A student and her display at the 2017 First-Year Seminar Symposium

Hartwick Presents 2018 First-Year Seminar Symposium

November 27, 2018

Hartwick College will host its First-Year Seminar (FYS) Symposium on Friday, November 30 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. in the Stevens-German Library, Yager Hall, on the College campus. The event, which is free and open to the public, will provide an opportunity for first-year students to show off their work, ranging from research about political change to displays of visual and performing arts. Appetizers, desserts, and beverages will be available for all participants and guests.

Students from 15 different FYS classes have submitted their work and are slated to participate in the symposium. Presentations will include scholarly lectures, posters, works of art, videos, and short monologues.

“Our First-Year Seminar Symposium highlights the College’s commitment to melding experiential learning with the liberal arts from the very first time students take our classes,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Tannenbaum. “Students, their classmates, and their instructors have been working diligently on these projects, and look forward to the opportunity to share their work not only with other first-year students, but the entire Hartwick community.”

Sample presentations during the FYS Symposium include:

  • “Collectors & Collecting” – Dr. Douglas Kendall and Dr. Quentin Lewis
    In this class, students have written object biographies of items in the Yager Museum collection. They have also created collection descriptions, through interviews with collectors, examinations of collections, and analyses of how and why the collections were created. Students will discuss their findings in this presentation.
  • “Math in Art” – Professor Leah Frankel
    This course introduces students to various mathematical concepts through art methods such as working with drawing, paper, wood, found objects, and digital modeling to 3D printing. Students will present hand-held books and give poster presentations.
  • “Witchcraft & Witch-hunting” – Dr. Peter Wallace
    Throughout the semester, students have been learning about the early modern European witch-hunt, which resulted in trial of more than 100,000 accused witches, and the execution of nearly 50,000 of those brought to trial. Students have read primary sources from the era and modern historical interpretations of aspects of the witch-hunts. During the FYS Symposium, students will offer poster presentations of their individual research projects, covering themes from demonic possession to Wicca.
  • “Introduction to Forensic Osteology” – Dr. Connie Anderson
    Working in the Anthropology Laboratory, students in this course receive a whole or partial skeleton, with which they learn how to determine the sex, age, geographical background, ancestry, and even diet of the person. A variety of media will be used at the presentation to demonstrate the results of their research.
  • “Write Out Loud” – Professor Malissa Kano-White
    Students in this course write and perform original works inspired by the issues about which they are most passionate. During the FYS, they will read their original work in a round-robin format, and display the supporting research for their pieces.

For more information, please contact First-Year Seminar Symposium Coordinator Kathleen Carlson in the Center for Student Success, at 607-431-4136 or at carlsonk@hartwick.edu.