Clark Nursing Simulation Laboratory

For Hartwick’s nursing students, simulated learning effectively supplements off-campus hospital, rehabilitation center, psychiatric unit, and long-term care facility clinical training.

Hartwick’s simulated nursing initiatives are expanding. Complementing the power of the new Clark Simulated Nursing Lab in Smith Hall, an adjacent wing will be converted to replicate a hospital floor. This space will be structured to allow for hands-on instruction in a variety of medical specialties like geriatrics, pediatrics, medical-surgical, and obstetrics.

Simulated nursing education aligns with the Hartwick225 objective of advancing innovation in learning. The George I. Alden Trust of Massachusetts has posed a challenge to Hartwick : raise $125,000 for the replicated hospital floor and the Trust will make a grant of another $125,000. Plans include naming opportunities at many levels of this third phase of nursing simulation at Hartwick.


For more information, please contact College Advancement at or 607-431-4081.