Peep Show entry from Kelly Stuck '18,

Awards Presented at Hartwick’s Annual Peep Show

April 12, 2016

Peep fans hailing from the Hartwick and Oneonta communities alike gathered on Friday, April 8 in the foyer of the Anderson Center for the Arts building on campus to partake in the College’s annual “Peep Show.” To celebrate the arrival of spring and the unique confection, all members of the college and surrounding communities were welcome to create a work of art representing, interpreting, defacing, mocking, celebrating, or analyzing the infamous marshmallow treat.

Guest juror Professor of Art Dr. Betsey Ayer determined winners from this year’s submissions:

  • Best in Show (chosen by the judge): Richard Colby ’16, Get Your Peeps
  • Honorable Mention Best in Show: Kelly Stuck ’18, Sugar Coated Wedding
  • Peeples Choice (chosen by popular vote): Diane Hamblin, Let My Peeple Go
  • Outstanding Supporting Cast: Associate Professor of Art & Art History Dr. Douglas Zullo and Associate Professor of Art & Art History Joseph von Stengel, “Film Argenteries”
  • The Somewhere in a Galaxy … Well You Know award: “Alan Smithee,” Sugar
  • The Ebay award: Alison Howler, Collector’s Item
  • The Most Operatic Over The Top award: Michael Travisano, “Peeprates of Penzance”
  • The in memoriam Pop Culture award: Director of Client Services – Management Institute Nate Brzozowski, Ziggy Stardust
  • The Back to the 80s award: Assistant Professor of Art Richard Barlow, Your Peep is a Battleground
  • The Cutest Cannibals award: Maddie Seguin, Peeps Roasting Peeps
  • The Happiest and Most Colorful award: Morganne Wilson, Peep Rainbow and Reflection
  • The Best Revenge on Peeps award: Dylan and Caitlin Brislin, Friday the Peepteenth
  • The Watch Your Back award: Claire Seguin, Grim Peeper
  • The Guy Fieri award: Nate Kuhlman, Pulled Peep Sliders and Peepslaw
  • The Separated at Birth/aka Great Minds Think Alike award: Anna Doren ’17, Ceci n’est pas une pipe, and Coordinator of Nursing Opportunities Jane Bachman and Director of Client Services – Management Institute Nate Brzozowski, Ceci n’est pas une pipe
  • The Damn the Marshmallow award: co-winners, Kim Shults, Yum, and Wendy Slicer, Harry Peeper and the Cloak of Invisibility
  • Best Renaissance Art History Reference: Elizabeth Briars, Leonardo da Vinci
  • The I Can’t Believe it’s Not Sugar award: Kelly Stuck ’18, Sugar Coated Wedding
  • The Rembrandt Would have Totally Loved This award: Laura Cernik ’17, Dutch Still Life
  • The Most Miraculous: Diane Hamblin, Let My Peeple Go
  • The WWBD (What Would Betsey Do) award: Stephanie Bailey ’16, Sierra Blumenthal ’16, and Lauren Hess ’16, The Departure of Peeps
  • The WWDD (What Would Doug Do) award: Ann Cannon ’16, The Artist is Not Present
  • The I Dare You to Bite Me award: Phil Young, Peep Pastarous
  • The Excuse Me award: Gabby Davila ’18, It’s Not Winter
  • The Who Peepin’ Paid For That? award: Professor of Biology Mark Kuhlman, Peep Wall
  • The How’d You Do That and Why Can’t I Stop Touching It? award: 2-D Studio Art Technician/Lecturer in Art Kevin Gray, Someone Left the Peeps out in the Rain

For more images from the event, visit the Hartwick College Facebook page at For more information on the 2016 Peep Show, contact Kappa Pi Co-President Laura Cernik at or 518-779-9033.