Internships are a hot topic. At Hartwick, we know that a great internship can hold the key to a successful career.

So why should you consider completing an internship?

  • 49% of employers say the ideal candidate has had two internships during his or her college career.
  • 42% of employers say the ideal candidate has had at least one internship during his or her college career.
  • That’s 93% of employers who cite internship experience as one of the number one qualifying factors to be a successful candidate. 2014 NACE Internship Reports

Need more reasons why you should do an Internship?

For first- and second-year students, an internship can help you:

  • Figure out what you want to do after college;
  • Get a better idea of the field you’re planning to enter, and whether you’d really like to make it your career;
  • Decide what are you good at, or what do and don’t you like. Don’t spend four years not knowing the answers to these questions; and
  • Make connections for a more advanced internship during your junior or senior year.

If you’re a third- or fourth-year student, and internship can help you:

  • Get your foot in the door of a competitive business or organization, even before you graduate;
  • Develop the connections and networking contacts you will need after graduation to pull ahead;
  • Hone your classroom learning, and those crucial “soft” skills too;
  • Find out how to best maneuver yourself into a career after graduation;
  • Earn credit for your internship!