Larry Malone, Professor of Economics

248 Golisano Hall

Areas of expertise:
introductory economics, international economic policy, classical economic thought, economic history, and off campus programs in Europe and China.
Ph.D., The New School for Social Research

Recent courses taught

  • Classical political economy
  • Sustainable public policies in Arizona (in Arizona)
  • International economic policy
  • Principles of macroeconomics
  • 19c American economic history

Distinctions (awards, fellowships, and grants)

  • Carnegie Fellow for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Norris Fellow
  • United States Internet Council Fellow
  • Henry Luce Foundation Intercultural Education Project Leader
  • Wandersee Fellow

Selected publications

  • Learning Interdependence: One Small College‚Äôs Experience with the International/ Intercultural Education of First-Year Students, with David Bachner and Mary Snider, (University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina 2001).
  • Opening the West: Federal Internal Improvements Before 1860, (Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut 1998).
  • The Essential Adam Smith, co-edited with Robert L. Heilbroner, (W. W. Norton, New York, New York 1986).

College service and professional affiliations

  • Former Vice President for Enrollment
  • Former Faculty Chair
  • Former Department Chair
  • Former Honors Program Co-Director
  • Chair of the Off Campus Programs Committee
  • Past Chair of the Board of Trustees and President of the Economic and Business Historical Society
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