Course Offerings & Registration

Pre-registration for fall 2021 begins April 19 and ends April 30. Summer course registration is open in WebAdvisor. Registering for senior thesis/project or need permission to register for a course? Please work directly with department chairs for thesis/project and instructors for permission. They will work with the Registrar’s Office to complete the registrations. Contact the Registrar’s Office at with questions. Additional information about January/Spring pre-registration appears below.

Course Offering Information

Self Service is coming May 11! WebAdvisor is being upgraded to a new system that improves course planning, course registration, degree progress tracking and many other features!

Click here for Self Service training materials and keep an eye on your email for training opportunities in May!

To view current course offerings, please click one of the buttons below. January, Spring and Summer 2021 are available for viewing in WebAdvisor. Course descriptions, course start and end dates, pre-requisites and other helpful course information is available in WebAdvisor.

Specific course modalities are noted in WebAdvisor. Unless a course is marked as Online Synchronous (OLS), Online Asynchronous (OLA) or In Person only (IPR) for January Term (spring term will be coded soon) all courses are considered “In Person with supplemental online instruction (IPSO)“. This information is found in WebAdvisor course information pages when detailing in to read a course description.

WebAdvisor Course Listings

Quick View Course Listings
(this option for viewing courses will not be available after May 10, 2021. After that date a new method for viewing courses will be introduced)*


*These do not include course descriptions, requisites or other detailed information and are only a general listing provided for your convenience. Detailed information is only available in WebAdvisor. Summer courses can only be viewed and registered using WebAdvisor. Courses are published annually in WebAdvisor the first week of February prior to the start of each academic year.

Online courses have a location of ‘OL’; hybrid courses (those both on campus and online) are indicated with a ‘HYB’ in the course types field.

Key for Using Non-WebAdvisor Course Pages
PR = Pre-Requisite required – check WebAdvisor to view the pre-requisite
PM = Permission of instructor required – these courses cannot be registered electronically.
CR = # of credits
CRSETYPE = Course type; how course counts towards curricular requirement(s)

Course Registration Information

COVID-19 specific course registration arrangements appear below.

Registration Priority Groups and Dates (your specific date and time will be available in WebAdvisor)

April 19: Three Year Degree Students
April 20: Rising Senior Nursing, Education, Honors
April 21: Rising Seniors
April 22: Rising Junior Nursing, Education, Honors
April 23: Rising Juniors
April 26: Rising Sophomore Nursing, Education, Honors
April 27: Rising Sophomores
April 28-30: Open Registration Period

Please contact the Registrar’s Office with Questions.

For Advisors/Instructors

  1. Add/drop exceptions:
    1. To register Senior Thesis/Project, Department Chairs must complete this form for students studying remote. All other students must complete a hard copy form and return it to the Registrar’s Office.
    2. To register a student for a course requiring permission instructors must complete this form
    3. Due to specific signature and description requirements for Independent/Directed Studies these forms cannot be submitted online. Faculty may drop off (or mail) hard copy forms signed by the instructor and department chair to the Registrar’s Office. For the time being the Registrar will continue to waive the student signature requirement. Forms are available on the Registrar’s Office forms page.
    4. Other questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office (607-431-4460, leave voicemail) or email 

For Students

  1. e-Reg will be online and available for pre-registration and add/drop (until instructor permission is required). 
    1. For students unable to access e-Reg, the Registrar’s Office will accept online add/drop requests. An online Add/Drop form is available on our forms web site. Confirmation of course registration will be sent to you via email. 
    2. For students who have no access to e-Reg or email, the Registrar’s Office will process pre-registration over the phone at 607-431-4460. Please have exact section name/number (ex. ACCO-101-67) and course title available prior to calling. Be prepared to leave a voicemail with all of your details.
    3. For students who need additional assistance and are unable to pre-register using the above options, the Registrar’s Office will accept an email from the student’s advisor. Email must contain exact section name/number (ex. ACCO-101-67) & title and full student name with ID and must cc student’s Hartwick email address.
    4. Please work directly with department chairs to register thesis/projects and with instructors to register for courses requiring permission.

