Giving Tuesday

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Thank you for helping set another fundraising record!

With more than $260,000 in gifts from hundreds of people for Giving Tuesday 2020, Hartwick students will soar into 2021 and beyond. We are truly grateful for your support of Hartwick students.

There is still time in 2020 to make a gift to the people and place you love and support our students as they soar with Hartwick’s new FlightPath! By making a gift now, you can be a part of this important effort.


The world is rapidly changing and unfolding with possibilities. Your gift supports the core of FlightPath—developing skills for the 21st century with options that adapt in real time.

FlightPath is an academic and co-curricular journey designed to make students invaluable, fulfilled, and future-ready. It’s education for tomorrow—today.

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Giving Tuesday 2020 Logo

Make a gift in honor of someone who helped you as a college student, in recognition of a current student who has excelled, or perhaps as a boost for one who needs a little encouragement.


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