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Economics majors learn to apply the theoretical and empirical foundations of the discipline to a wide range of contemporary issues through our emphasis on economic policy. Coursework in the department fosters collegial working and personal relationships among faculty and students through research, peer-critical learning, and shared inquiry. Economics majors regularly present papers at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

Economics at Hartwick extends beyond the classroom through internships and study abroad programs. Students recently returned from Tanzania and London are using their experiences as a springboard for advanced departmental study and thesis work. Another plans to pursue a career in energy policy after a summer internship in the office of Senator Hillary Clinton evaluating the feasability of wind power in upstate New York State.

Graduates in economics from Hartwick are well prepared for the dynamic thinking and collaborative problem-solving environments that characterize the most interesting contemporary organizations. Recent graduates with a B.A. in economics have put their knowledge to work in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and federal and state government agencies, as consultants, securities and commodities traders, international bankers, and lobbyists. Others have pursued a Ph.D. in economics, or advanced study in law, public policy, education, and business administration.

For more information about Economics at Hartwick, select the links below or contact Karl Seeley, associate professor and chair, seeleyk@hartwick.edu.

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(10/17) Prof. Karl Seeley publishes notes from his visit to Russia during the 1991 coup.


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Lauren Mausert '12

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