Hartwick Giving Day

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In the midst of one of the greatest challenges in our history, Hartwick is taking flight. This community is coming together in exciting ways to ensure every one of our students is ready for their future. We invite you to join us.

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Thanks to all who made a gift. It is not too late to contribute.

Your unrestricted gifts to the Hartwick Fund take on new meaning – and have an even greater impact – now that we’ve launched FlightPath.

Every gift you make helps our students:

Uncover their talents.
Discover their interests.
Develop their skills.
Get ready for success.

“We have many fond memories of Hartwick, and hope you do, too. Please join us in supporting the college that has made such a difference in all of our lives. Today’s students are counting on you.”

Ken Dobert ’61 and Mo Riley Dobert ‘63
The Doberts are enthusiastic supporters who have given generously to Hartwick for 34 consecutive years.

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