Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is charged with ensuring that the College has high-quality faculty and a strong liberal arts curriculum that prepares students for life-long learning, rewarding careers, and interesting lives.

Responsibilities include:


  • Personnel records office: maintain personnel files for all faculty members
  • Hire in consultation with departments and department chairs
  • Professional Development: provide financial support for professional meetings; professional memberships; grants; endowed chairs and awards; teaching and learning; assessment
  • Evaluations: teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Faculty office assignments, office hours, and collect course syllabi

Curriculum (in consultation with faculty)

  • Oversee academic instruction
  • Work with Faculty Council on what will be taught and on evaluating the curriculum
  • Overall assessment of student learning and student success


  • Liaison to programs relating to the first-year experience and student success
  • Probation and dismissal in conjunction with the Academic Standards Committee
  • Petitions to Committee on Academic Standards in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office (petition forms are located here.)
  • Academic misconduct (plagiarism, cheating, forgery of signatures, etc.)
  • Irresolvable conflicts with faculty members
  • Diversifying the campus in terms of students and programming

Fall and Spring

  • Dean’s List (preparation)
  • Dean’s Certificates (distribution)

Programs and Services Reporting to Academic Affairs include:

Office of Academic Affairs
Bresee Hall Room 205

Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 607-431-4400
Fax: 607-431-4405

Office of Academic Affairs Staff