Hartwick Giving Day

Thank you, Hartwick community!

Our Day of Giving was a record-breaking success! More than 600 alumni, parents, faculty and staff, friends, and students rallied in support of our college. $234,140 and counting … what a heart-warming statement of support.

On behalf of the entire college community, I thank you. Your generosity will make a lasting difference to our students.

Paula Lee Hobson
Vice President of College Advancement


Hartwick Giving Day: April 23, 2020

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary generosity.

Hartwick is responding quickly and thoughtfully to the rapidly changing impact of Covid-19 on our students. Their health and wellbeing, and that of our entire community, is and always will be our top priority. At the same time, we are fully committed to supporting our students’ academic and personal progress. Therefore, course instruction is now 100% online/remote. This necessary response brings unexpected costs: increased technology to deliver online learning; training of faculty to shift into remote personalized instruction; an increased need for library services; funds to support different kinds of tutoring and advising; and more.

The Hartwick Fund is our bridge to addressing such unforeseen challenges. Our students need us right now. Please consider making a generous gift to the Hartwick Fund to ensure that we are able to do all we can to support them now.

With your support, we will continue to be ready. Hartwick College has educated talented and ambitious young people for nearly 225 years precisely because we anticipate and respond well to change. We rally; it’s who we are.

Thank you for showing your commitment to our college and our students with your generous gift to the Hartwick Fund.

To make your gift, text HARTWICK to 71777, go online to www.hartwickalumni.org/give, use this mobile-friendly form or call us at 607-431-4011.or call us at 607-431-4011.

Hartwick students and staff painting The Wall with We "Heart"wick Students


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What does Hartwick mean to you? Express your #TrueBlue with a #HartwickAcrosticPoem.

#HoistYourHartwickFlag in #TrueBlue fashion! It’s a fun, creative way we can come together while physically apart.

Share your poems and flags in text, photo, or video as we join together together in support of #HartwickGivingDay.

Use #TrueBlue and #HartwickGivingDay on social media when you make your gift.

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