President Drugovich and Joan Utter at 2016 Quinquennial Awards

Service to Hartwick College Honored During Quinquennial Awards

December 6, 2016

On Tuesday, November 29, Hartwick staff and faculty gathered to honor their own for milestones in service to the College. The 2016 Quinquennial Awards Celebration was held in the Foreman Gallery of Anderson Center for the Arts on the College campus. During the presentation, dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time dedicated to the College in five-year increments.

Hartwick College President Margaret L. Drugovich led the ceremony that saluted 62 employees who contributed more than 950 years of total service to the College.

Drugovich presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a “Streak of Blue” award, which is traditionally crafted by a member of the College’s Art and Art History Department. This year the awards were commissioned from Technical Assistant in Ceramics and Resident Artist in Hot Glass Erik Halvorson.

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:

Five Years: (2011)

  • Mr. Robert Adam – Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Mr. Kyle Anderson – Supervisor/Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Mr. Patrick Atkinson – Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Mr. Jordan Brown – Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Ms. Julie Carney – Part-time Public Services Assistant
  • Ms. Anna Chambers – Custodian, Aramark Facilities Services
  • Ms. Carolyn Cooper – Global Education and Service Learning Advisor
  • Dr. Eric Cooper – Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Mr. Bryan Del Bene – Director of Faculty and Staff Technical Support
  • Ms. Robin Diana – Dean of Student Success
  • Mrs. Kathy Eichhorn – Operations Specialist
  • Mr. Timothy Findlay – Associate Director of Admissions and Communications Manager
  • Dr. Ana Gonzalez – Lecturer in Music, Private Lessons Instructor
  • Ms. Pamela Hilton – Associate Director of Admissions
  • Mrs. Donna Moore – Staff Nurse
  • Mr. Matthew Mulford – Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Mr. Matthew Robinson – Groundsman, Aramark Facilities Services
  • Dr. Anthony Russo – Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Ms. Beth Steele – Director of Advancement Communications/Editor of “The Wick”
  • Mr. Devin White – Catering Manager, Aramark Dining Services

10 Years: (2006)

  • Mr. Tracy Anderson – Computer Repair Technician
  • Dr. John Dudek – Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Ms. Barbara Hein – Part-Time Public Services Assistant
  • Mr. Jason Jameson – Database and ERP Systems Analyst
  • Mr. Thomas Kelly, Jr. – Director of Campus Safety
  • Ms. Alice Lichtenstein – Lecturer in English
  • Mr. Christopher Lott – Marketing Communications Manager
  • Mr. Earl MacDonald – Floater, Aramark Facilities Services
  • Ms. Darlene McCarthy – Senior Operations Specialist
  • Mr. Adam Martin – Dispatcher
  • Mr. Jason Stanton – Assistant Director of Center for Student Success
  • Mr. Barry Tobiason – Campus Safety Officer
  • Mr. Bert Tobiason – Shift Supervisor/Campus Safety Officer
  • Dr. Parker Troischt – Associate Professor of Physics
  • Dr. J. Jeremy Wisnewski – Associate Professor of Philosophy

15 Years: (2001)

  • Ms. Eva Acosta – Production Cook, Aramark Dining Services
  • Mr. Zachary Brown – Director of Residential Life and Housing
  • Dr. Lisa Darien – Associate Professor of English
  • Dr. Peter Fauth – Associate Professor of Biology
  • Ms. Heidi Hofbauer-Buzzy – Head Athletic Trainer
  • Dr. Stefanie Rocknak – Professor of Philosophy

As recipients of Quinquennial Awards were announced for those with 20 years or more of service to the College, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the work of each.

Honored for 20 years of service to the College were Halvorson and Janitz.

Technical Assistant in Ceramics and Resident Artist in Hot Glass Halvorson makes glass and designs forms, such as vases, which relate to nature. Technique and shape create the utilitarian vase, but light within the glass gives it life. Along with creating this year’s Quinquennial awards, his work includes the recently created glass gifts presented to donors recognized at a Campaign celebration.

Janitz began at Hartwick in 1996 as the human resources coordinator in Arnold Hall.  In 2003, Human Resources moved to Shineman Chapel House, and in 2008 Suzanne became the director. Her change in title does not adequately reflect her ultimate expansion of responsibilities: she has assumed a campus leadership role in compliance to Department of Labor and Department of Education regulations spanning Title IX to 403B retirement plans. A dedicated advocate for our employees and a protector of the College, Janitz works tirelessly to ensure that Hartwick is a healthy, supportive and productive place for employees to work and further develop their careers.

Twenty-year honorees Administrative Assistant for Department of Nursing Jamie Dalton; Technical Assistant in Chemistry Cynthia Decker; Reference Librarian James (Mike) Friery; Faculty Secretary in Golisano Hall Cynthia Hubbard; and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Susan Young were unable to attend the ceremony.

Being honored for 25 years of service were Library Secretary & Office Manager Claudette Champlin; Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Gary Herion; Accompanist in Music Timothy Horne. None could attend the ceremony.

For 30 years of service, the College honored Part-Time Senior Programmer/Analyst Karin Gann.

