Forms for Students

Course Registration Forms

Add/Drop and Instructor Permission
(please use online ONLY version of add/drop here; Permission required form for INSTRUCTORS ONLY is located here)

Course Block Form

Independent/Directed Study Registration (this form must be submitted in person or by mail/fax, it cannot be submitted electronically)

Senior Project/Thesis Registration. Please use online ONLY version (must be completed by Dept Chair): Senior Project/Thesis Registration (online form)

Other Forms

Address/Phone Number Change Request

Advisor/Major/Minor Change

Apostille Process

Catalog Year/Anticipated Completion Date Change

Degree Completion Request

Degree Listing of Minor Use this form to have an interdisciplinary minor listed on your degree audit or to modify existing requirements for non-interdisciplinary minors.

Degree Verification

Deletion of Courses from Final GPA

Enrollment Verification (you may also click here to verify your enrollment through the National Student Clearinghouse)

Experiential Learning Credit Request

Graduation Application

Leave of Absence Request (for General Leaves only. Medical Leaves are managed by the Perrella Health Center). Click here for online version.

Major Concentration/Elective Listing Use this form to declare Global Studies concentration or Public Health Elective distribution. Also use this form to modify Biology from 7-7-7 to 10-7-4. Form can also be used to for interdisciplinary minor requirements.

Name Change Request (you may also change your SSN using this form)

Part Time/Full Time Status Change

Pass/Not-Pass Grade Election

Petition–Late Add

Petition–Late Withdrawal


Proficiency/Challenge Exam Credit Request

Readmission Application

Readmission Enrollment Confirmation

Replacement Diploma Request

Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information

Request to Release FERPA Protected Information

Request to Send Grades to Parent/Guardian

Return from Leave of Absence Request

Special Student Application (Non-Degree)

Student Recommendation Request Consent Form

SUNY Oneonta Exchange Application

Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Declaration

Transcript Request

Transfer Credit/Non-Hartwick Course Approval Use this form to request permission to transfer a course from another institution.

Transfer Credit Appeal/Change

Waiver of the Foreign Language Requirement

Waiver of the Physical Education Requirement

Withdrawal from Hartwick Request (pdf)

Withdrawal from Hartwick Request (online version)

Forms for Faculty

Course Schedule Change Request
Department Chairs must use this form to add a new course or change an existing course. This form must be used to request changes to course caps, titles, instructor name, descriptions, requisites, numbers, etc. All changes must be requested in compliance with scheduling policy.

Degree Audit Waiver/Substitution
Use this form to waive or substitute a major requirement. This form can also be used to submit non-waiver/substitution degree audit modifications for a major. Department Chairs Only! Note that it may take up to 10 business days to process these requests.

Extension of Incomplete Deadline
Use this form to extend the deadline for an incomplete grade. Must be filled out by student and faculty/instructor.

Incomplete Explanation Form
This form must be submitted when issuing a grade of Incomplete in WebAdvisor. For Faculty and Instructors ONLY!

Incomplete/Pending Grade Change Request
Use this form to submit a final grade for a previously submitted incomplete grade. For Faculty and Instructors ONLY!

Request to Change Final Grade (Petition to the Committee on Academic Standards)
Use this form to change a previously issued final grade. This form must be returned to Office of the Registrar.

“Permission Required” Course Registration Authorization (Instructors ONLY)
Use this form to grant permission to enroll in a course that requires instructor permission.