Hartwick College Adds Creative Writing Program for Fall 2017

June 1, 2017

Hartwick College today announced that the New York State Education Department has approved Creative Writing as the sixth new major the College will offer beginning in the fall 2017. The B.A. degree program joins Public Health (B.A), which was added in March, and four other programs announced last November.

The new major will also be offered as part of the College’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Creative Writing had previously been offered at the College as a concentration within the English major.

“Hartwick’s Creative Writing program enjoys a distinguished history, with a newly established major defined by a curriculum that observes exacting protocols of training,” said Professor of English and Department Chair Dr. Susan Navarette. “The Program’s notable Visiting Writers Series has welcomed Nobel-, Pulitzer-, and National Book Critics Circle prize-winning visitors to—in time, friends of—Hartwick such as Derek Walcott, Marilynne Robinson, Billy Collins, and Ishion Hutchinson. Securing a berth at such prestigious institutions as NYU’s Tisch School of the Dramatic Arts, Chapman University, and George Mason University, Hartwick’s creative writers understand that they are their culture’s foremost ‘makers,’ designers, and creators, refashioning and making new—as Ezra Pound phrased it—commonplace ideas and conventional ways of seeing.”

Students in the Creative Writing program will develop skills in textual analysis, and in the process will learn how to integrate into their own written works rhetorical and aesthetic strategies distinguishing classic literature. Students will deepen their understanding of not just how to write, but how to read as a writer. The ability to analyze, create, and write effectively is broadly applicable to any number of fields.

Hartwick’s creative writing graduates go on to careers in higher education, journalism, film, publishing, editing, social media and more. Alumni have worked for organizations including The Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, HarperCollins Publishers, Big Fan Films, and Cambridge Business Publishers.

“There is no profession in which the originality of thought, powers of observation, and gifts of expression the creative writer commands would not be relevant—in fact, sought after,” said Navarette.

“Over the past few years, the number of English majors choosing a Creative Writing concentration has increased, as has the number of prospective students inquiring about majoring in this field,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael G. Tannenbaum. “I am pleased that our Department of English recognized this trend and acted in a timely way to take the steps necessary to raise the concentration to the status of a full, stand-alone major in Creative Writing that the State Education Department quite readily approved.”

Since the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year, the College has undergone substantial curricular change. Along with adding six new programs, the College approved changes to three existing majors; added a new track to an existing major; eliminated two majors; and added eight new minors.

Both current and incoming students are welcome to select any of these new majors or minors. For current students, however, the number of semesters it will take to complete a newly declared major or minor will depend upon the major/minor chosen, and the coursework they have already completed.

More information on the new Creative Writing major can be found at www.hartwick.edu/creativewriting.

Those interested in pursuing any of the new majors may apply at www.hartwick.edu/admissions.