William V. Campbell H’10

Giving is Personal

Great things can come from friendship; Hartwick’s new fitness center stands in testimony.

Bill Campbell H’10 made a leadership gift to Hartwick College because his longtime friend – Jim Elting, then Hartwick’s Chair of the Board of Trustees – and his newfound friend – Hartwick President Margaret Drugovich – asked him. It was as straightforward as that.

“Jim felt very strongly about Hartwick,” Campbell recalls of Elting, who passed away last summer. “He convinced me of the qualities of the school that have absolutely been made better because of the presence of Margaret Drugovich. I had an opportunity to spend time with her and realize the transformation Hartwick College was making and felt like it would be wonderful to be a part of that.

“My view is that giving is quite personal,” Campbell adds. “I felt strongly about giving to Hartwick College because of Margaret and because of Jim.”

Campbell’s designation of his gift to the new fitness center evokes the importance of sport in his life and the foundation of his friendship with Elting. The two played rugby together at Columbia University when Elting was in medical school and Campbell was completing his Master’s degree in Education. It was at a rugby reunion in 2009 that Elting invited Campbell to serve as Commencement speaker for the Class of 2010; Campbell accepted the invitation and, ultimately, the offer to receive his first honorary degree.

In presenting that honorary degree in 2010, Elting said, “William V. Campbell, today Hartwick College honors you for your achievements in business, for your commitment to innovation, and for your inspirational leadership in corporate life, sport, and philanthropy.”

Campbell is the Chairman of the Board and past President and CEO of Intuit, Inc., the parent company of such household words as QuickBooks and TurboTax; a former Executive Vice President and now Board Director of Apple, Inc.; and a former head coach and captain of the Columbia University football team. He now serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Columbia University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in economics as well as his MBA. “My commitment to education is quite strong,” he says.

Hartwick’s William V. Campbell H’10 Fitness Center will bear his name not because Campbell sought the recognition. He agreed, again, because Drugovich asked him. “Naming gifts helps students understand that real people make their educational experience possible,” she explains. “By example, Bill Campbell teaches us all about the importance of philanthropy in developing life-changing opportunities.”

“I feel really, really great about Hartwick College’s future,” Campbell says. “It is upbeat, open, and just a tremendous environment for people to come and learn. I’m excited by this campaign. I feel very good about being involved at Hartwick and having an opportunity to contribute.”

Bill Campbell proves that you don’t have to be an alumnus, an alumna, or a current or past parent of the College to understand just how personal a commitment to Hartwick College can be.

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