President Drugovich and Anne Moriarty at the 2017 Quinquennial Awards

Service to Hartwick College Honored During Quinquennial Awards

December 6, 2017

On Tuesday, November 28, Hartwick staff and faculty gathered to honor colleagues for their milestones in service to the College. The 2017 Quinquennial Awards Celebration was held in the Celebration Room of Shineman Chapel House on the College campus. During the presentation, dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time dedicated to the College in five-year increments.

Hartwick College President Margaret L. Drugovich led the ceremony that saluted 68 employees who contributed more than 945 years of total service to the College.

Drugovich presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a “Streak of Blue” award, which is traditionally crafted by a member of the College’s Art and Art History Department. This year the awards were commissioned from Associate Professor of Art & Art History Stephanie Rozene.

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:

Five Years: (2012)

  • Mrs. Minuca Albu – Aramark Facilities Services, Custodian
  • Ms. Stacy Aldrich – Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Finance
  • Ms. Kimberly Ayres – Assistant Director of Student Accounts
  • Ms. Erin Baxter-Toal – Director of Pine Lake and Challenge Education
  • Ms. Dawn Bertola – Visiting Clinical Instructor in Nursing
  • Mr. Paul Blake – Private Lessons Instructor
  • Mr. Daniel Brainard – Assistant Football Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
  • Mr. Vernon Burnett – Media Services Specialist
  • Mrs. Kathleen Carlson – Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
  • Mr. James Clar – Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
  • Ms. Janet Eckard – Adjunct Clinical Instructor in Nursing
  • Dr. Patricia Grust – Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Mr. Tony Leonardo – Aramark Facilities Services, Custodian
  • Mr. Kyle Maison – Aramark Facilities Services, Custodian
  • Mr. Stephan McGrath – Aramark Food Services, Cook, Table Rock Cafe
  • Mrs. Lisa Murello – Operations Specialist
  • Mr. Steven Nanni – Private Lessons Instructor in Music
  • Mr. Michael Parent – Aramark Food Services, Utility Worker, The Commons
  • Mrs. Dana Plank – Visiting Assistant Professor in Nursing
  • Mr. Rick Robinson – Aramark Facilities Services, Custodian
  • Dr. Kevin Schultz – Associate Professor of Physics
  • Ms. Heidi Tanner – Coordinator of Health Promotions & Campbell Fitness Center, Lecturer in Physical Education
  • Mrs. Beverly Vigna – Assistant to the Dean
  • Ms. Elizy Wellman – Aramark Food Services, Cook Supervisor, The Commons
  • Mr. Bryan Wheeler – Aramark Food Services, Cook, The Commons and Table Rock Cafe
  • Mr. Kevin White – Aramark Food Services, Chef
  • Ms. Karen Zuill – Controller

10 Years: (2007)

  • Mr. Tony Beers – Aramark Facilities Services, Custodian
  • Ms. Patricia Dopazo – Director of Planned Giving
  • Mr. Joseph Ficano – Coordinator of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising
  • Mrs. Alicia Fish – Executive Director of Engagement
  • Ms. Tara Loewenguth – Dean of Student Life
  • Mrs. Melissa Marietta – Director of Career Services
  • Dr. Andrew Piefer – Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Ms. Bernadette Roberts – Finance Office Assistant
  • Dr. Marc Shaw – Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
  • Mr. Joseph Von Stengel – Associate Professor of Art & Art History
  • Mr. Ricky Vroman – Aramark Food Services, Utility Worker

15 Years: (2002)

  • Dr. KinHo Chan – Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Mark Davies – Associate Professor of Education
  • Ms. Shirley Georgia – Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Mr. David Heyduk – Interim Director of Library and Information Resources, Library Acquisitions Manager
  • Ms. Cynthia Ploutz – Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Dr. Karl Seeley – Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Carol Silverberg – Lecturer in English
  • Mr. Daniel Talbot – Assistant Football Coach

As recipients of Quinquennial Awards were announced for those with 20 years or more of service to the College, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the work of each.

Honored for 20 years of service to the College were Professor of Biology Dr. Mary Allen; Aramark Food Services Cook, Table Rock Café Robert Kraus; Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences Howard Lichtman; Associate Director of Enrollment Publications Jennifer Nichols-Stewart; Technology Services Specialist Walter Smith; and Telecommunications & Networking Technical Associate James Terwilliger.

Allen arrived at Hartwick as an expert in microbiology and microbial ecology, and now teaches courses including Microbiology of Food, Emerging Infectious Diseases, and Microbes, Markets and Food. She is also heavily focused on research, and is currently collaborating with Hartwick’s Center for Craft Food & Beverage. Allen chaired the Biology Department from 2009-2015, and received the Teacher Scholar Award in 2008 and Margaret Bunn Award in 2009.

Kraus started with Aramark at Hartwick 20 years ago in the dishroom, and was promoted nearly five years later to grill cook. Just two years later, he earned another promotion to cook at the Table Rock Café, where he has spent the past 13 years.

Lichtman began teaching in the Computer and Information Sciences department in 1997, and has been chair of the department since 2014. He specializes in computer security, networking, computer hardware, and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems, and is a faculty member in the Cognitive Science Program. The computers in the student-centered CISC Clubhouse in Clark Hall are designed and built by students in his Personal Computers Systems course. Lichtman has also chaired the Library and Educational Technology Committee, and is the coordinator of the Computer Science Department’s Three-Year Degree Program.

