Vehicles on Campus

Policy & Regulations

Each member of the Hartwick community should be aware of the Parking & Motor Vehicle Policy and Regulations. They are enforced to keep the campus safe and accessible to students, visitors, faculty, and staff.

Alternative Transportation

Several options exist for students without cars on campus. Hartwick College’s location is ideal for walking, bike riding and the use of Oneonta Public Transportation (OPT).

  • Buses – Oneonta Public Transportation (OPT) buses travel throughout the City of Oneonta, including the stores, restaurants, bowling alley and movie theater on Oneonta’s Southside. Hartwick students can use OPT within the City of Oneonta free of charge at any time by showing their WickIt Card (College ID). The bus stop is just off campus on Center Street and Church Street.  In addition, there are six locations on campus that OPT will pick up and drop off students every half-hour starting at 6:00 p.m. and ending at 12:00 midnight on weekdays and 2:45 a.m. on weekends.
  • Taxis – There are several options for taxi service in the City of Oneonta. Taxis cost a flat rate of $5 to $7 depending on location.
Local Transportation
Local Transportation

Vehicle Registration & Decals

Students may register a vehicle on campus and obtain a parking decal. There is no fee for a student parking decal.

Parking decals will be placed in your college mailbox in approximately 5 to 7 business days.

Students, faculty, and staff vehicles must have a current parking decal properly displayed on the vehicle in order to legally park on campus

Student decals are dated 2023-24, Faculty/Staff (including Aramark) decals are dated 2022-2024.

Parking decals may be obtained during business hours at the Office of Campus Safety after completion of the proper Camps Vehicle Registration Form and presentation of proper ID and vehicle registration card.

Decals must be placed on drivers side rear upper window. Decals must be affixed to window properly and cannot be taped on to the window. If needed, ask Campus Safety for assistance.

Student Parking Decals 2023-2024
Student Vehicle Registration
Employee Parking Decals 2022-2024
Employee Vehicle Registration

Motor Vehicle Operating Regulations

The campus-wide speed limit is 15 mph.

  • The Office of Campus Safety is charged with all campus parking and traffic control. Traffic regulations apply to all persons using Hartwick College facilities. All vehicles must be registered with the campus safety office and have a current valid state registration decal properly displayed at all times. Decals are available at the Office of Campus Safety.
  • Operators wishing to register a vehicle must present a valid license, current registration, and college ID to Campus Safety.
  • All vehicles must be registered in the state of the license issuance. The individual in whose name the vehicle has been registered will be responsible for all violations of said vehicle.
  • No unregistered motor vehicles are permitted on Hartwick College property, including, but not limited to, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.
  • In emergency or other special situations, the Director of Campus Safety shall have the right to implement different regulations depending on the circumstances. Information will be disseminated via email or other means of communications. In the event that the City of Oneonta declares a snow emergency, individuals who have lost their parking privileges may park on campus, but only in the lower Yager or Upper Binder lots. They must remove their vehicles when the emergency is over.
  • All motor vehicle operators must possess a valid state license. The operator of a motor vehicle on the Hartwick College campus must possess her or his license at all times when operating any motor vehicle. Failure to present a valid state license to any safety officer upon request may result in issuance of a summons for unlicensed operation.
  • All students, employees, and visitors shall adhere to all signs on the campus and comply with the directives of campus safety officers at all times. At the request of the campus safety officer, a student or employee shall present her or his College identification card, driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance identification card. The campus safety officer may, at her or his discretion, retain the identification and submit the same to the Office of Campus Safety.
  • Only authorized College-owned vehicles are permitted on the Table Rock/Strawberry Field areas. All others will be ticketed and towed away at the owner’s expense.
  • The Director of Campus Safety or his/her designee shall have the authority at all times and particularly in situations involving unusual crowds, snow removal, building construction, or emergencies on the campus, to park and route traffic as seems best to meet the situation. In these circumstances, the Director of Campus Safety or designee shall have the authority to decide and publicize by appropriate notices, signs for directions and regulations as deemed necessary to regulate traffic control.
  • No persons shall alter, deface, move, obstruct, or interfere with any traffic or control sign on the campus.
  • All guests of Hartwick College students shall conform to these regulations. It is the responsibility of any person with a guest to have them register their vehicle with the Office of Campus Safety, or dispatch desk after normal business hours, and display a guest pass on their vehicle. Hosts are responsible for any parking violations of their guests.
  • Under the College’s Vehicle Use Policy, all employees, students, and volunteers are required to complete a driver authorization form prior to driving a college vehicle OR a personally-owned or rental vehicle on college business or for a college related activity. Once driver authorization is granted, drivers must sign the Vehicle Use Policy and return it to the Dispatch Desk Dewar Union.
  • All vehicles shall be operated in compliance with the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, and ordinances of the City of Oneonta in addition to Hartwick regulations.
  • All vehicles will be operated at a speed reasonable and prudent under existing conditions. MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT OF 15 MPH WILL NOT BE EXCEEDED ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS.
  • At all times, operators of vehicles on the campus will yield the right of way to pedestrian traffic.
  • Any and all accidents involving a motor vehicle on campus must be reported to Campus Safety immediately at 607-431-4111.
  • Hartwick College will not be held liable for any theft or damage to cars parked or being driven on the campus, unless the damage resulted from the negligence of a College employee operating College-owned equipment, moving College-owned property, or operating a College-owned vehicle, or an accident involving a College employee operating a College-owned vehicle. In the instance of damage resulting from an action of a College employee as noted, an incident report should be filed by either the employee or vehicle owner immediately with the Office of Campus Safety.


3rd Floor, Dewar Union
Phone: 607-431-4111
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