“Food brings us together, and brings a level of comfort. We create little things to show the students we care about them: a different ethnic dish every Thursday, pop-ups on Fridays, a coffee bar, ice cream station, and a lot more.”

-Dining Services Director Devin White

In the Commons, our main dining hall, you’ll choose a meal plan that brings an all-you-can-eat menu featuring daily hot entrée options, salad choices, pizzas, chicken nuggets (a Hartwick favorite!),grilled options, and a healthy stir-fry station. Everything is served to you by our staff for a friendly, personalized dining experience.

Each week we dedicate a night to exploring ethnic cuisines. We also offer daily vegan and vegetarian specials, and look out for surprise pop-up dining events.
Have food sensitivities or special needs? Don’t worry. Devin White, our director of dining services, will work with you to accommodate food allergies, religious observations, or other dietary restrictions. He also hosts a weekly open roundtable to gather student feedback, so you can share your thoughts, ideas, and even recipes you’d like to try!

In the mood for a quick sandwich, some wings, or other snacks? Head to Table Rock Café in Dewar Union. It’s open until 11:30 p.m., so turn here for a study break. Or if you need a really speedy bite, the food cart on the first floor of Johnstone has grab-and-go bites right outside the classroom. In the mood for a great cup of coffee, delicious specialty drink, or a sweet treat? Stop in to see Miss Kim at John Christopher’s café in Yager Hall, just outside the library.

In a hurry? Tap the Transact Mobile App to order ahead for your convenience. You can also use it to order groceries and save yourself a trip to the store.


Devin White

Dining Services Director 607-431-4332 whited@hartwick.edu

Darlene Austin

Catering Manager/Campus Scheduler 607-431-4334 austind@hartwick.edu