Nichols-Stewart has been the graphic designer for Hartwick College publications since 1997, and the associate director of communications for publications since 2012. She prepares marketing material and advertisements for campus-wide offices and departments. Nichols-Stewart is also the associate director of Enrollment publications, and has been the graphic designer for the WICK alumni magazine for 20 years.

Smith joined Hartwick as a user support specialist, and has been a technology services specialist since 2002. He focuses on providing support for College staff, from meeting and orienting new hires, to issuing equipment to troubleshooting all technical issues. In addition, he trains, mentors, and supervises the dozen or more student technology assistants in the Technology Resource Center.

Terwilliger joined Hartwick in 1997 as a telecommunications and networking technical associate, working collaboratively with the physical plant to create the cable and wiring infrastructure still in use today. He performs regular upgrades and maintenance on the Campus’ individual wired network connections and many wireless access points. Terwilliger also troubleshoots problems with the network and the new IP telephone system, and he supports the network printers campuswide.

Twenty-year honorees Professor of Economics Dr. Carlena (Carli) Ficano and Professor of Biology Dr. Mark Kuhlman were unable to attend the ceremony.

Being honored for 25 years of service were Professor of Art History Dr. Elizabeth (Betsey) Ayer and Aramark Food Services Cashier Mary Platt.

In 1992, Ayer began teaching in Hartwick’s Art Department on variety of topics including ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art, as well as 13th-century Italian painting, and the impact of Byzantine art and culture in the West. She has expanded the art curriculum with new courses developed through National Endowment for the Humanities-funded seminars in Japan and Peru, and has guided numerous foreign J Term programs. Ayer was the department chair from 2001-2004, and co-chair from 2007-2012. She has been coordinator of the Individual Studies Program since 2010. In 2006, she won the Margaret Bunn Award, and was a faculty award recipient for Women’s History Month in 2015.

Platt began at Hartwick in 1992 as a food service “Line Lady” in the Commons Dining Hall, and is now a cashier for Aramark. She has been honored by campus student organizations for her commitment to customer service.

Unable to attend the ceremony were 25-year honorees Aramark Facilities Custodian Lindora Banks, Professor of English Dr. David Cody, Aramark Facilities Services Custodian Lloyd Sines, and Aramark Facilities Services Groundsman Steven Sperry.

For 30 years of service, the College honored Manager of Pine Lake Operations Peter Blue.

Blue has steadily helped transform the Pine Lake Environmental Campus from a rustic campsite to an attractive living alternative for Hartwick students, a small-scale sustainable living and learning model, and a research center for the study of ecology and environmental science. Over the years, he has guided and participated in the “natural buildings program” of the Strawbale and Cob Houses, the 10kw PV system, and the composting lavatories in the Vaudevillian building.

Professor of Anthropology Dr. David Anthony, Aramark Facilities Services Groundsman Kirk Bedford, and Professor of Psychology Dr. Lisa Onorato – also 30-year honorees – were unable to attend the ceremony.

Marking 35 years of service to the College were Professor of Art Katharine Kreisher and Faculty Secretary for English, Theatre Arts, Psychology, & Language Janice Stankiewicz.

Since 1982, Kreisher has directed the photography and printmaking programs at Hartwick College. Her areas of expertise include documentary photography, photo-related printmaking methods, and women in photography. She was the Arkell Hall Foundation Chair in the Arts from 2008-2011. Her work is represented in numerous private and public collections nationally and internationally; her exhibitions have appeared in New York City, California, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, as well as New Zealand, Europe, and Japan.

As the faculty secretary for English, theatre arts, modern & classical languages, and psychology, Stankiewicz is the “go-to” person for a variety of tasks. She provides support for creating documents, retrieval of syllabi, assignments, exams, letters of reference, general correspondence, research papers, and scholarly manuscripts. She is also instrumental in facilitating departmental hiring searches. Stankiewicz previously served as the faculty secretary for Arnold Hall, and during the summer months she has often served as the faculty secretary for the entire campus.

Fellow 35-year honoree, Aramark Facilities Services Handyman Stephen Shultis, was unable to attend the ceremony.

Aramark Facilities Services Facility Manager Anne Moriarty was celebrated for 45 years of service to the College. She has been the manager for facilities services for her entire career, both with Hartwick and through Aramark. During her tenure, she has worked under five College presidents, and numerous departmental directors.

She has participated in extraordinary campus change over 45 years, from the demolition of Cardboard Alley and Arnold Hall, to the construction of Anderson Center for the Arts, Ritchie Quad, Perrella Health Center, Clark Hall, Golisano Hall, Oyaron House, Hilltop House, and the new apartment residence hall. Moriarty has always been the point person for emergencies, ranging from snow removal issues and buildings problems to fallen branches and even students and faculty stranded while traveling.

In addition to working tirelessly for her own department, Moriarty assists the athletic department during soccer, football, and basketball seasons, and has registered alumni and guests during Homecoming and Parents Weekend, assisted seniors during their One-to-Go year, served on Staff Council, and worked for the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Her dedication and devotion to Hartwick College, her department, co-workers, and students is unsurpassed and exemplary. Moriarty’s colleagues refer to her as a “smart, funny, organized, calm-in-the-middle-of-the-storm woman.”

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