Living on Campus

At Hartwick, housing isn’t just about having a place to sleep. It’s about making the Hill your home.

Residential Advisors

With Flightpath, Residential Life Advisors not only help you settle in and get a good start with your roommate, they also help you build life skills in everything from cooking to laundry. You’ll meet one-on-one with your RA at the start of the semester, and continue to build a relationship that will help you feel safe, welcome, and ready to thrive.

Residential Campus

Hartwick is a fully residential campus, meaning nearly all students live on campus for their three or four years. (Good news! You’ll never have to run to catch the bus or miss breakfast before class.) Whether you’re living in a traditional residence hall or one of our many options, you’ll have the same access to dining, the library, fitness centers, and other campus resources, and you’ll be close to campus activities and friends. It all helps you get the complete Hartwick experience.

Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Residence Halls

Your life on campus will bring increasing independence. New students usually start out in a traditional res hall room with one or two roommates. This works great for many students, others later choose a single or suite. By junior year, you might apply to the townhouses, and by senior year townhouse or apartment living might be just right for you and your friends. All along the way, Resident Advisors are always available to foster a safe and inviting community.

Our traditional residence halls have lounges for studying, hanging out with friends, playing games, even cooking a meal. Townhouses and apartments bring those options right to you. Either way, on-site laundry facilities make it easy to check that chore off your list.

Housing Options in Detail

Themed Community Residence Halls

If you’re in our Honors Program, a nursing student, interested in the arts, a member and/or ally of the LGBTQ+ Community, or looking for quiet living, themed housing floors offer a dedicated community of like-minded students.

  • van Ess: PRIDE Community, Returning Honors Community
  • Hilltop: First Year Honors Community
  • Wilder Hall: FAME
  • Smith Hall: Returning Nursing and Physical Life Sciences
  • Saxton: First Year and Physical Life Sciences
Leitzell Hall Kitchen and Lounge


The suites in Leitzell Hall give you and three of your friends a little more of your own living space. Each  two-bedroom suite has a common room and a bathroom, offering you more privacy.

Hartwick College Townhouse Suites


When you’re ready for more independent living, you’ll find your home in the Ritchie Quad townhouses. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a living room, you’ll have the comforts and privacy of home, with the convenience of being close to everything our campus has to offer.


Hartwick’s Apartments combine the independent living of the Townhouses with the community spirit of the suites and residence halls. You’ll have your own bathrooms, living room, and kitchen, but still have large common spaces and cozy study rooms to gather with friends. Check out the rocking chairs on the front porch fora front-row seat to the best view in Oneonta.

Hartwick students at Pine Lake strawbale house

Pine Lake

Nature-minded? Seeking solitude? Pine Lake offers lodge and cabin living with all the amenities of the residence halls, including wifi, kitchen and community spaces, as well as dedicated staff and RAs. You’ll feel tucked away, but it’s just a short shuttle ride from campus.

Returning Students

Each spring, returning full-time students select their housing using a lottery housing selection process.

Housing Selection

Office of Residential Life & Housing

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