At Hartwick, you have an entire team to help you find an internship that aligns with your passions.

From the first day you enroll, we’ll work beside you in your internship search, networking, resume building, cover letter writing, mock interviews, and portfolio support.

Your internship allows you to gain hands-on experience through an inside-view of an industry, organization, or company. You’ll build skills and make connections to grow your professional network – and maybe even land a position with the company after graduation!

Not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with a member of our team via Navigate, or come by during drop-in hours.

Interning for Academic Credit – How to Register Your internship


Summer Session: Students have one week from the start of their Summer Session to drop an internship course without a “W.” Students can withdraw from a course during the 2nd week of their summer session with a grade of “W”. Summer session enrollment is determined by the end date of your internship. The range the end date falls within is listed on the Summer Session webpage.
If you miss a deadline for registering your internship for credit, you may petition to the Committee on Academic Standards through Academic Affairs. Download the CAS Petition Form.

Note About Fees: Be aware of fees. If you complete a summer internship for credit there will be a fee.  Visit the Office of Students Accounts to plan accordingly.

Finding an Opportunity

Connect With Your Career Coach

Meet with one of our Career Coaches today to learn how to land an internship. We are part of your Guidance Team. Your Career Coach can guide you through an assessment to help you clarify your career goals and interests. Our offices are on the first floor of Golisano Hall. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Stop in and see us.

Alumni Network - TrueBlue Connect

Hartwick alumni provide a great network right at your fingertips! Activate your TrueBlue Connect account to gain access to Hartwick’s alumni network. Consult with alumni mentors who are eager to share advice about their professional experiences and offer suggestions as you plan your career launch.

Start Your Search With Handshake

Hartwick Handshake is an online platform to find jobs and internships from employers seeking Hartwick students.

New to Handshake? No problem, all you need to do is activate your account.

Explore Local Internship Opportunities

Think local. While you attend Hartwick, take advantage of our incredible local partners and their internship opportunities waiting to be filled.

You’ll be surprised to see what organizations and opportunities are waiting for your application! We’ve done the leg work for you, now you just need to apply.

“My internship with the National Development Council (NDC) was a great experience. I learned a lot about the process that goes into granting loans. The process of underwriting for instance had me looking over numbers on tax returns and trying to evaluate whether or not a company and individual is worth giving a loan to.”

Christopher Kenney ’23, Business Administration Major

National Development Council for Economic Development Intern

“My internship with Move Up Global has given me an excellent opportunity to learn how to work with clients and how to explain design choices in order to make them a website they’re happy with. The team at Move Up Global was wonderful to work with and gave me work experience that I will be able to apply to future career opportunities, as well as when making a website for my own business.”

Kylee Hosmer ’26, Art Major

Move Up Global Graphic Design Intern

“This internship has taught me how to make social connections, work and collaborate as a team, and how to make the best decisions based on critical thinking. It has also taught me what kind of environment I would want in future jobs.”

Kayla Cejkovsky ’23, Psychology Major

East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) Off Ice Official for the Adirondack Thunder Intern

“The internship took place both online, via Zoom, and in Cooperstown at the county administrative offices. Throughout the semester we completed tasks such as gathering and forecasting GDP data, determining property values, calculating taxable sales, and determining the relationship between taxable sales and tourism. Overall, this internship allowed me to practice the skills that Hartwick has provided me with the past three years and allowed me to showcase them to potential employers all semester.”

Ellie Masterpole ’23, Business Administration Major, Finance Minor

Otsego County Government Intern with County Administrator Steve Wilson

“I think my courses in Developmental Psychology and Risk Factors in Childhood really helped prepare me for this internship. I plan on working with this age group through occupational therapy. By working with a variety of children with a multitude of differences I was able to get a feel for the demographic and better understand what I was getting myself into. I think this helped strengthen my application to graduate school because it was a unique experience that not everyone gets.”

