Poster for February 2017 Foreman Gallery Exhibit (Nachimas and Garfinkel)

Hartwick College’s Foreman Gallery Hosts Two Guest Artists

February 15, 2017

The Foreman Gallery in Hartwick College’s Anderson Center for the Arts will launch exhibits by two artists later this month.

Visiting Artist Stewart Nachmias’ “Pulp Icons” and Gloria Garfinkel’s “Vibrancy of Form” will open at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 16 and run through March 24. Also, Nachimas will present a lecture at 5 p.m. on opening day on the development of his cast paper prints that make up his exhibit.

Nachmias is an artist, musician, and puppeteer. His exhibit of cast paper woodcuts and prints in  “Pulp Icons” celebrates the energy of urban life in expressionist images.

Garfinkel shares the exhibition space with her series “Vibrancy of Form,” comprised of paintings, drawings, and maquettes influenced by her travels abroad. At 87 years young, Garfinkel still goes to her New York City-based studio every day to work.

Dominique Nahas, an independent curator and art critic based in Manhattan, lauds the exhibit for its “elegance, colorful sensuality, simplicity, and a teasing sense of provocation, joy….”

“Although generationally apart, Gloria Garfinkel and Stewart Nachmias each express life experiences through their art,” said Foreman Gallery Exhibit Coordinator and Curator of Visual Resources Nancy Golden. “Garfinkel’s extensive travels to Japan influence the aesthetic of her art, simultaneously elegant, colorful and serene. Nachmias takes one on a whimsical journey of life in the urban setting. Stewart’s cast paper prints are filled with motion and humor, a necessary attribute to survive the ever-changing New York cityscape.

“Every artist invited to exhibit is selected to enhance student learning in the arts and humanities,” Golden continued. “Artists who are also able to present a gallery talk give our students an opportunity to understand the processes in the creation of the art on exhibit, and how best to promote oneself as an artist. The gallery talk presentation also allows students to ask questions of professional artists in an informal setting.”

For more on Nachmias’ work, visit his website. Additional information on Garfinkel’s exhibit can be found at her website.

Exhibitions at the Foreman Gallery are open throughout the 2016-2017 Hartwick College academic year. The Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, noon to 8 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., other times by appointment.

For more information on the Foreman Gallery, visit the museum’s website or Facebook page, call 607-431-4463, or e-mail Golden at