TrueBlue Connect

TrueBlue Connect is an exclusive online community for career conversations and mentorship. Hartwick students will learn from accomplished alumni how their education translates into personal, professional, or graduate-level success.

With TrueBlue Connect, students have opportunities to network with and consult Hartwick alumni who are eager to share advice about their professional experiences and offer suggestions for students as they launch their careers.

Alumni Mentors are key members of each student’s Guidance Team. Collaborating with Success Coaches, Faculty Advisors, and Career Coaches, they help students make progress on their educational and career goals. TrueBlue Connect is where those important professional introductions are made.

Mentors offer everything from digital resume reviews to job-shadowing and internship opportunities; share advice on social media dos and don’ts and other current topics; and can address professional trends and educational and advanced training options.

TrueBlue Connect is not only fundamental to each student’s career preparation, it’s also a resource for alumni, staff, and faculty to network with one another. It’s easy to join and start building professional connections.

Join TrueBlue Connect

How it Works

Using the TrueBlue Connect online platform, students search available mentors based on their personal profile, including industry expertise, interests, and location. They can also join a job shadow or guided mentor program to be matched with a mentor based on their professional background and personal interests. TrueBlue Connect supports direct connections, scheduling and having conversations directly on the platform, making it easy and convenient for members to ask questions and share knowledge and ideas.

For More Than Just Students

Alumni enjoy this opportunity to engage with their alma mater, support Hartwick’s next generation, and maybe find qualified, ambitious students and graduates who are eager to contribute as interns and employees. Faculty and staff can also search for alumni professionals to support their students, speak in their classes, or participate in a real-world project.

Students: Get Started

Go to TrueBlue Connect.
Click the “Create An Account” button and select the “Student& Faculty/Staff” button. (You will be prompted to sign on with your Hartwick login credentials).
Fill out your profile information (or upload your LinkedIn profile) and sign the Code of Conduct.

Alumni, Faculty and Staff: Get Started

Go to TrueBlue Connect.
Alumni: Click the “Create an Account” button, select “email” or “LinkedIn” as your preferred signup method.
Faculty and Staff: Click the “Student & Faculty/Staff” button to login via their Hartwick credentials.
Fill out your profile information (or upload your LinkedIn profile) and sign the Code of Conduct.
Welcome to the Hartwick career readiness community!