Guidance Team

Preparing for your future together.

Your Guidance team is passionate about getting you where you want to go. Your team begins the moment you say “Yes!” to Hartwick – you’re paired with a Success Coach and Faculty Advisor. Then a Career Advisor, Alumni Mentor, will join, and a student mentor if you want one. With the help of your team, you’ll build towards your goals, gain career insights, academic advice, and personal support all throughout your journey.


Success Coach

From day one, you’re matched with a Success Coach to lead your personal Guidance Team. This is your key partner in adjusting to college, connecting with campus resources, and moving into your future.

Faculty Academic Advisor

Your Faculty Advisor partners with you to decide what classes will best suit your interests. They will also help you navigate changes and stay on track toward your degree.


Career Coach

Your go-to person for highly personalized, one-on-one career guidance and practical advice tailored to your ambitions.

Alumni Mentor

In your junior and senior years, your new Alumni Mentor will add real-world, real-time insights, helping you tune up your career readiness and prepare for life after Hartwick.


Personal Growth. Important Milestones.

Each year, you’ll build on what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed, with key professional landmarks that help you grow toward your goals with confidence. As you fine-tune your vision and prepare for what’s next, you’ll be ready to launch a successful career.

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