Michael Woost, Professor of Anthropology

317 Yager Hall

Areas of expertise:
Sri Lanka, ethnic conflict, violence, problems of development and globalization, gem mining, socioeconomic issues of South Asia.
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Recent courses taught:

  • Travel, Tourism, Ethnography
  • Anthropology of Violence & State Terror
  • Ethnographic Methods
  • Anthropology of Resistance
  • Classics of Anthropological Thought
  • Capstone in Anthropological Issues

Selected publications:

  • Economy, Culture and Civil War in Sri Lanka (2004). Edited volume with Deborah Winslow. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • “The ‘Common Sense’ of Development and the Struggle for ‘Participatory Development’ Sri Lanka” (2002). In Development Beyond the 21st Century: A Critical Discussion in Economic Anthropology. Jeffrey H. Cohen and Norbert Dannhaeuser, eds. Walnut Creek: AltaMira Press.
  • “From Shifting Cultivation to Shifting Development in Rural Sri Lanka” (1999). Journal of the Anthropology of Work 19:23-27.
  • “Alternative Vocabularies of Development?–‘Community’ and ‘Participation’ in Development Discourse in Sri Lanka.” (1997). In Discourses of Development. R. Grillo and R.L. Stirrat, eds. London: Berg.
  • “Developing a Nation of Villages: Rural Community as State Formation in Sri Lanka” (1994). Critique of Anthropology 14:77-95.
  • “Nationalizing the Local Past in Sri Lanka: Histories of Nation and Development in a Sinhalese Village” (1993). American Ethnologist 20:502-521.

College service and professional affiliations:

  • Faculty Representative to Governance Committee of the Board of Trustees
  • Hartwick Chapter Secretary, American Association of University Professors
  • American Anthropological Association
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