Ashley Neier ’23, Psychology Major

Opportunities for Otsego at Head Start Intern

Internship & Work Experience Funding Opportunities

Scholarship support is available.

Internship and Career Services Fair, Lambros Arena

The Robert S. ’69 and Patricia R. ’72 Hanft Scholarship for Internship Support

Two scholarships are available for students completing a summer internship. All majors are eligible for this scholarship.

Contact for more information.

Hartwick College faculty and student in chemistry lab

"Real World" Experience Funding

Hartwick College has donor-funded awards available to support students participating in unpaid and off-campus real-world experiences (including internships, fellowships, or research offers).  Click HERE for details and application form.

Contact for more information.

Quilotoa, Ecuador

International Internships & Independent Study

Financial assistance to travel abroad for an internship is available with Hartwick’s Emerson International Internship Scholarship and the Duffy Scholarship for Independent Study Abroad.

Emerson Scholarship

Duffy Scholarship

Why should you consider completing an internship?

When employers have two equally qualified candidates, they tend to choose the candidate with internship experience, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2020 survey.


Employers who say the ideal candidate has had two internships during his or her college career.


Employers who say the ideal candidate has had at least one internship during his or her college career.

More Reasons Why You Should Do an Internship

1. Figure out what you want to do after college;

2. Get a better idea of the field you’re planning to enter, and whether you’d really like to make it your career;

3. Decide what you are good at, or what you do and don’t you like. Don’t spend four years not knowing the answers to these questions; and,

4. Make connections for a more advanced internship during your junior or senior year.

1. Get your foot in the door of a competitive business or organization, even before you graduate;

2. Develop the connections and networking contacts you will need after graduation to pull ahead;

3. Hone your classroom learning, and those crucial “soft” skills too;

4. Find out how to best maneuver yourself into a career after graduation;

5. Earn credit for your internship!

When to Intern

Wondering when to do an internship? Are you worried that you’ve missed your chance? You haven’t!


Find – or create – an internship opportunity that fits you best. Get creative! Many students do internships during the year with local employers, some in downtown Oneonta, and some right here on campus. Internships during the semester can be a few hours or many. They can be on one day or all week. It’s up to you!

To see the deadlines to register for term-time credit, visit: Academic Deadlines and Important Dates set by the Registrar’s office.

J Term is a great time to undertake an internship experience. Go home and do one while staying with family. Stay on campus and intern with one of our local partners. Competition for positions is low, as J Term is unique to Hartwick!

To see the deadlines to register for term-time credit, visit: Academic Deadlines and Important Dates set by the Registrar’s office.

If you are planning on registering a J Term internship, you must communicate with your faculty advisor before leaving campus for Winter Break. There are a few steps you are responsible for that they will guide you through.

Summer is a time to make money – that is understandable. But you need to think about the long-term as well. How will you pay off those school loans after you graduate? Do an internship in order to snag that top job after Hartwick. You could consider part or full-time work and do a part-time internship, or you might even be able to find a paid internship.

There is a fee when you register your internship for academic credit during the summer, just as any summer course. For 1 to 4 credits, the cost is $390. For 5 to 8 credits, it is $760.

Internship FAQ

Internships are work experiences that allow you to gain hands-on experience of an inside view of an industry, organization, or company, gain skills and experience, make professional connections to grow and expand your professional network, and help navigate you through your career exploration process.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, talk with a Faculty Supervisor and/or Career Coach. You can also explore on and off-campus opportunities on Handshake.

Yes, a registered internship can be paid or not paid.

Yes, you can register for 0-6 credits. Speak with your Faculty Supervisor, Success Coach and/or Career Coach for further details.

No, family members cannot be your on-site supervisor for your registered internship.


Come to the Career Development & Network Engagement office in Golisano Hall to talk with our knowledgeable student staff and to make an appointment with a Career Coach to guide you through every step of the process.

Use the resource links below to get started with your search.

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