Alice C. Ceacareanu, Professor of Translational Biomedical Research Management & Founding Program Director

205 Bresee Hall

Areas of expertise:
Clinical & translational oncology, outcomes research, oncology pharmacy, biomarker profiling & risk assessment, molecular genetics & human polymorphism.
Pharm.D., University of Tennessee Health Science Center & Ph.D., University of Bucharest

I started as a biochemistry undergrad in 1992. By the fall of 1995 I was attending both the University of Bucharest and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (1997), a Bachelor in Pharmacy (2001) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology with a focus on molecular genetics (2001). That year, I embarked on a one-year pharmacology then a 3-year physiology fellowship at The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center in Memphis. In 2005, I was admitted as an advanced standing student in the University of Tennessee’s Pharmacy Program. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy in 2007 and chose to yet continue my training with a clinical residency at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. As a pharmacy faculty at the University at Buffalo (2008-2017), I have trained over 200 students in clinical research and oncology pharmacy under appointments serving both Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. In 2014, I have launched my first commercial development – ROAKETIN Inc., an entrepreneurial venture I led as founder and president until the end of 2018. Nonetheless, my service to cancer patients continued beyond my academic life being an oncology pharmacist with the Onco360 Oncology Pharmacy until Jan 2019.

Today, I am entrusted with a great privilege: the development of Hartwick’s First Master’s Program. The Translational Biomedical Research Management Program will capitalize on established Hartwick values – critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving – to create a learning environment suited for innovative thinkers, individuals who will facilitate the implementing of ethical groundbreaking research to maximize human benefit.


TBRM Program courses:

  • Introduction to Translational Biomedical Research Management
  • Molecular Genetics and Personalized Medicine
  • Advanced Methods in Clinical Trials
  • Translational Biomedical Research Management Capstone
  • Translational Biomedical Research Management Internship Adviser

Distinctions (awards, fellowships, grants): 

  • Distinguished Research Mentor Award (2017), Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP), University at Buffalo (UB).
  • Visiting Professor Scholar (2016), University of Bucharest Research Institute.
  • Faculty Research Award (2013), UB Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender.
  • Distinguished Research Mentor Award (2011), CSTEP, University at Buffalo
  • Clinical Pharmacy Services Research Award (2010), NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation.
  • Faculty Teaching Award (2010), School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo.
  • Distinguished Research Mentor Award (2010), CSTEP, University at Buffalo
  • Distinguished Research Mentor Award (2009), CSTEP, University at Buffalo
  • Amgen Oncology Award for Research Excellence (2009), NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation and Amgen.
  • Pfizer Managed Care Internship Award (2006), Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy & Pfizer.
  • YTF Grant Award (2000), Federation of European Biochemistry Societies (FEBS).
  • Fundamental Immunology Award “Ion Moraru” (2000), Romanian Society for Immunology.
  • YTF Grant Award (1999), FEBS.

Certificates & Licenses:

  • Certified in Basic Life Support (since 2007), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (since 2007)
  • Certified in Ethics, Research and Conflict of Interest (since 2009), and Life Science Commercialization (since 2012).
  • Pharmacy licenses: NY, TN, PA, NC, MS, TX, and Romania.

Selected publications:

