Douglas Hamilton, Professor of Biology

345 Johnstone Science Center

Areas of expertise:
plant molecular biology, plant growth and development, control of gene expression in developing pollen, microbial communities, fungal identification
Ph.D., Cornell University

Recent courses taught:

  • BIOL101 Biology in Practice: Plants and People
  • BIOL240 Island Biogeography [Offcampus: link to page?]
  • BIOL302 Plant Physiology
  • BIOL305 Plant Biology
  • BIOL313 Genetics


  • Bunn Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Friedman Prize in the Sciences (2015)

Selected publications:

  • Kuhlmann, ML, and DA Hamilton. (2013) Observations of extremely shallow-water habitat use by ocean triggerfish, Canthidermis sufflamen, at San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. Proceedings of the 14th Natural History of the Bahamas Conference
  • Belostotsky DA, Chekanova JA, Hamilton DA, and Reverdatto SV (2004) Critical role of mRNA decay factors in plant reproductive development and embryogenesis. Biol. of the Cell, abstracts.
  • Reverdatto SV, Dutko JA, Chekanova JA, Hamilton DA, and Belostotsky DA (2004) Deadenylation of mRNA by PARN is essential for embryogenesis in higher plants. RNA 10:1200-1214

College service and professional affiliations:

  • American Society of Plant Biologists
  • National Association of Biology Teachers
  • Committee on Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion (Chair)
  • Health Professions Advisory Committee
  • Hartwick Three-Year Degree Program
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