Hartwick MasterClass Series

Special presentations from Hartwick community members with remarkable things to share and the generosity to do so.

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Collegiate Athletics in the 21st Century with Athletic Director John Czarnecki

Gender in Contemporary Politics with Dr. Laurel Elder

10 Life Lessons with Coach Rothenberger

The series will begin in the virtual sphere and evolve through audience and presenter feedback. We think they’ll be full of surprises and we hope you’ll be there with us!

10 Life Lessons with Coach Dale Rothenberger

Wednesday, April 13, 6-7 PM EST on Zoom

Anyone who knows Dale would be quick to pull up a chair for this one. A coach, father, and all-around amazing person, Dale will certainly wow, inspire, and surprise us with his experiences, laughs, and wisdom.

Collegiate Athletics in the 21st Century with Athletic Director John Czarnecki

Thursday, March 24, 6:30-7:30 PM EST on Zoom

A virtual Masterclass and moderated discussion with John highlighting how “Hawks get it done on and off the field.” He will also answer your questions—so submit one today!

And yes, there will be special Hawks of today and yesterday making appearances! 

Gender in Contemporary Politics with Dr. Laurel Elder

Thursday, March 31, 6-7 PM EST on Zoom

With her most recent book, The Partisan Gap: Why Democratic Women Get Elected But Republican Women Don’t (NYU Press 2021), as a jumping off point, Laurel promises to surprise us with her Masterclass—we can’t wait!


Coach Dale Rothenberger

Coach Dale Rothenberger P’00, P’02, P’05

For 37 years, Hartwick’s Swimming and Diving Coach Dale Rothenberger has quietly set an example, making his expectations clear as he guides scholar-athletes forward in their sport and in their lives. In the first few weeks of the season, each athlete has an individual goal session with Dale. He has 50 athletes, and he does this every year with each one. He takes them at their word in those meetings and trains them accordingly. Season’s end brings another individual assessment with each swimmer and diver. “I am part of young people becoming something they never thought they could be. That’s my reward.”

Laurel Elder

Dr. Laurel Elder

Dr. Laurel Elder is a Professor of Political Science at Hartwick College. She teaches a wide array of courses in American politics focusing on public opinion, voting, and elections with specific attention to issues of gender, race, and ethnicity. Her most recent book is The Partisan Gap: Why Democratic Women Get Elected But Republican Women Don’t (NYU Press 2021). In her book, Elder argues that long-term, structural changes in American electoral politics—including the ideological, regional, and racial realignments of the parties—has created an electoral and political environment conducive to the advancement of Democratic women congressional office seekers, but has created a much more challenging landscape for Republican women seeking office. “The partisan gap among the women in Congress holds significant consequences for the image, functioning, and viability of the two parties,” she says.


Athletic Director John Czarnecki

Director of Athletics and Chair of Physical Education at Hartwick College, John Czarnecki joined Hartwick in 2018. He oversees 16 NCAA Division III programs: Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Cross Country/Track, Lacrosse, Swimming and Diving, and Soccer; Men’s Football; and Women’s Equestrian, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Tennis. More than 30% of Hartwick students are varsity athletes. Czarnecki comes to Hartwick College from Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY, where he served as its director of athletics for five years. At the time of that appointment, he was the youngest NCAA Division III Athletic Director in the country. Coincidentally, both colleges have a hawk as their mascot.