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Areas of Expertise

arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory

Ph.D., Indiana University

Erik Wallace '07

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Quantitative Literacy Center Designer

Dr. Wallace has been connected to Hartwick since he was three years old. His father, Dr. Peter Wallace, taught history and his mother, Shelley Wallace, was the College Archivist. A Hartwick alumnus, he was named a John Christopher Hartwick Scholar and won the Pine Lake Photography Competition twice. He graduated with a major in mathematics and a minor in documentary photography in 2007.

Dr. Wallace studied German translation under Hartwick College Professor Emeritus Wendell Frye. In 2007-2008, Dr. Wallace was named a Fulbright Scholar to Mainz, Germany, where he worked to translate the collected works of Adolf Hurwitz.

Following completion of graduate school at Indiana University Bloomington, Dr. Wallace completed a year of postdoc work at the Einstein Institute at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a second postdoc for three years at the University of Connecticut. He also taught at Harbin Engineering University.

Dr. Wallace’s main area of research is in number theory. He is also very passionate about cryptography and AI. He studies the role of number theory in modern cryptography and the connections between number theory and AI. He has used Linux since 2011; and is a strong enthusiast of Free Open Source Software, writing code on various projects.

Fall 2021 Courses: 

  • Math 108: Statistics
  • Math 121: Single Variable Calculus
  • Math 220: Linear Algebra

Selected publications:

  • H. B. Daniels, A. Lozano-Robledo, and E. Wallace. Bounds of the rank of the Mordell-Weil group of ́jacobians of hyperelliptic curves. J. Th ́eor. Nombres Bordeaux, To appear.
  • Bo-Hae Im and Erik Wallace. Rank gain of jacobian varieties over finite galois extensions. Journal of Number Theory, 184:68 – 84, 2018.
  • E. Wallace. Bounds on the Mordell–Weil rank of elliptic curves over imaginary quadratic number fields with class number 1. ArXiv e-prints, November 2018.
  • Erik Wallace. Principally polarized abelian surfaces with surjective galois representations on l-torsion. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2014.

College service and professional affiliations:

  • Hartwick College Quantitative Literacy Center Designer