Gann joined the Data Processing Center in the basement of Arnold Hall in 1986 as a part-time programmer. Before the campus migrated to Datatel, she did programming from “scratch” on various administrative systems. In 1994, she became senior programmer and analyst, and during the migration to Datatel, Gann inventoried, assessed, and rewrote more than 500 pieces of custom code. She continues to write software, computed columns and Informer reports, and is the main programmer for customizations to Datatel.  

Professor of Sociology Dr. Reid Golden, and Custodian for Aramark Facilities Services Glenn Smith – also 30-year honorees – were unable to attend.

Marking 35 years of service to the College were Director of Aramark Dining Services Richard Accordino and Professor of Mathematics Dr. L. Gerald Hunsberger.

Accordino began at Hartwick as a food production manager, and in 1989 received a promotion to associate director of food services. Currently the director of food services, Accordino oversees the food preparation and presentation at hundreds of College dedications, special events, and guest dinners. Operations management is both his passion and his expertise. Over the past 35 years, he has played a vital role in assisting the campus in celebrating its many transformations. He has overseen the dedication of many of the campus’s buildings, and jokes about serving out of wheelbarrows when some were buildings still under construction. He was one of the founders of the traditional Last Day of Classes Bash, and considers Hartwick’s students to be his top priority.

In the fall of 1981, Hunsberger joined Hartwick’s math department as a specialist in topology and recreational mathematics. He developed new approaches to teaching, including courses “Math 110 – Problem Solving With Recreational Math,” and “Math 200 – Problem Solving With Calculus,” as well as incorporating computer software into his classroom instruction. Moving into administration, Hunsberger served as registrar for three years, and then as dean of Academic Affairs for nine years. His mathematical skills and previous experience writing advanced queries in Datatel were invaluable in his administrative roles. In 2013, Hunsberger resumed teaching in mathematics, while also serving as Chair of the Hartwick College Institutional Review Board, and serving as advisor to the National Mathematics Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon.

Thirty-five-year honoree Electrician/Group Leader, Aramark Facilities Services Larry Sawyer was unable to attend the ceremony.

Secretary to Financial Aid Andria Jipson was lauded for 40 years of service to the College.

Jipson joined Hartwick in 1976 as a typist for cataloging in the Yager Library. In 1980, she moved to Arnold Hall as a clerk for the Financial Aid Office, and in 1987 she began serving as the secretary for Financial Aid, whose offices then moved to Bresee Hall. Despite three additional moves – to Dewar Hall, back to Arnold, and finally Bresee Hall – Jipson stayed loyal to Hartwick and its Financial Aid Office. During her 40 years at the College, she has witnessed numerous changes in both College and federal aid practices, and has been key in the continued success of the office. Her desire for continuous improvement in office procedures has led to incredible efficiency and a smooth workflow. The entire staff looks to Jipson for her knowledge and experience, and as a vital institutional memory.

Forty-five-year Gift Processing Coordinator Donna Pashley began her Hartwick career in July of 1971 as a secretary in the alumni office, which was, at the time, located in La Casa Juarez, which also housed the center for the Latin American Studies Program. Two years later, the alumni office moved to Shineman Chapel House, and in another two years would move to the basement of Arnold Hall. In 1976, Pashley began working for the director of annual giving, and in 2005 became the gift processing coordinator. Pashley handles all gifts received through the College Advancement Office. Her job requires a high level of donor sensitivity and knowledge of technical gift processing and reporting protocols, along with an understanding of the laws governing accepted gift accounting standards. Pashley has provided this expertise under numerous vice presidents for institutional advancement, and her work is absolutely critical to the development function of the College.

Director of Payrolls Christine Utter began working at Hartwick in 1971 as a clerk in the Office of Financial Affairs. She soon became the secretary to the business office manager, and in 1987 was promoted to assistant director of payroll & fringe benefits. In 2002, her title changed to director of payrolls. Over her 45 years at the College, Utter has dealt with numerous changes in federal and state requirements, benefit plans, staffing, and technology. Even when given short notice to calculate and input new tax codes, or faced with short holiday weeks, she always completes the payroll on time. Utter manages this with a remarkably calm demeanor and unfailing dedication. She has dedicated her professional life to Hartwick College.

Fellow 45-year employee Professor of Psychology Dr. Jeffrey Goldman was unable to attend the ceremony.

This year the College honored one employee who celebrated a particularly special milestone: 50 years of service. Floater/Group Leader, Aramark Facilities Services Joan Utter started at the College in 1966 as a custodian in the newly completed Saxton Hall dormitory for women. In that year, the student handbook stated that, “Dormitory residents are expected to clean their rooms thoroughly at least once a week … and beds are to be made by 10 a.m. each day.” Needless to say, well before Utter left Saxton Hall in 2002, residents no longer had to abide by these rules. In the fall of 1970, she welcomed male residents into Saxton, as it became one of the first co-ed dorms on campus.

For the past 14 years, Utter has worked in numerous capacities across campus, and is currently a group leader. On days when Custodial Services is short-staffed, she always reaches out and makes certain that the buildings are clean and look their best. She works as hard today as she did 50 years ago, and her dedication, reliability, hard work, and friendly disposition to everyone have been greatly appreciated over these many, many years.

For more information, contact Janitz at 607-431-4319 or at