Go BIG with us! Giving Tuesday

Thank you for making Giving Tuesday a success at Hartwick College! If you have not made your gift, it is not too late.

Hartwick Staff and Students Thank Giving Tuesday Donors in front of Bresee Hall

Our preliminary number is more than $265,000 and rising as we continue to count gifts!

Your financial support ensures that our students have everything they need and, equally important, they feel how much you care about them and their dreams. Your investment gives them confidence, strength, and resiliency. On their behalf, thank you for believing in their bright futures.

Support Students for Giving Tuesday in the way that speaks to you!

If you’re a builder, someone who secures the present for the future, consider making your gift to the Hartwick Fund. That’s how we purchase technology and  lab equipment, maintain this beautiful campus, support our talented and deserving students with Financial aid, and more. It’s also how we meet unforeseen challenges.  Generous unrestricted annual giving supports our  bottom line.

If you’re an innovator, someone who wants to be part  of what can be, consider making your unrestricted gift to FlightPath. That’s Hartwick’s comprehensive Education for Tomorrow and the campus-wide approach that takes Hartwick’s strengths and traditions, adds extensive  mentoring, others what our students will need to be  successful in college, and gets them very ready for careers in any field.

If you want to invest in today’s strength and tomorrow’s opportunities, designate your unrestricted gift to both the Hartwick Fund and FlightPath.  And if you want to support a specific initiative (endowed scholarship, athletics, academic department, etc.) this is your chance to do that, too. 

Support Hartwick Students

If you have not made your gift, it is not too late.

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Hear from Students why your support matters

I give to be a part of the future of Hartwick College and the futures that we are building every day for our students.

Rory Smith

Hartwick's Chief Diversity Officer

My reason for giving is simple. As a parent, I want to help meet the needs of our students and believe if everyone contributes something, together we can make a difference in the lives of our students. Hartwick is not just about the academic experience, it’s about opportunities, experiences, growth and transforming lives, which are all very important to me. I can make a difference to the students we send out into the world.”

Suzanne Janitz P’21

Hartwick's Chief Human Resource Officer

We chose to donate to "pay forward" the generosity that Hartwick offered Nicholas with his scholarship award.

Beth Cretella Schmeizl '88, P'24

Each year, I donate to ensure the unique features that make Hartwick such a special place are sustained. Your donation to the Hartwick Fund and the FlightPath Fund ensures that every student, every time gets our personalized, future-focused approach to education.”

Michelle A. Brown ’87

President, Hartwick College Alumni Association

Thank you for being part of Hartwick. Your support matters.