President Margaret L. Drugovich (r) receives her 2018 Quinquennial Award from Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz.

Service to Hartwick College Honored During Quinquennial Awards

December 5, 2018

On Monday, November 26, Hartwick staff and faculty gathered to honor colleagues for their milestones in service to the College. During the 2018 Quinquennial Awards Celebration, which was held in the Celebration Room of Shineman Chapel House, dozens of Hartwick faculty and staff were recognized for their time dedicated to the College in five-year increments.

Hartwick College President Margaret L. Drugovich led the ceremony that saluted 55 employees who contributed more than 885 years of total service to the College.

Drugovich presented each of those with 15 or more years of service with a “Streak of Blue” award, which is traditionally crafted by a member of the College’s Art and Art History Department. This year the awards were commissioned from Resident Artist in Glass Erik Halvorson.

Those faculty and staff marking the fifth, 10th, or 15th anniversary of the outset of their Hartwick employment were:

Five Years: (2013)

  • Mr. Richard Barlow – Assistant Professor of Art
  • Mr. Jack Cerar – Campus Safety Officer
  • Mr. Anthony Dilello – Assistant Football Coach
  • Mr. Paul Habernig – Director of Student and Community Engagement
  • Mr. Scott Harrington – Facilities Liaison/Administrative Specialist
  • Ms. Mary King – Leadership Giving Officer
  • Mr. Joshua Lewis – Lecturer in English
  • Mr. Lucas Raymond – Aramark Dining Services – Food Service Worker/Cook
  • Mr. Stephen Scott – Aramark Dining Services – Retail Supervisor
  • Mrs. Mary Louise Silber – Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Mr. Jeffrey Simonds – Lecturer in English
  • Ms. Kathryn Smith – Lecturer in Theatre Arts
  • Mrs. Lisa Starkey-Wood – Director of Admissions and Operations
  • Mr. Floyd Stroebeck – Aramark Dining Services, General Utility/Grill Cook
  • Mr. Bill Thompson – Aramark Dining Services, General Utility Worker

10 Years: (2008)

  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad – Associate Professor of Chemistry and Geology
  • Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich – President
  • Ms. Brianna Dumond – Aramark Facilities – Custodian
  • Mr. Chris Gondek – Assistant Director of Athletics Communications
  • Ms. Malissa Kano-White – Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
  • Ms. Kimberley Lindsley – Human Resources Coordinator
  • Mr. Andrew McCall – Aramark Dining Services – Food Service Worker/Cook
  • Dr. Johanna Mitchell – Associate Professor of Education
  • Ms. Stephanie Rozene – Associate Professor of Art & Art History
  • Dr. Robert Seguin – Associate Professor of English
  • Mr. Daniel Vroman – Aramark Dining Services – General Utility Worker

15 Years: (2003)

  • Mr. Richie Borggreen – Aramark Facilities – Floater
  • Ms. Lori Button – Aramark Dining Services – Food Service Worker
  • Mrs. Charlene Eklund – Aramark Dining Services – Lead Food Service Worker
  • Ms. Leah Elwood – Assistant Registrar
  • Ms. Carla Kinser – Executive Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Mr. Chris Rowe – Aramark Dining Services – Receiver/General Utility
  • Mrs. Tammy Sweeney – Senior Dispatcher
  • Mr. Frank Werdann – Director of Barnes and Noble Bookstore

As recipients of Quinquennial Awards were announced for those with 20 years or more of service to the College, Director of Human Resources Suzanne Janitz presented biographical information and reflections of the work of each.

Honored for 20 years of service to the College were Coordinator of Nursing Opportunities Ms. Jane Bachman, Professor of Chemistry Dr. Mark Erickson, Professor of History Dr. Cherilyn Lacy, and Head Equestrian Coach Mrs. Tammy Sousa.

Since joining the College in 1998, Bachman has played many roles. She has served as assistant registrar; office manager for the Hartwick Humanities in Management Institute, assistant director of registration; associate director of the Center for Student Success; and donor relations assistant in College Advancement. Today she oversees myriad functions in the nursing department as its coordinator of nursing opportunities.

Erickson is an organic chemist and College’s resident expert on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Along with teaching courses in organic and green chemistry, and conducting research in organic and organometallic conducting polymers, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and the synthesis of retinoids as anticancer drugs, he has managed and maintained the College’s expensive and vital NMR equipment.

Lacy is a history expert who has primarily taught courses in Modern European History with a focus on medicine. But her willingness to branch out into new fields – European Imperialism, Indian Ocean History, Women and Gender Studies, and Public Health – helps the College meet the needs and demands of its students. Most recently, she helped launch Hartwick’s new Public Health program, and is serving her second term as chair of the College’s faculty.

For 13 years, Sousa served as the College’s part-time assistant equestrian coach before being promoted to the head coach position. She is the manager of Hunter’s Rein Stables in Otego, NY, where the squad practices and competes, and teaches hunter/jumper and equitation riding. As head coach, Sousa has guided a pair of her Hartwick scholar-athletes to the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Show in the last five seasons.

