hess Smitkin ’70 and Edward R. Smitkin Jr. ’70
Stover H. Snook ’54
Katherine Snowden P’12
Cheryl Walker Snyder ’68
Diane Balstraz Snyder ’67
Richard Socash P’23
Robert C. Sohl ’65
Erin E. Solano ’14
Sarah S. Somerville ’77
Gladys Peardon Sommerville ’69
Tammy and Kevin Sousa
Stella L. Spanakos ’78
Wayne E. Sperry P’17
Susan E. Spinelli ’72
Adrienne M. Spinozzi ’01
Christopher A. Spiwak
Darlene Hinkley Staats ’82
Nancy B. Stachowicz P’93
Jeffrey T. Stannard ’80
Mary Hoyt Stannard ’61
Douglas W. Stanton ’89
Lisa M. Starkey-Wood
Riley J. Sterling ’23
H. Grayson Stevens II ’72
Dawn A. and Matthew E. Stever
Janet Hirt Steves ’83,P’14 and Douglas L. Steves ’81,P’14
Roy W. Stewart ’69 and Beverly Sayre
Susan Smith Stief ’73 and William Stief*
Betsy R. Stielau P’80
Rebecca Goff Stillman ’79,P’14
Susan L. Stobo ’73
Carrie E. Stockwell ’09
Monica J. Stoffel ’94
Peter T. Storch ’75
Ralph W. Storm ’51*
Thomas M. Stransky ’84
Gina Strazzabosco P’23 and Joseph Kampff P’23
Bridget C. and Leslie W. Jr. Streeter P’20
Andrew M. Streisfeld ’70
Audrey J. Strong ’14
Richard M. Struck ’68
Cynthia Stuen P’03 and William Weisenbach P’03
Anonymous #46
Amy Summerville-Loomis ’76
Danielle and Emile Suter P’23
Janet Schoonmaker Swan ’56
Tammy M. Sweeney
Anonymous #222
Anna E. Switzer P’91
Lori Grieb Sych ’85
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Teresa Tague P’23
Anonymous #158
Ann Parshall Tarburton ’92
Debra N. Taubner ’90
James Terwilliger P’00
Roderick M. Theobald ’77
Nancy Schurr Thiele ’84
Katherine M. and Robert J. Thomas Jr. P’09
Sara K. Thomas ’09
Karen Petre Thompson ’70 and Robert W. Thompson ’70
Stephen J. Thomsen ’59
Patricia Merrill Thomson ’68
Patricia M. Thorne
Anonymous #224
Kathryn K. Thorpe ’10
Linda M. Thurston P’20
Ann L. Timmons ’79
Tino’s Pizza
Tisbest Philanthropy
Bert G. Tobiason
Michael J. Toolan ’94
Anonymous #162
Christine and William A. Torphy P’22
David G. Tovey ’72
Craig Allan Tozzo ’68
David Trachtenberg ’44
Kimberley Jenkins Tracy ’85
Peter R. Trainor ’71
Linda G. Trautman
Tri County Glass Inc
Parker W. Troischt
Leslie Gross Tuffy ’64
Barbara J. and Anthony R. Turi P’17
Theresa Turick-Gibson
Richard A. Tyrrell ’85
United Way of Massachusetts Bay
Anonymous #163
Robert B. Van Buren ’52
Anonymous #300
Cynthia A. van Zelm ’86
Joanne E. and Robert D. VanArsdell P’93
Neal A. VanDeusen ’72
Penny Vreeland VanDuyne ’65
William L. VanSpanje ’88
Danielle Vaughan
David J. Versocki ’90
James E. Vogel ’81
Eric von Brockdorff
Joseph C. Von Stengel
Taylor A. Vonasek ’16
Mary E. and Paul M. Vrabel P’08
Terry L. Wade ’71
Anonymous #168
Cynthia S. Wales ’80
Karina M. Walker ’03
Shelley B. and Peter G. Wallace P’07
Stephen Wallingford ’74
Judith A. Walsh
Kiera E. Walsh ’22
Maria Lambros Wanes ’02 and Robert Wanes
Darryl E. Ward ’75
Cheryl Warner-Mehle ’65
Enid Wasacz P’05,P’17
Janet E. Washburn
F. Sturtevant Waterman IV ’78
David A. Watson ’63
Kathleen M. Watson ’11
Joyce McKean Weaver ’65
Katherine and Duane Weiss
Robert M. Weiss ’80
Henry G. Weisser ’57
Kathleen M. and David R. Wenck P’09
Nancy Ward Wengenack ’85
Wepay, Fidelity Giving Marketplace
Evan Wesolowski ’22
Jeanne Parker Westcott ’66*
Douglas P. Wetzel ’84
Julie Ward Wexler ’71 and Joel Wexler
Hilles Horner Whedbee ’80
Devin C. White
Jacquelyn L. White ’75
Andrea and John White
Lois Kaselow White ’73
Mason K. White ’01
Kathleen and Alfred S. Whittet
Emily C. Wild ’95
Sharon L. Wiles-Young ’80
Beth A. and Michael L. Willadsen P’10
Anonymous #172
Deborah F. and Roger J. Willcox P’13
Vandia L. Williams ’22
Regina Riley Wilson ’62
Dave Clark and Susan Wilson Charitable Fund
Susan Woessner Wilson ’70 and David Clark
Wise Guys Pizza
Carolyn E. Wolf
Pamela M. Wolsiefer-Leak and Stephen M. Leak P’10
Debra Bond Wollaber ’73
Arlene Krug Wood ’61 and James Wood
Anonymous #64
Christopher H. Woodard ’95
Donald S. Woodbury Jr. ’78
Frederic A. Woodcock ’64
Denise A. Wright-McDonald P’08 and Scott P. McDonald P’08
Jeanne Wu ’00
Barbara and Lester O. Wuerfl Jr. P’82
Caroline M. Wurst ’74
Anonymous #285
Bonnie Taylor Yacobucci ’68
Joanne Dittes Yepsen ’80
Michael S. Young ’02
Steven R. Young ’76
Silvija Bergs Zarins ’69
Sharon Silva Zavadil ’65 and Martin R. Zavadil
Weiwei Zhang
Anonymous #280
Douglas R. Zullo
Linda Bullard Zultowski ’73 and Walter H. Zultowski ’73
Zummo & Zummo, LLC
David Zummo
Cheryl and Marc Zwijacz P’23