Courses that require instructor permission, senior thesis/projects, independent/directed studies, closed courses, course repeats and internships cannot be registered electronically. Registration forms are located here:

Course Registration Forms

Please do not email add/drop or permission requests. Emailed requests will not be processed.

If you have a hold on your account (viewable in WebAdvisor and in Navigate) you will be unable to register for courses until the hold is cleared. Note that all students must be cleared by their advisor prior to registering. Clearance by an advisor will end the ‘RGADV’ hold on your account.

Non-Hartwick students: You must apply for admission through the Registrar’s Office to register for a course. Visit our forms site for the Special Student Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course?

During pre-registration and open add/drop periods you can register for courses electronically in WebAdvisor. Note that courses requiring permission cannot be registered electronically- these courses must be registered in the Office of the Registrar with the correct form.

Is there a limit on how many credits I can take?

Yes, students can register for up to 20 credits in fall/spring, 4 credits in January and are limited to one course per summer session. A petition to the Committee on Academic Standards is required to register above these limits. Exceptions to the summer session one course limit should be directed to the Dean of Academic Affairs. There is an over-election fee for each credit hour over 18 credits fall and spring semester, or over 4 credit hours in January, unless the student is declared in the Three Year Degree program. For those in the Three Year Degree program, the over-election fee is charged for credits over 20 in fall and spring semester, or over 4 credit hours in January. See Tuition and Fees for over-election charge.

Click here to view a schedule of overload and other course fees on the Student Accounts web site.

How do I know if a course has an additional fee? What if I add a course late?

Courses marked with a dollar sign ($) carry an additional course fee. Adding a course after the add/drop period incurs a late add fee. To view a schedule of these and other fees on the Student Accounts web site, click here.

How do I know if a course is offered first or second half? Or when a course starts and ends?

Physical Education courses marked with a ‘Z’ in the section are second half courses, those without are first half courses. This is also true for a handful of Art courses. However, the most effective way to determine when a course starts and ends is to bring the course up in WebAdvisor and check out the Meeting Information.

How do I view course descriptions or pre-requisites?

All of this information is available in WebAdvisor. Use the WebAdvisor link at the top of the page.

What courses cannot be registered electronically?

Summer courses, senior project/thesis that are labeled ‘490’ (capstones can be registered electronically if not designated ‘instructor permission required’), independent and directed studies, course repeats internships, courses that are closed, courses that require instructor permission and courses that conflict. All of these courses must be registered using the appropriate form found on this web site or in the Registrar’s Office.

Why can’t I see Senior Thesis (490), Independent Studies, Directed Studies or Internships on the course schedule?

After several years of assessing the electronic registration system, we made the decision to remove elements of the course schedule at pre-registration that were frustrating for students. This included removing courses that couldn’t be registered electronically and were causing some degree of confusion. Questions about these registrations should be addressed to your academic advisor. These are the folks that can easily assist you with registering these special registrations!

How do I order textbooks?

Click here to visit the Hartwick College bookstore web site.

What are the academic divisions at Hartwick?

Hartwick’s academic divisions are Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences.

How do I find courses that satisfy curricular requirements like EL, WL3 or ILS?

Look for courses with course types like EL, WL3 or ILS. Other designations include LAB for courses meeting the Physical & Life Science laboratory requirement, QFR for courses meeting the quantitative and formal reasoning requirement, LN for the language requirement and FYS for first year seminar.

What are the academic disciplines within each division?

Humanities: art and art history, English, modern and classical languages, music, music education, philosophy, religious studies, theatre arts, global studies.

Social and Behavioral Sciences: accounting and finance, business administration, anthropology, economics, education, history, political science, psychology, sociology, criminal justice.

Physical and Life Sciences: geological and environmental sciences, biology, biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, medical technology, nursing, physics.


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