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Hartwick College Offers Career Development Courses This Summer—Online

May 15, 2018

Are you a student seeking ways to connect your major and professional interests but don’t know where to start? Or, are you a mid-career professional looking to transition to a new job or discover new meaning in your life and work? Hartwick College today announced it will offer two summer online courses designed to help both undergraduates and workforce professionals take their careers to the next level.

“Taking classes online from a college does not mean you have to study traditionally ‘academic’ topics,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Kellie H. Bean, who oversees the College’s online curriculum. “For example, two of our courses are designed for those who are simply looking for career guidance and to design, retool or grow their professional lives.”

“INTR 170: Internships & Career Planning” will teach students to explore careers based on their academic and occupational interests, and to make informed career choices. Students will engage in self-reflection, values exploration, and career and internship research. This course is taught by Hartwick College Internship and Career Planning Advisor Brittany Beach.

The College’s Director of Career Services, Melissa Marietta, will lead “INTR 370: Design Your Life: Career Invention and Re-invention through Design Thinking.” The class will provide advanced college students and mid-career professionals with innovative tools and techniques to design a career—and a life that brings meaning and fulfillment. Activities will include developing an employment package, how to brand yourself in person and on paper, mock interviewing, job and graduate school search and networking. The course will also provide a platform for developing resilience and creativity at any point in one’s career.

Altogether, Hartwick will offer 28 courses in a variety of subjects over three four-week sessions starting June 4. The courses are taught by Hartwick faculty and open to anyone—including local small business owners, folks with interests in literature and the arts, and students looking to take care of general education requirements—and registration is now open.

The full curriculum of courses offered this summer is:

Session 1 (June 4 – June 29):
BIOL 206: “Human Anatomy and Physiology I”
BIOL 344: “Pathophysiology”
BUSA 101: “Introduction to Business”
INTR 170: “Internships & Career Planning”
INTR 370: “Design Your Life: Career Invention and Re-invention through Design Thinking”
MUSI 106: “Learning about Music”
PHIL 236: “Logic”
POSC 101: “U.S. Government and Politics”
POSC 340: “Media and Politics”
SOCI 105: “Introduction to Sociology”

Session 2 (July 2 – July 27):
BIOL 207: “Human Anatomy and Physiology II”
BUSA 230: “Organizational Behavior”
ENGL 200: “Business Writing”
GLST 160: “Introduction to Global Studies”
MUED 251: “Music and the Brain”
MUSI 176: “Rock Music History”
PHIL 150: “Healthcare Ethics”
PHYS 121: “Astronomy”
RELS 150: “Women and Religion”
SOCI 250: “The Sociology of Horror: Zombies and Monsters in Popular Culture”
SOCI 250: “Women and Religion”

Session 3 (July 30 – August 24):
ARTH 104: “World Art History III: Modern”
BIOL 150: “Topics in Biology/Medical Terminology”
BUSA 381: “Human Resources”
MATH 100: “Algebra Review”
MUSI 250: “Roots of American Music”
SOCI 250: “Crime Scene Investigation”
SOCI 285: “Introduction to Criminal Justice”

“Hartwick’s online offerings began with an eye toward keeping our students connected to their education while they were away from campus and offering them new ways of learning, but we soon realized that much of what we teach online appeals to the life-long learner as well,” Bean said. “So we are pursuing and evolving a summer curriculum that can cross over between serving the traditional student’s needs and provide others with the opportunity to experience something new in an online format.”

Current Hartwick students can register electronically (via WebAdvisor).

For more information on the courses available, fees, and registration, visit the Hartwick College Summer Online website or contact Bean at 607-431-4106 or at