  • Ceacareanu A.C. and Riley T.T. (2018) Chapter 93: “Skin Cancer”. In Chisholm-Burns M.A., Malone P.M. Schwinghammer T.L., Kolesar J.M., Lee K., Bookstaver P.B. eds. Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice 5th ed. McGraw-Hill. New York, NY. ISBN 9781260019445. MHID 1260019446.
  • Ceacareanu A.C., Brown G.W., Moussa H.A., Wintrob Z.A.P. (2018) “Application of a pharmacokinetic model of metformin clearance in a population with acute myeloid leukemia”. J. Res Pharm Practice. 2018 JanMar;7(1):41-45.
  • Ceacareanu A.C., Nimako G.K., Wintrob Z.A. (2017) “Missing the benefit of metformin in AML: a problem of contrast?”. J. Res Pharm Practice. 6(3):145-50.
  • Wintrob Z.A.P., Hammel J.P., Khoury T., Nimako G.K., Fu H-W., Fayazi Z.S., Gaile D.P., Forrest A., Ceacareanu A.C. (2017) “Insulin use, adipokine profiles and breast cancer prognosis”. Cytokine. 89:45-61.
  • Nimako G.K., Wintrob Z.A.P., Sulik D.A., Donato J.L., Ceacareanu A.C. (2016) “Synergistic benefit of statin ad metformin in gastrointestinal malignancies”. J Pharm Pract. Jan 25:1-10 Ceacareanu A.C. “A pharmacist perspective on metformin use and cancer outcomes” (2015). J Pharm Pract. 28(1): 44-45.
  • Ceacareanu A.C. and Wintrob Z.A.P. (2015) “Pharmacokinetic considerations in oncology”. In Cohen H., Casebook in clinical pharmacokinetics and drug dosing (pp. 261-276). United States, Mc-Graw-Hill Press. ISBN 9780071628358. NLM ID 101644598.
  • Wintrob Z.A.P., Oppong E.K., Foster M., Martorana M., Tse Y.C., Zhong L., Welt J.M., Boateng H.R., Drumea I.M., Irlam J., LeVea C.M., Faitar S.L., Ceacareanu A.C. (2014) “Sexual dimorphism, weight gain and glucose intolerance in a B- and T-cell deficient mouse model”. Cytokine. 67(2):102-6.
  • Rabey J.L., Yin J., Kublas T.M., Mashtare T., Ceacareanu A.C. (2014) “Management of comorbidities in diabetics with renal cell carcinoma: past utilization and current outcomes”. J Pharm Pract. 27(1):31-9.
  • Hong C-C., Shah A.B., Jackowiack C.M., Fu H-W., Nimako G.K., Kossoff E., Kubblas T.M., Edge S.B.,Ceacareanu A.C. (2013)“Cholesterol drugs improve breast cancer prognosis in women with diabetes mellitus”. Adv in Pharmacoepidem Drug Safety 130 (2) doi: 10.4172/2167-1052.1000130.

Funded Research & Research Awards:

  • Health Workforce Retraining Initiative, New York State Department of Health; Role: Principal Investigator; Title: “Community Pharmacists Trained in Pharmaceutical Care for Cancer Survivors”
  • National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute Program Project (P01) Award; Role: Co-Investigator (PI: Christine Ambrosone, RPCI); Title: “Epidemiology of Breast Cancer Subtypes in African American Women: a Consortium”
  • Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender, University at Buffalo; Faculty Research Grant Award; Role: Principal Investigator; Title: “Living with Diabetes, Caring about Breast Cancer”
  • Wadsworth Foundation, New York State Department of Health, Peter Rowley Breast Cancer Award; Role: Principal Investigator; Title: “Modulation of Inflammatory Response by Diabetes Management in Breast Cancer Patients: a Potential Modifier of Breast Cancer Prognosis”
  • National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Institute¬ – K07 Award; Role: Compounding pharmacy consultant (PI: Li Tang, Roswell Park Cancer Institute); Title: “Nutrigenetics of cruciferous vegetable intake and breast cancer prognosis”
  • NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation – Clinical Pharmacy Award; Role: Principal Investigator; Title: “Evaluating the Prognostic Value of Adiponectin Levels in Diabetics with Breast Cancer: Role of Insulin Sensitizers”
  • NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation – Oncology Leadership Award; Role: Principal Investigator; Title: “Diabetes Pharmacotherapy in Breast Cancer: Quo Vadis?”

College services and professional affiliations:

  • Translational Biomedical Research Management Master’s Program Director
  • Grant reviewer, Alternatives Research & Development Foundation, Institute for In-Vitro Sciences
  • Expert Program Member, New York State Department of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for: American Journal of Managed Care; American Journal of Pharmacy Education; Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy; Journal of Pharmacy Practice; Annals of Pharmacotherapy; BMC Clinical Pharmacology; Pharmacology and Toxicology; American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits; Breast Cancer Research and Treatment; Cytokine Journal; Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics; Romanian Journal of Rare Disease
  • Member of: New York State Cancer Consortium; American College of Clinical Pharmacy; American Pharmacists Association; Who’s Who Empire of Executives and Professionals; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists; Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.
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