Yager Museum Curators' Roundtable 2016

Hartwick’s Yager Museum to Host Curators’ Roundtable

March 11, 2016

Hartwick College will host a unique Curators’ Roundtable at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 17 in the Yager Museum of Art & Culture on the College campus. Fiona Dejardin, Rebekah Ambrose-Dalton, and Honour Harlowe ’16 will discuss the work behind the museum’s two featured exhibitions, “Andy Warhol: Photographs in the Yager Museum Collection and “Rapture and Havoc: Kurtz, Malanga, and Warhol at Hartwick College.” Admission is free and open to the public.

The trio will also discuss their research into Warhol and the famed Pop Artist’s influence on American art and the Hartwick College community.

“’Andy Warhol: Photographs in the Yager Museum Collection’ is the product of the Warhol Foundation’s generosity and the curatorial skill of Fiona Dejardin, assisted by Honour,” said Yager Museum Coordinator Dr. Doug Kendall. “They have created an exhibition that gives new insight into the methods Warhol used to create portraits and his near-obsession with the photograph. Rebekah has brought to light the strong Warhol connections at Hartwick in the early 1970s, when Professor Bruce Kurtz brought Gerard Malanga, a poet, photographer, actor, and Warhol confidant to campus and followed that up in 1971 with a visit from the iconic Pop Artist himself.

“The Curators’ Roundtable is a chance to hear more about the development of these exhibitions and to learn more about Warhol and an era when art and art history were being redefined at Hartwick,” he added.

The works in “Andy Warhol: Photographs in the Yager Museum Collection” were given to the museum by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in New York through its Photographic Legacy Program, and include dozens of Polaroids, screen prints, and gelatin silver prints. The Polaroid images, which feature both well-known and obscure faces from the 1970s and 80s, served as preliminary sketches for Warhol’s famous large-scale silkscreen portraits. The gelatin silver prints depict more casual scenes and “still life” images.

The Foundation presented the College an initial gift of Polaroids and prints in 2008, and further bolstered the collection with an additional donation of screen prints in 2013.

“Rapture and Havoc” was developed in celebration of the College’s connection to Warhol and his circle in the early 1970s. The exhibit recounts these vibrant interactions between Kurtz, his Hartwick students, and the icons of the New York avant-garde through period photographs, newspaper articles and a recording of Kurtz’ 1975 video lecture, “Andy Warhol Loves America.”

For more information on the Curators’ Roundtable and the Museum’s current exhibitions, contact Kendall at kendalld@hartwick.edu or (607) 431-4423.