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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to share your talents and expertise. We welcome alumni and friends to serve as mentors, class correspondents, reunion chairs, and more.

Alumni as Mentors

Hartwick alumni represent one of the College’s greatest resources: a diverse, global network of talented individuals who “lived Hartwick,” graduated, and went on to pursue their careers. By asking a thoughtful question, providing advice or perspective, and coaching a student who is dedicated to pursuing a goal aligned with their experience, alumni play a vital role in student success.

Please volunteer to be an Alumni Mentor to support our students. Select the role or roles that suit you best.

  • Internship Site Host: Host a paid or unpaid internship for Hartwick students over the course of a semester, J Term, summer, or as part of a class.
  • Job Shadow Host: Connect with a student mentee(s) to shadow you in your profession so they can ask questions about the knowledge, skills, talents, and level of education required for your job. Students are given a chance to “test drive” a potential career for a day.
  • Flash Mentor: Participates in 15-minute flash career Q&A sessions. You can provide valuable insight into your specific pathway in achieving career success. This may be done with one or multiple student mentees, based on your willingness and availability.
  • Network Chat Presenter: Lead an engaging virtual or in-person presentation on a topic that resonates with you that would be of benefit to our students’ academic and professional preparedness. Network Chats are informal and fun!
  • Resume/Cover Letter Reviewer: Help students with revisions to their FlightPath digital resumes and cover letters.
  • Social Media Reviewer: Help students to market themselves professionally by offering to help them polish their social media accounts that potential employers will review.
  • Classroom/Lab Presenter: Work with our faculty to bring your career experience and expertise inside the classroom. You can lead a demonstration, presentation, or discussion directly with our students that showcases your industry or expertise.
  • One To One Mentor: Traditional mentor and mentee(s) relationship that involves providing individualized academic, professional, and some personal guidance and support.
  • Social & Community Impact Panelist: Get involved by joining a panel of your peers and students to discuss and collaborate on various topics of social matters that our community supports.
  • Summer Job Site Host: Host a paid employment opportunity for Hartwick students over the duration of the summer.

    Hartwick College is deeply committed to an engaged and experiential educational approach, FlightPath, which includes high-impact, relationship-rich learning practices such as internships and real-world work experiences, undergraduate research, J Term study abroad, first-year seminars, and senior capstones.

    Hartwick knows that students need clear guidance on how to find mentors based on their interests and career goals, which is why each student has a Guidance Team: A Success Coach, a Faculty Advisor, a Career Coach, and an Alumni Mentor. Alumni mentors expand each student’s network and helps them to refine and pursue their vision of postgraduate success.

Class Correspondent

Hartwick Class Correspondents volunteer on behalf of the College to keep their classmates informed through regular emails and through each class column in The Wick magazine. Does your class need a correspondent? Why not volunteer?

Class Reunion Chair

Class Reunion Chairs are committed and loyal alumni who help connect their classmates and inspire them to come back to campus for reunion activities.

Class Reunion Chair Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Minimal time commitment;
  • Interest in keeping in touch with your classmates and friends;
  • Communicates on a regular basis with classmates: either via letter, email, or social media;
  • Provides information to help us create communications to your classmates;
  • Encourages attendance and participation at True Blue Weekend;
  • Sets a leadership example by making a gift to the Annual Fund at a level that is personally meaningful before asking others to give;
  • Joins us for True Blue Weekend.

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact Jennifer Janes, Director of Alumni Relations, at janesj@hartwick.edu or 607-431-4013.

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