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Campus Safety

You deserve to feel comfortable at college, whether in your dorm, a classroom, or strolling across campus, day or night

At Hartwick, the Office of Campus Safety does that, and so much more. It’s where you go to pick up your parking permit or report a lost key. They’ll keep an eye on the weather and let you know if you get a snow day, and help out if you get into a fender-bender. Most importantly, they enforce the College Code of Conduct to make sure everyone is doing their part to make campus an enjoyable place to live and learn.

Donald DePass

“Our job is to make campus safe; not to judge. My ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a good experience here.”

Donald DePass

Campus Safety Director

Welcome to the Hartwick College Campus Safety website. Please take the time to explore these pages to learn more about us and safety at Hartwick.

Your personal safety and the security of our campus community are of utmost concern to Hartwick College. Our staff in the Office of Campus Safety are here to serve the community with respect, fairness, and compassion.

The Office of Campus Safety and the Dispatch Desk are located on the 3rd floor of Dewar Union. Campus Safety handles a variety of issues on campus, including crime reports, vehicle accidents, lost and found, first aid, emergency preparation and training, special events, key requests, parking, parking permits, tickets, and appeals. In addition, our department has many safety programs in place, including safety escort program, RAVE campus-wide notification system, and assorted personal safety programs.

Our team of officers patrol the campus on foot and in vehicles. They are in continual communication with our Dispatch Desk, which is staffed by dispatchers 24 hours a day. These dispatchers answer emergency and routine phone calls, monitor security cameras, and provide walk-up customer service. Dispatchers also assist in the management of the student mailroom.

We welcome you to our Hartwick family, and please feel free to visit us in person.

Feel free to email me any time with your inquiries, questions or concerns. You can reach me at


Donald DePass
Director of Campus Safety
607-431-4111 or x-4111 from an on campus phone

The Department of Campus Safety is the primary college department responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment on campus. We accomplish this task as a cohesive group, working together to provide the members of the Hartwick College community with excellent service. Additionally, the Department will strive to protect life and property, correct and report hazardous conditions, preserve peace, deter and prevent crime, detect violators of the law, and enforce College regulations for which the Department has jurisdiction. All members of the Department are expected to diligently work within the limits of their authority and to the best of their ability at all times.

Our Campus Safety Officers

Whether walking campus or patrolling in their vehicles, Campus Safety Officers are available to you 24/7. Our team is fully-trained and state certified, and work alongside local and state police when needed. Many of our officers are retired law enforcement officials, and all are trained as First Responders. Our Director and Assistant Director are certified Title IX investigators.

Campus Safety also takes a lead in the school’s emergency response system. They manage parking and keep traffic moving safely during big games and events. And our officers are always available for you to talk to, even if you just need some advice on how to handle a conflict or concern.

Awareness & Safety

With workshops on bystander intervention, safer nightlife, and more, Campus Safety works alongside our Residence Life and Student Experience staff. Together they’ll help you be proactive in protecting yourself and being ready to help friends and neighbors in need.

You’ll find Blue Light phones across campus. Need assistance? Just press the button and one of our officers will come right to you. Campus Safety also monitors cameras and security systems so they can quickly respond to any alarms, whether you accidentally burn popcorn or need medical attention.

Meet the Campus Safety Staff

Donald DePass

Director of Campus Safety

Michael Ennist

Assistant Director of Campus Safety

Dominic Brent

Campus Safety Officer

Jack Cerar

Campus Safety Officer

Earnest Cawley

Campus Safety Officer

Jeffrey Lengel

Campus Safety Officer

Tammy Sweeney

Campus Safety Senior Dispatcher

Kelly Barr

Campus Safety Dispatcher

Adam Martin

Campus Safety Dispatcher

Barbra Willsey

Campus Safety Dispatcher

Timothy Corbett

Campus Safety Officer

Ethan Davis

Campus Safety Officer

Martha Gustafson

Campus Safety Dispatcher

Wayne Shutters

Campus Safety Office

Xavior Hults

Campus Safety Officer

Max Hagerott ’22

Campus Safety Officer

Miesha Neer

Campus Safety Officer

Office of Campus Safety

3rd Floor, Dewar Union
Phone: 607-431-4111
Fax: 607-431-4201