The “That’s Impressive, but Don’t You Have a Job?” Showstopper Award winner: Richard Colby ’16, Peep Warhol: Blue Marilyn

Awards Presented at Hartwick’s 2017 Peep Show

April 28, 2017

Peep fans hailing from the Hartwick and Oneonta communities alike gathered on Friday, April 21 in the foyer of the Anderson Center for the Arts building on campus to partake in the College’s annual “Peep Show.” To celebrate the arrival of spring and the unique confection, all members of the College and surrounding communities were welcome to create a work of art representing, interpreting, defacing, mocking, celebrating, or analyzing the infamous marshmallow treat.

The husband and wife team of Lesley and Jake Wolff, a lecturer in art and art history and assistant professor of English, respectively, served as guest jurors and determined winners from this year’s submissions:

  • The “Sharing is Caring”/Best in Show Award (chosen by the judges) (tie): Marin Tesiero, Home Peep Home, and Hayden Tesiero, Peepcation
  • Peeples Choice Award (chosen by popular vote): Diane Hamblin, The Peeple are Revolting
  • The “Best Use of a Toothbrush” Dental Hygiene Award: Connor Dodge ’18, Peep Show
  • The “Frozen DiCaprio” Best Movie Reference Award: Haley and Tai, Paint Me Like One of Your French Peeps
  • The “Anything in a Museum is Art” Urinal Award: Max Holden ’15, 100 Years of Peeper Art
  • The “Okay, That’s Actually Kind of Pretty” Photography Award: 2-D Studio Art Technician/Lecturer in Art Kevin Gray, The Peeper of Pine Lake
  • The Fake New, Real Peeps Award: Office of the Registrar, “Air Quotes”
  • The “Let Them Eat Peeps” Award for Best Beheading: Diane Hamblin, The Peeple Are Revolting
  • The “Pom Poms & Peeps” Award for Best Sports Scene: Indigo Ulrichs, Peeps Practicing Soccer
  • The “Thank God Winter is Over” Award for Sunniest Scene: Jackson Jones, Day at the Beach
  • The “Who Needs Computers” Award for Best Pencil Drawing: Michael Travisano, Marshmellow Casey at the Bat
  • The “That’s Impressive, but Don’t You Have a Job?” Showstopper Award: Richard Colby ’16, Peep Warhol: Blue Marilyn
  • The “Rock Always Wins” Edward Peeperhands Award: Melissa Augusto ’18, Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • The “You Need Therapy” Award for Most Disturbing Entry: Tristan Hewitt ’17, Rwanda, 1994
  • The “You Need Therapy” Award Honorable Mention: Liz Briars, The Peeping Dead
  • The “What Would Betsey Do (WWBD) x 2” Award for Laziest Entries: Professor of Art History Betsey Ayer, Alternating Peeps and Marshmelania Trump
  • The “Return of WWBD” Award for Most Literal Entry: Brenda Fleming, A Basketful of “Stale” Peeps
  • The “I Don’t Even Care if I Win” Award for Best Untitled Entry: Ravi Ishmael ’19, Untitled
  • The “Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter” Memorial Award for Best Study of Animal Behavior: Brittany White ’18, Two Subordinate Peep-cocks Helping a Dominant Peep-cock Display to a Peep-hen
  • “The Butler Did It” Award for Entry Most Likely to be Used as a Weapon: Gabriella Devila ’18, Park Bench Peeps (in Bronze)
  • The “Two Minds Are Sicker Than One” Award for Best Faculty-Student Collaboration: Associate Professor of Art Stephanie Rozene and Laura Cernik ’17, The Overpeepulation of Our Jails
  • The “It’s Still Better Than Anchovies” Award for Tastiest Entry: Irene Szarek ’16, Peeperoni Pizza
  • The Donald Trump Award for Most Orange Entry: Maddy Kilgore ’17, Garfield and Friends
  • The “Votes Don’t Matter” Electoral College Award: Morgan Halperin ’19, Make America Peep Again

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For more information on the 2017 Peep Show, contact Kappa Pi President Laura Cernik at or 518-779-9033.