Hartwick College Music Student to Attend National Conference

Trumpeter Andrew Hsu ’18 will participate in the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) national conference in Kansas City, MO from March 15-18. He will join students from 58 other schools around the country for several days of rehearsals with the Small Band Program Intercollegiate Band, culminating in a performance at the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts on the final day.

Hsu learned about the conference from Assistant Professor of Music Andrew Pease.

“I had never heard of it and thought it would be worth it to apply,” Hsu said. “I figured the worst that would happen is that I don’t get an invite.”

The application process entailed a self-evaluation of Hsu’s current solo and previous ensemble repertoires. In lieu of an initial audition, Pease rated Hsu’s abilities for the organizers.

Upon arrival in Kansas City, Hsu will audition for his place in the trumpet section of the Small Band Program Intercollegiate Band.

Although Hsu was initially unaware of the conference, Pease has a special connection.

“The conductor of the Small Band Program Intercollegiate Band, Gary Green, was also the conductor of an intercollegiate band that I played in back in 2000,” Pease said. “That left a huge impression on me, and changed my musical thinking in many ways, so I hope that Andrew will have a similarly transformative experience.”

Pease, who will be attending along with Hsu, also hopes that Andrew will get to know other student musicians from all around the country.

“I am confident that he will have one of the most intense, rewarding musical experiences possible for a student from Hartwick,” he added.

Hsu says he looks most forward to “working with a distinguished conductor, and fellow collegiate music students from around the country, as well as the friendships he will make with the people sharing the experience.”

He also hopes to leverage the conference when he applies to graduate music programs after he finishes at Hartwick.

The music department is covering Hsu’s costs.

For more information on the conference, visit http://www.cbdnakc.com/intercollegiate-band or contact Pease at peased@hartwick.edu or (607) 431-4582.

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