Twenty-year honorees Aramark Dining Services – Baker Mr. Dan Kendall, Professor of History Dr. Mieko Nishida, Aramark Facilities – Custodian Ms. Ruth Snow, and Aramark Facilities – Tradeswoman Ms. Patricia Tuller were unable to attend the ceremony.

Honored for 25 years of service were Head Coach of Football Mr. Mark Carr; Associate Dean and Director of Intercultural Affairs Mr. Harry Bradshaw Matthews; and Cataloging Specialist Ms. Kristin Reuter

Carr has served as head coach for more than 17 years, and had more than 1,500 men in his charge during his tenure. He is the all-time leader in coaching wins in program history, leading Hartwick to postseason berths four times, including its only Empire 8 Championship and its only appearance in the NCAA Tournament, in 2007. He also led the Hawks to their first postseason win in the ECAC North Atlantic Bowl in his first season as coach. Carr has coached two NCAA National Players of the Year and numerous All-Americans over the course of his career at the College.

As associate dean and director of the Office of Intercultural Affairs, Matthews has led many initiatives to create a diverse and inclusive campus community. He facilitated the establishment of the United States Pluralism Center, with specific support for the Harriet Tubman Mentoring Project and the Society of Sisters United/Brothers United. He is also the Founding President of the United States Colored Troops Institute for Local and Family History and has been recognized for documenting the Underground Railroad in Otsego County.

Reuter is the cataloging specialist for Stevens-German Library, where she has taken on increasing responsibility over time. Her work allows the library catalog to be more searchable and transparent.

Unable to attend the ceremony were 25-year honorees Aramark Facilities – Carpenter Mr. Robby Robbins and Aramark Facilities – Electrician Mr. Thomas Worden.

For 30 years of service, the College honored Interlibrary Loan Specialist Ms. Dawn Baker, System Manager Mrs. Colmin Gajadar, and Lecturer in Music Dr. Stephen Markuson.

Baker began her Hartwick career as an assistant in several roles with Stevens-German Library, including cataloging and acquisitions and helping with periodicals. Today she is the interlibrary loan specialist, and also aids with circulation and cataloging as needed.

Gajadar joined Hartwick as a computer operator in the Computer Center, and for more than 30 years has created accounts, applied software updates, assisted users with printing and other support, and ensured that our systems are properly backed up. She has also played an important team role in numerous large projects, including replacing the College’s IBM-based legacy system with Datatel, upgrading various databases, and migrating the student information system to a SQL (sequel) server database. Today, she is the systems manager for the College’s administrative systems including Colleague, WebAdvisor, and Informer.

Markuson teaches courses on popular and American music at Hartwick, such as The Evolution and Mechanics of Broadway, History of Radio, and Progressive Rock. He has recently authored a textbook titled “Rock on the Roll: A History of Popular Culture.” His extensive performing career has taken him throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. Markuson was also member of the inaugural cast of the Glimmerglass Opera and served on the vocal faculty at Hartwick for many years.

Aramark Facilities – Custodian Mr. Brett Bentley, Professor of Physics Dr. Lawrence Nienart, and Aramark Facilities – Trades Helper Mr. Gary Tompkins – also 30-year honorees – were unable to attend the ceremony.

Marking 35 years of service to the College was Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Stephen Kolenda, who was also unable to attend the ceremony.

Professor of Computer and Information Science and Physics Dr. Robert Gann and Director of Information System Services and Associate Director of Information Technology Mrs. Deb Hilts were both celebrated for 40 years of service to the College.

Gann was selected from more than 300 applicants join the Hartwick Physics Department in the fall of 1978. His love of the College is reflected in his willingness over the years to take on extra tasks, whether as a volunteer from the Sciences on a committee, serving as a division chair, and his many years on the Appointment, Tenure and Promotions committee. He also helped lead changes to the Computer Science Department’s major requirements. Early in his career, in an effort to help the College establish a computer science department at the College, Gann attended RPI and completed its two-year master’s degree program in one year – earning a 4.0. He would then go on to split his time between the physics and computer science departments.

Over her 40 years at Hartwick, Hilts has worked in many areas of the College, including Development, Admissions Office, the Registrar, Academic Computing, Administrative Computing, and Institutional Information Systems Services.

Today, she is the Director of Information Systems Services & Associate Director of Information Technology. In this role, Hilts has overseen major database conversions, and installed new Admissions Recruiting software. She also oversees the College’s use of crucial Datatel technology solutions, and is responsible for overseeing the IT department’s 19 budgets.

Perhaps most notable, however, is the fact that in her 40 years at Hartwick College, Hilts has managed the data for approximately 12,000 graduates, and has 100% accuracy and completion initiating more than 960,000 electronic paychecks.

For more information on the Quinquennial Awards, contact Suzanne Janitz at 607-431-4315 or