Cost & Aid

We are dedicated to making a quality private education affordable for every student.


We invest in you.

We commit more than $60 million in comprehensive aid and more than $32 million in Hartwick scholarships and grants. This financial contribution to our students reflects how much we believe in the educational experience we provide and in our students’ potential to progress the world forward. A financial aid counselor will tailor a plan that best fits your family’s needs, and the same counselor will work with you throughout your or your student’s entire time at Hartwick.


Tuition & Fees

Here’s a look at the annual costs for full-time students.

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Net Price Calculator

Use this tool to estimate costs for a first-year undergraduate.

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Financial Aid

There are many options for support, and we will help craft an individualized plan that’s responsible and affordable.

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We reward students for their hard work thus far to encourage them to make an even greater impact at Hartwick.

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