Graphic for Summer 2019 Summer Online Classes

Hartwick College Offers Something Online for Everyone This Summer

March 18, 2019

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you run a start-up business, or are you an adult learner looking to bolster your business skills? Perhaps you are in the healthcare field and need coursework toward a degree and career advancement. Or maybe you are home from another college this summer and want to get a jump start on completing general education requirements at only $290/credit.

This summer, Hartwick College will offer nearly 30 online courses designed to address these and many other needs for those seeking college credit or trying to take their career to the next level. And these classes are available at 80% off the regular-semester price.

“Hartwick continues to refine and expand its summer online curriculum, with an eye on providing content that meets specific market demand,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Kellie H. Bean, who oversees the College’s online curriculum. “We get strong feedback from our students, and this helps inform our decision making from summer to summer. In fact, we have more new online courses available this year than ever.

“We have also strengthened our focus on healthcare classes, in support of nursing students, and anyone in or thinking of entering the healthcare field,” Bean added. “And of course we also offer a range of summer courses for undergraduates to catch up on credits, take electives or delayed requirement classes.”

Two of the new courses are “Smartphone Photo & Video” and “Sports Marketing,” which are designed to appeal to those looking to sharpen their business or entrepreneurial skillsets.

“Smartphone Photo & Video” teaches students the basics of digital photography using smartphone cameras, including composition, lighting, camera angles and point of view. This course is perfect for an employee responsible for posting on social media. Both still and moving images will be studied, and the course will introduce students to storyboards, apps, filters, external accessories, and basic photo and video editing techniques.

“Sports Marketing” explores the complex and diverse nature of marketing concepts in the sports industry, including the marketing mix, consumer behavior, marketing research, segmentation analysis, and assessment of marketing programs specific to sports. Trends, issues, and problems influencing the industry will also be examined.

Among the new nursing and healthcare options the College has specifically bolstered this summer is “Medical and Health Terminology.”

The course introduces students to the language used by healthcare practitioners, with special attention given to the needs of nurses. Students will gain a solid foundation in medical language covering body systems, disease, health, wellness, diagnostics, and more.

For current undergraduates seeking to meet general education requirements, or simply take electives, two new physical education courses are being offered for the first time online: “Fitness for Wellness” and “Introduction to Hiking” – a first for online higher education nationwide.

Other new online courses this summer include “CRMJ-250: Sexual Behaviors & Sex Crimes,” “PHYS-125: Energy, Climate & Society,” “PUBH-250: Gender, Culture & Health,” and “PHIL-250: Moral Psychology.”

Altogether, Hartwick will offer 29 courses over three four-week sessions starting June 3. All courses are taught by Hartwick faculty, and the public is welcome to enroll.

The full curriculum of courses offered this summer is:

Session 1 (June 3 – June 28):

  • ART-250: Smartphone Photo & Video
  • BIOL-206: Human Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIOL-344: Pathophysiology
  • BUSA-101: Introduction to Business
  • CRMJ-110: Intro to Criminal Justice
  • INTR-166: Introduction to Women & Gender Studies
  • INTR-170: Internships & Career Planning
  • MUSI-106: Learning About Music
  • PE-351: Fitness for Wellness
  • PHIL-150: Healthcare Ethics
  • PHYS-165: The Search for Life in the Universe
  • POSC-105: International Relations
  • SOCI-111: Controversial Social Issues

Session 2 (July 1 – July 26):

  • BIOL-207: Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BUSA-381: Human Resources
  • ENGL-200: Business Writing
  • GLST-160: Intro to Global Studies
  • MUSI-176: Rock Music History
  • PE-134: Healthy Ways to Manage Stress
  • PHYS-125: Energy, Climate & Society
  • PUBH-250: Gender, Culture & Health

Session 3 (July 29 – August 23):

  • BIOL-150: Medical Terminology
  • BUSA-350: Sports Marketing
  • MATH-100: Algebra Review
  • MUSI-170: Country Music
  • PE-157: Introduction to Hiking
  • PHIL-250: Moral Psychology
  • SOCI-105: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI-250: Sociology of Religion 21st Century

Registration for Hartwick’s summer online classes is available now. For more information on the courses available, fees, and registration, visit the Hartwick College Summer Online website or contact Bean at 607-431-4106 or at